Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mark Davis is an IDIOT!

Here's a nice letter I wrote to Mark Davis this morning after vomiting to his show.  Oopsie, I mean after listening to his show.  :-)


I listen to your show off and on - mostly off - and today is a huge reminder why I quit listening to you.  You are NO better than the main stream, liberal media. IMO.

I am so sick of hearing people like you spew out the "fact" that Ron Paul isn't going to win or that he's unelectable or that he's too extreme.  Every time I hear you talk about Ron Paul, you are so factually wrong it amazes me you even have a job on the radio.  Ron Paul has many wonderful points and the reason he has little chance is because the media - and you - continually say he has no chance, he's too far to the right, he's an isolationist, etc..  The comment you made this morning about Ron Paul and how you'll go ahead and talk about him a little bit because of his commercial, which was spot on, by the way, is a prime example of what I'm talking about.  People listen to the radio to get information they aren't going to get from television because television is full of liberal bias.  When they turn on the radio, they are just as influenced by what the talking heads are saying there because that's really the only way they can get information from their "base".  Why can't you treat all candidates fairly?  You will talk about all the other skunks in this race except the ONLY ONE that actually has a plan that will work and that will actually cut the deficit and the spending and will actually follow the constitution and will actually get us out of these wars that we're in and don't belong.  Why?  Because he has no chance of winning this election, as you say over and over.  Do you realize why this guy has no chance?  Because of you.  Because of Rush and Levin (whom I LOVE but disagree with when it comes to Ron Paul) who also say he's a kook.  But guess what?  He's the only kook in this race that brings in a crowd of thousands when he talks.  If you guys would just report on him honestly and intelligently the way you do the other candidates, he would win this race.  He would actually have a chance to change this country back to the greatness it once was and give us our freedom back.  Who, in this race, have you heard besides RINO Newt say that they were going to not only repeal Obamacare but repeal NDAA, the Dept. of Education, reign in the EPA, scrap the Patriot Act and bring our troops home so they can protect our borders and not the borders of foreign countries??  NONE OF THEM have said these words.  And you, Mark, you bitch and moan about our broders and about our spending and as soon as RP's name is mentioned "Oh well he's a freak!"   His foreign policy isn't isolationist, either.  It's called non-interventionism.  In other words, we don't need to be policing the world over issues that are none of our business.  How would we like it if Russia came here and started telling us what to do with our people and our oil and our laws?  We wouldn't stand for it one freakin' bit!   There is nothing wrong with staying out of other people's business.  There is nothing wrong with circling our wagons and working on our country before we start nation building in another country.  We have got to stop worrying about everyone else and really get serious about our own problems or we'll end up like Greece and England and the rest of Europe.  Does that not even matter to you???  I know I can talk til I'm blue in the face and it's not going to make a bit of difference to you people but if you guys for once would let US form our opinions about a candidate we wouldn't be in the shit we're in.  YOU need to be impartial and unbiased, too, Mark, just like you say about MSNBC, CNN and other liberal outlets.  STOP telling us who is a good candidate and who is not!  The more people ignore a candidate that actually has some really great ideas and wants us all to benefit from our constititution, the more we move away from real constitutional government and the closer we get to tyranny.  Oh wait, we're already there! 


If he writes back, I'll post it in response to this post.  I'm sure he will and I'm sure he'll call me a Paulbot FREAK, lol, but I don't care.  Mark Davis just irritates the shit out of me.  He thinks he's the badass in the room.  Whatever, moron, I can take you!  ;-)


  1. LOL I didn't listen to him this morning but like you, I often find myself changing the station because he wears me out. What I really hate is how he repeats words/sentences to emphasize them as if it makes him smarter or authoritative. It does not, IT DOES NOT (see i can do it too) make him appear smarter or more authoritative. It's simply annoying.

    Another annoying thing he does is find adjectives in triplicate. He says things like: I thought Santorum's speech last night was enlightening, educated and smart.

    He's in the group you mentioned of Hannity and Laura..he's not a thinker...he just regurgitates what he sees and reads in the media and has topics of the day he tosses out for discussion. He's not a real deep thinker like Rush or The Great One.

  2. :-D You're right, he does do that stuff. I started getting angry this morning when he was playing RPs commercial and he felt that, because we are not as smart as he is, he had to stop the playback to explain who it was the commercial was attacking. Omg, I wanted to call in and smack him over the phone!

    I like you're thinking. :-)

  3. GOOD FOR YOU, Jen, for telling someone in the media that they need to be impartial and to quit telling people what to think! You are so right.

    It's sad that too many people will let others tell them what to think. And when persons in the media take advantage of this, it's a tragic abuse of their position.