Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today, the whole country changed.  Our constitution no longer matters and the relationship between the government and the people has been forever changed from that of our Founding Fathers.  Chief Justice Roberts had the power to scrap this healthcar bill and any other mandates to buy insurance forever - the man that was supposed to be on OUR side - and he sided with the communists on the bench.  Yes, they are communists.  Anyone that thinks government shall make all the rules and run everyone's life and that it's ok to forget about our Constiution is a communist.  I don't want to hear a fucking word from any of you liberals on this, either (but I still love you!).  I love my liberal friends, I really do, but this is a bad law and it was forced down our throats when 70% of Americans demanded it that it not be passed.  Even other liberals ran from this bill once it was passed.  It was written in secret, negotiated behind closed doors, no one even read the fucking 2000 pages of this monstrosity before it was passed and even more irresponsible was the fact that it went against the very fiber of this country.  Our country will never be the same if we don't get rid of this bill.  It's time to understand that a national healthcare program doesn't work in Europe or Canada or anywhere else in the world.  Our innovations in medicine are top notch, way ahead of any other country on this earth and is sought after by Saudi kings and other forein dignitaries that need good, top of the line medical care.  They all come here because we are more advanced than other countries, we have no waiting periods like in other countries and we have no panel telling us what treatments we can and cannot have.  At least, we used to.  This is a travesty.  A high crime.  A crippling of this great nation that we may never be able to overcome.  The only thing that makes me just a teensy bit optimistic is thinking about the FDR years and how we seemed to have overcome that administration - over time, of course, but not without consequences.  I really have nothing else to say on this - I'm still in shock and disbelief that this happened and I had to explain to my daughter tonight that our country is no longer free.  When a government tells you what to buy, what to eat, where to live, what to drive, how much salt you can have in your own restaurant, that you can't sell raw milk to your neighbors or grow your own wheat for your own consumption on your own farm, that you can't own your property free and clear because of property taxes, you can't operate your family ranch because of a teeny lizard that isn't even native to this country or use the water from your water source because of an endangered guppie or a tadpole, have a lemonade stand in your front yard, have a garage or yard sale without a permit, discipline your children with a spanking without being investigated for chlid abuse or god forbid be FAT or have your children taken from your home for their own good - am I making my point here?  If all of these things, and then some, are going on in AMERICA, this country is not a free country.  There is no liberty.  There is no pursuit of happiness because the government is sucking it all away from you, right by right and bill by bill.  Tell me, when my right to due process is taken away, how is that NOT tyranny?  When my right to protest peacefully on any government official's office parking lot is taken away, how is that not a destruction of my First Amendment?  Where is the freedom left in this country besides in New Hampshire where they have a free state project going?  I'm really thinking of moving there!   This is a black day - sorry, a DARK day -  don't want to be labeled as a racist, here - the darkest day I have ever seen in my life for this country.  I remember what it was like to be free.  Now, I'm not free - WE are not free.  If you guys think for one second that Mittens is going to make it all better, think again.   He is the same fuking loser Obama is.  I can promise you Mittens won't repeal all of Obamacare, he's already talking about the parts of his law that "people actually like".  If that doens't sound any warning bells for you, you are stupid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid. Sorry but that is just how I feel.  This is why we are in the predicament we're in:  people don't pay attention and they don't listen and they don't investigate these rotten, limey bastards before voting them into office.  They go along party lines.  My son is in danger from this bill.  He will most likely need some kind of assisted living and wtih he likes of Obama's friend, Ezekiel Emanuel, as a health czar ( I am too tired to google his official title and it's close enough anyway) who believes that people like my son really shouldn't even be alive because their lives are worthless - LOOK IT UP BEFORE TRYING TO CORRECT ME - he basically says we should withold treatment from the elderly wtih dementia or other people that have issues that keep them from participating in society.  John Holdren is a proponent of population control.  Look it up if you don't believe me - Cass Sunstein, too - they all have the same beliefs and they are all in Obama's Health Administration as czars.  But now, I'm pissed and I'm even more determined to help get these assholes out of office for good and to keep the likes of them out forever.

I'm going to bed now.  I'm tired, I'm mad, I'm deeply hurt and truly scared for the future of this country.  I am afraid that I won't be able to raise my kids because I won't be able to buy a health plan the government thinks I can easily afford.  I will be paying another mortgage payment to afford insurance on my own.  I'm going to lose my home, lose my job and lose the freedom of walking down the street all because I can't buy insurance.  I have paid all of my own medical bills my entire adult life so why am I being punished this way?  It's too much to take right now.  I have to get away from this for now.  I won't be politicking anymore for a few days.  I deserve a much needed break from all the fuckery that's gone on this past week.  Adios, muchachos.......


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OBAMA LIED! OR DID HE? (and yes, he's a big, fat lair!)

Yep, another post about the Blood-Sucker-in-Chief!  The man that is literally sucking the life blood out of this country faster than anyone has ever seen.  It's breathtaking how fast the BSIC has morphed the Office of the Presidency into a dictatorial, totalitarian/authoritarian state.  I am even more amazed about the fact that Congress is just letting it happen, unchecked and unopposed except for the little bits of  "outrage" somebody decides to make public for about 5 minutes.  After that they're back to just sitting back, letting it happen.  That is the biggest danger to our country right now, more dangerous than anything else at this very moment.  The way is being paved and the precedence is being set.  A new era is upon us and unless someone doesn't start taking this shit real fucking seriously, real fucking soon, it will be curtains for the United States.  I will get to that part in a few minutes but let's look at the title of this post:  Obama Lied! (Or Did He?)  Well.....yes and no!

When it comes to the BCIS, he is getting pret-ty well known for all of the bullshit that comes spewing from his mouth and his little weaselly press secretary's and other assorted spokespersons (media) he has on his team.  Let's look at all of the little white lies, and the really big whoppers, he's told in recent months:

1.  I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
2. I will close Gitmo

3.  I will bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan

4.  There are no more places to drill here in America

5.  You will get to keep your insurance if you don't want government insurance

6. No earmarks in the stimulus bill

7. I am a Christian

8.  I had no idea Rev. Wright's message was about hating white people and hating America

9. I am not somebody who is a proponent of same-sex marriages

10. I will have the most transparent administration in history

11.When a bill lands on my desk, the American People will have 5 days to review and give their input

12. Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place

13. The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.
14. No boots on the ground Libya

15. I cannot guarantee that those (social security) checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue bbecause there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.

16.  Says Bill Ayres was just a guy he knew

17.  He will repeal the Patriot Act

18.  He has had no prior knowledge of Fast and Furious

19.  The individual mandate is not a tax

20.  I love America.

Those are just some of the lies he has told.  I mean, there are so many lies that have come out of this man's mouth, I had to go to a website to find them all and pick from the best ones!!  There are still a ton of them out there and I think the latest one is something I heard in one of his new books that his grandfather was kidnapped by the British and tortured in WWII.  IT NEVER HAPPENED!   Omg, this crazy person!!   He lies about his budgets not getting passed because Republicans refuse to pass anything when in actuality, not one senate democrat voted for it, either.  He tells people that R's want to get rid of the EPA because we don't care about dirty water, dirty air and all that crap!  Pelosi said the same thing verbatim!  We'll bring our troops home from Afghanistan but then signs a 10 year extension, I mean, really??   What kind of a BSIC of this magnitude should even be allowed to be president?  Blows my mind!

But he has kept one promise that I wish he hadn't gotten the chance to:  Remaking America.  In his inauguration speech, he vowed that he would "remake" America and he's sure doing it, too.  He's remaking a free country, that has a proven system of checks and balances that make government work, set by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution, so that a president could not dictate or make the American people slaves to the federal government.  There is to be no king, no dictator and no usurpers, which is exactly what Obama is; a person that is seizing power from the people by force and/or without the legal authority to do so.  He is blatantly breaking the laws of the Constitution - a man that is or was supposedly a constitutional law professor at Harvard Law (which it turns out he never was) is not only dismantling our constitution but also our constitutional rights as well.  He is telling banks what to do , private business what to do, vilifying people who make money, or too much money according to him and his hypocrite of a wife, villianizing the wealthy, villianizing business and if you make over a certain amount of money, well that's just not fair and he must put a stop to that!   Yet neither he nor any of his friends seem to have that same view when it comes to themselves.  OK, we know all of this, back to my original train of thought......he is remaking America into a socialist utopia (socialist, fascist, they all apply, Brian and Chris) where he is the ruler and he makes all the rules.  He doesn't even go through Congress anymore to get a law passed, he uses Executive Order privileges.  Presidents aren't even supposed to use that privilege to legislate or pass laws unless it's an emergency!  Like we are in real danger of being attacked or are being attacked.  Granting amnesty by way of Executive Order is illegal.  Using Executive Orders are the BSIC's favorite way to get things done.  But since no one in Congress is doing much about it, it will continue until people begin to think this is the norm.  Here is where it gets dangerous.  People aren't at all educated enough about the powers of the office of the presidency or what he's allowed o do and what he cannot do BY LAW.  People are conditioned to think that it's ok to use these powers even though our Constitution clearly states that it is not.  People have been conditioned to think that the government is the almighty power, not the average American citizen.  People have it completely backwards and that is what our government counts on every day they are allowed to live.   Yes, I said it!  Every day that they are allowed to live!  The Congress counts on that, the president counts on that and they don't want the average American to know that  they are the ones with the final say, not the BSIC.   Here is my proof........

Mitt Romney is just as bad as the BSIC and the pattern will hardly be broken.  This is the man that continues the breakdown of the Supreme Law of the Land:  Mittens!

If you think for one second that Mittens is going to be any different, you are either a fool or are kidding yourself because you can't handle the truth!  The same man in a white skin suit.  He believes in and supports every single policy that the BSIC does.  Not only that but he just made a comment the other day that he doesn't believe he needs permission from the Congress to go to war with Iran.  Fucking really??  According to our Constitution you sure as hell do!  But see, the Constitution is no longer relevant.  They have already passed laws that basically make this country like all the others - controlled, not free.  They are succeeding in making the USA a post-constitutional society.  They have been taking away our freedoms and our constitutional rights little by little so we don't notice it so much until one day, we'll wake up a communist nation.  We will be CUBA!  VENEZUELA!  CHINA!  RUSSIA!  SPAIN!  It's happening now with the BSIC and it will continue to happen with Mittens.  He does not even know what the Constitution says and if he does, that proves my point that he has been chosen to continue the "remaking" of America. 

So, maybe it turns out that Obama's not such a huge liar after all.  I mean, I know in my last post I said  wanted a lawyer with really, big brass balls, but BSIC is not the kind of lawyer I was talking about - and he does have brass ones to be pulling this kind of shit right out in the open, in front of the press and in front of the American people.  It's not even a secret anymore what they're trying to do.  Congress is in on it or they would all be signing up to support the impeachment bill put forth by N.C. Rep.Walter Jones and  Ron Paul.  They have all done their best, too, to trample the constitution and act as if it doesn't exist.  They've been remaking America for decades now but the BSIC is the only one with the stones to admit it openly and dare us to do something about it.

Bring it, Barack!  I am not afraid of you.  And you will be replaced.  If Mittens becomes the new BSIC, he too will be held back by the new people we send to Congress and then will also be replaced.  Laws will be repealed and the People will make sure the likes of you never come back.  Get ready to fight, people, because it's about to get reeeeeeallly ugly!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


That's right, I want a lawyer with some balls!  Some REALLY big, brass ones!   One that is not afraid to take on ANYone and use his own money (did I mention that he would have to spend  his own cash?) to do it!  Why, you ask?  It's simple, really.  I want to hold these jerks accountable for what they've done, what they've voted on and what they're still doing today - screwing the American people, taking our wealth and literally wiping their butts with my Constitution.  Disgusting what they're getting away with.

I realize you cannot sue a sitting president or member of Congress but I wrote a piece not long ago where I talked about a recall law that I'd like to put together for Texas lawmakers that fuck with our rights and violate their oaths of office and that according to Texas law, you can only call them back and have charges brought against them in the instance of treason or violation of their oaths of office and the Constitution - which is what they're doing.   I have yet to hear from any lawyers or people that would like to get something of this nature started.  Par.....

On to the next order of business:  John Cornyn and Kay Granger - again!  Check out this picture of Ol' Johnny Boy!   Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?  Didn't Mr. Johnny-Boy sign his name to NDAA and HR347 and raising the debt ceiling and all that jazz?  He has the nerve to call out Petraeus for his betrayal, yet doesn't have anything to say for his own betrayal of the people in this country?  Yeah, right!  Jerk-wad!  People never cease to amaze me, especially this guy.


I called his office yesterday to ask him to support S.3287, an anti-drone bill that is supposed to prohibit the use of drones in unwarranted surveillance of the American people, with the exception of patrolling our borders, eminent danger of attack by a group of terrorists or there is an imminent danger of life.  This is an important bill and I urge everyone to call his office and tell him you want him to SUPPORT this bill - he owes it to us all after his support for the unconstitutional bills he helped pass.  Here is the link to this bill here:  Anyway, so I called his office to ask for his support of this bill and then I started asking questions about why he has not made any effort to start any formal proceedings against our dear president for the blatant violation of the law and bypassing Congress when it comes to legislating and spending money and starting more wars (Libya and Syria).  I asked his "intern", a nice word for idiot that answers the phone, when was Mr. Cornyn going to do something about that?  His answer was that any formal impeachment proceedings has to be started in the House and passed on to committee, blahblahblah and that if that happened, he would definitely look into it.  I then told him that there was an impeachment bill right now that is sponsored by  Rep. Walter Jones and co-sponsored by Ron Paul called House Continuing Resolution 107, or H.Con.Res.107.IH, to which he interrupted me and said "Yeah, yeah, that's the bill for the drones and stuff!!!"  Are you fucking kidding me???  This turd works for Johnny-Boy and he doesn't even know which bills are being introduced??  I KNOW MORE THAN HE DOES!!  Here's the link if you're interested:    I had to correct him and tell him that this bill was not about drones, it's about illegal wars and the fact that Obama and Leon Panetta's decision to BYPASS Congress again and go through the UN for permission which is yet another clear violation of the Constitution.  Going through the UN??  Who the F does that??    Omg, I'm sorry!  I am so full of F bombs today and I can't help it.  They're just flying out of my fingers uncontrollably.    So I had to school this kid.  I told him that it is possible for Cornyn to round up support for these things in the House and then support it himself when it passes into the Senate.  I know he can do this, they do it all the time for other bills.  He couldn't give me any answers, couldn't tell me where Johnny-Boy stood on any of this and probably didn't even know he supported unconstitutional laws himself.   I asked what good does it really do to even call their offices anymore.  They obviously don't listen to us as they keep bending us over.  The call ended and all I got was a "Thank you for calling.  We'll make sure he gets all of these notes and suggestions".  Bitch!

Speaking I go on to Kay Granger's office.  I like this next picture.  I think it's very fitting, don't you?  Only I wish her head was on a guillotine instead of a fence.  ;-)

Yeah, I called her office, too, yesterday and got the same song and dance.  I asked her to support this Senate bill when it gets to her and I started asking the same questions I asked Johny-Boy's idiot, er...intern.  I asked about her support of NDAA, HR347, spending, debt ceiling, TARP, all that shit and when is she going to start supporting the laws of the Constitution and bring these people to justice.  Crickets.  Seriously, this chick had nothing to say!  All I kept getting was "We really appreciate your call and we take all of our messages very seriously.  We will definitely let her know how you feel"  Oh give me a break, dumb-dumb!  In other words, "Thanks for calling!  We don't care what you think and I am going to continue to do what I  this is best for all of you and if that means taking away your rights in the name of National Security and safety, I am prepared to do whatever I can.  And believe me, bitchez, I will!".  Yeah, that's kind of what I hear when I get the prepared speech from the receptionists.  Same ol' same ol'.

There has to be some way to hold these people accountable BEFORE people start shooting.  I really don't want to see it come to bullets and riots but I did see a shirt online the other day that said "Our Forefathers would have started shooting by now.".  That scares me because sometimes I wonder if it will come down to that one of these days.  Let's give the people the right to prosecute!  Why should we be beholden to the laws of this country and these guys in public office not?  In the private sector, they would be put in jail.  If it were one of us doing these things, we would be under the jail.  Having the right to prosecute our elected officials would bring us back to being a Republic again.  People argue this point and say if we were able to do that, then there would be lawsuits all the time against elected officials and it would cost too much and blahblahblah - bullshit!  If we had that kind of accountability now and had that right to prosecute, that would be the first step in keeping out the criminals.  If people don't want to be brought to trial, if they don't want to be hauled in to court or risk going to jail, that would curb a lot of the illegal activity we've put up with.  Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, isn't that what we're always told?  When our elected officials do it, they are given 4 more years and a life-long pension and top tiered health and life insurance.  How did it become so backwards?

If there are any attorneys out there that would be willing to TRY to make a case in court against any one of these guys, please let me know, I WILL HELP!  I am only partly kidding about the  attorney that can use his own money, hehehe.  But I can raise money for this, I know lots of well connected people with $$$ that would chomp at the bit to be involved in this.  People will donate, I believe that!  Stop listening to the words "No, we can't" and "It'll never happen."   We CAN do this and it CAN happen.  We need to find a way to set a precedence so that the American people will know they DO have a say, they DO have the power and we need to take it back - now!!  Let's get this ball rolling, what do we have to lose?    If the Texas Constitution says we can do it, then let's start with the Texas lawmakers.  If someone loses a House or Senate seat, then we go after them because they won't be a sitting lawmaker any longer.  Excuse me, Johnny-Boy, Ms. Piggy?  Did you vote to shit on my 1st amendment right?   My 4th, 5th and 6th amendment right?  My 10th amendment right?  Going for my 2nd amendment right?       GO TO JAIL!  GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!  DO NOT PASS THE BORDER! DO NOT COLLECT YOUR PENSION!  Sorry, douche-canoe!  Ain't gonna happen!  I'll keep my rights, thank you, but I will be glad to strip you of yours and watch you walk to your new home wearing a crispy, clean, orange jumpsuit!  :-)  Have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This email was passed around from Donna Garner to members of the Texas Republican Party just before the GOP Convention last week.  This dirty trick, concocted by a total loony-toon, really gets to me!  This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about, folks!  These people cannot STAND to have some fresh, new face - Lela Pittenger- coming into the GOP and spreading a message of liberty and conservatism.  Who cares if she supports Ron Paul?  She's getting herself out there and she's trying to make a difference for the better.  Quit trying to slam the doors in our faces and stop spreading lies about us!  It's only going to come back and bite you in the butt.  People want change and we are here to bring it.  I posted her pic and a link to her letter.  Read on:



 Now, here is my letter to Ms. Garner:

Dear Ms. Garner,

I am saddened and disappointd to read your "warning" to the Texas GOP of the Ron Paul supporters that were to join us during our state convention this past week.  I cannot understand why you would want to spread lies about people like me and grossly misrepresent Dr. Paul's stance on the right to life bill he voted against last week.  Here is what Dr. Paul said about the bill and why he voted against it:

Ron Paul's Statement on HR 3541

Mr. Speaker, as an Ob-GYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies, I certainly abhor abortion. And I certainly share my colleagues’ revulsion at the idea that someone would take an innocent unborn life because they prefer to have a child of a different sex.
However, I cannot support HR 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, because this bill is unconstitutional. Congress’s jurisdiction is limited to those areas specified in the Constitution. Nowhere in that document is Congress given any authority to address abortion in any manner. Until 1973, when the Supreme Court usurped the authority of the states in the Roe V. Wade decision, no one believed or argued abortion was a federal issue.
I also cannot support HR 3541 because it creates yet another set of federal criminal laws, even though the Constitution lists only three federal crimes: piracy, treason, and counterfeiting. All other criminal matters are expressly left to states under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and criminal laws relating to abortion certainly should be legislated by states rather than Congress.
I have long believed that abortion opponents make a mistake by spending their energies on a futile quest to make abortion a federal crime. Instead, pro-life Americans should work to undo Roe V. Wade and give the power to restrict abortion back to the states and the people. It is particularly disappointing to see members supporting this bill who rightfully oppose ludicrous interpretations of the Commerce Clause when it comes to the national health care law, which also abuses the Commerce Clause to create new federal crimes.
Pro-life Americans believe all unborn life is precious and should be protected. Therefore we should be troubled by legislation that singles out abortions motivated by a “politically incorrect” reason for special federal punishment. To my conservative colleagues who support this bill: what is the difference in principle between a federal law prohibiting “sex selection” abortions and federal hate crimes laws? After all, hate crime laws also criminalize thoughts by imposing additional stronger penalties when a crime is motivated by the perpetrator’s animus toward a particular race or sex.
I also question whether this bill would reduce the number of abortions. I fear instead that every abortion provider in the nation would simply place a sign in their waiting room saying “It is a violation of federal law to perform an abortion because of the fetus’ sex. Here is a list of reasons for which abortion is permissible under federal law.”
Mr. Speaker, instead of spending time on this unconstitutionally, ineffective, and philosophically flawed bill, Congress should use its valid authority to limit the jurisdiction of activist federal courts and (thereby) protect state laws restoring abortion. This is the constitutional approach to effectively repealing Roe V. Wade. Instead of focusing on gimmicks and piecemeal approaches, true conservatives should address the horror of abortion via the most immediate, practical, and effective manner possible: returning jurisdiction over abortion to the states."

THAT, Ms. Warner, is the reason he voted against this bill - NOT because he's against sex selective abortions.  This is the kind of reporting that does more harm than good.  You are now guilty of misrepresenting the facts to the public - just like the main stream media.

Now, let's address your inciting email to the republican party regarding our people coming in to take over.  We are not here to take over anything, we are here to take BACK our party.  In case you hadn't noticed, Ms. Warner,t the convention went very well for everyone involved.  There was no chaos, no disruption, no arrests and no silent protest for Joe Strauss.  There were no shenanigans, there were no screaming matches, there were no throwing of chairs and there was nothing of which you mentioned has happened in past conventions at our convention.  As a matter of fact, you left out some very important bits of information regarding those state conventions where there were problems.  Problems like the committees being out of order and not letting anyone that wasn't in their circle of friends make any comments or suggestions at the microphone.  Problems like not following Robert's Rules.  Problems like banning anyone for having a different idea or different opinion from being able to speak their minds in matters that are going to affect their lives.  Problems that you hear of coming out of the democratic party,  things that aren't supposed to happen in the republican party.  Those Ron Paulers in the other state conventions NEVER broke any rules and followed proper procedures - they did everything by the book and didn't infiltrate these meetings and conventions with those pesky  "Paulbots", they came in with regular people like me, normal people, who are disgusted with the way things are going and don't want to sit around bitching about it anymore and want to get out there and make a change themselves!  In Louisiana, the gentleman that was arrested had not broken any rules or laws and the police were the ones that were misinformed of what was going on at the meeting.  That poor man that had been arrested was later released because the cops didn't know that the meeting had adjourned and that everything had been done by the book, but not before they broke his fingers and dislocated his artificial hip.  Did you know that, Ms. Warner?  This is the biggest problem that faces the GOP and the biggest reason the GOP is having trouble finding supporters:  your lack of trust and inclusion of new people, new faces and new ways to approach the fiscal problems we have.  All we want is to be able to get involved without being labeled something we are not.  It is absolutely ABSURD that we are being treated this way!

I love my country and I love Texas and I love liberty and justice for all!  Part of the problem of the current party members is they are afraid of change so they try to keep new people like me from getting involved.  They use scare tactics, like the one you used, and they lie and they won't let anyone participate that doesn't follow the same line of voting as they do.  How anyone can still support Joe Barton, Kay Granger, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Cornyn, et al.,  after they all voted for NDAA ( the indefinite detention bill) and have consistently violated their Oaths of Office is beyond me and if they do still support the likes of those people, then it's time to pass the torch on to new people that expect nothing but an elected official to follow and honor our constitutional rights no matter what.  OUR RIGHTS are more important than anything and the GOP is constantly covering for those that are destroying our rights.

My children are 12 and 16 and they will have to deal with the mess that we helped create, but  I will do everything in my power to legally and peacefully get rid of the criminals in our state and federal houses and put in new people that have better ideas and a better understanding of freedom, the federal reserve, our dollar and the free market, capitalist system that has all but been abandoned and replaced with borderline communism and fascism.  We have spent ourselves - the government has spent ourselves into the abyss and they have no intention of stopping if we don't do something now.  People like you are only adding the fuel to our fire and we will prevail because we are Pro-American, Pro-life and Pro-Liberty.  We will not give up.  We will not stop.  We will not break the law, we will uphold the law.  Most importantly, we will restore this nation with or without you.


Jennifer Frank
Fort Worth, Texas

Whether or not someone supports Dr. Paul is not the real issue.  The real issue is keeping people from doing their duty for this country.  The real issue is that there are people who refuse to let others get involved unless they follow along and just do what they're told.  There is tyranny on both sides of the fence with Republicans and Democrats.  We just want it to stop.

Monday, June 11, 2012



Wow!!  All I can say is WOW!  This was the coolest thing I have done in a long time.  For the past several days, I have been involved in one of the most interesting political events I've ever come across.  The Republican State Convention.  I was there Wednesday of last week all the way til Saturday evening.  15 hour days with about 5 hours sleep in between each of them.  I would have been blogging about this while I was there but I have no FREAKIN' COMPUTER!  My home computer has 22 new viruses on it (shout out to my son - ROSS!) and I can't even get to my word program much less the internet.  Thank God for Wifi!!  That kid, I swear.  One of these days, he's going to turn into a giant Barney and skip off into the world of Give Me a Break!  I keep telling him just because things are flashing or you see monkeys blinking does NOT mean you can click on it!!!!!   So tired of seeing a pop-up of Paris Hilton giving me the come hither look when I try to google something like pretzles and peanut butter.   ANYway............

So I get there on Wednesday.  Two days after it all started but when you have a full time job, it's hard to get an entire week without having to take vacation days.  I don't take vacation days unless it's for vacation.  Period.  Wednesday, I sat on my first day of the Rules Committee which is held by the SREC (state republican exec. committee) that basically sets the rules of the republican party of Texas.  These are guidelines and bylaws that are adopted will become rules of the Republican Party of Texas.    There are 42 rules.  Too many to get into here.  There were also meetings for the Republican Party Platform which is basically a set of platforms and ideals that we stand by as Republicans in the party and there is the Credentials Committee that gets to decide who gets to be a delegate and an alternate delegate at the State Convention as well as the National Convention.  A delegate is someone who has earned the right to represent their senate and congressional districts in their state (usually their area of town) and can vote in all the voting proceedings in the general session and the caucuses.  The alternate delegates are there so that in case a delegate does not show up, they will be seated in the place of said delegate and will be voting with the others.  We placed our votes for National Committeeman and Committeewoman, at-large delegates and alternates, state chairman and members of the SREC.  There were other administrative votes that I can't remember as well.

It really was very interesting to sit in on these meetings and the committee members were well aware of the eyes that were watching them throughout the entire week.  One of the goals of our group was to amend the rules so that video recording were allowed at any and all GOP events and committee meetings, if someone so chooses to record.  It's never been not allowed in past meetings but it's always been frowned upon and people were made to shut off their recording devices.  Jeremy Blosser, our group trainer and "leader" (he *hates* being called that but I think it's fitting, lol) was the one to spearhead this amendment and we won!  We won because we were there.  This was a good win for people who want to be able to see what goes on in these meetings and how their representatives are voting in their behalf.  Any committee meeting or GOP meeting of any kind needs to be recorded to make sure no one breaks the rules and that there is more transparency.  They tried to take out term limits when it came to their group and there was a lot of discussion about that!  Some were for, some were against it and one man even went so far as to say that even though he was fine with it, he didn't DARE vote for it until he took it back to his caucus to get their input, LOL!  Greatness!! 

During the General Session, which is where we all come together and debate the new changes and vote on them, I actually swallowed my fear of public speaking to get up and talk about why we should keep term limits when it comes to the SREC - they didn't want them, remember?  Well, I wasn't the only one that had the idea that it was absurd that on page 6 of the GOP Platform, term limits was something our party insisted on when it came to the house and senate and the White House.  They just didn't want to hold themselves to the same rules.  But some woman beat me to it so I sat down.  Blast!  I was almost there.  Finally, I got up to make a motion to amend rule 42 that pertains to the SREC members.  I got right up to the mic, took a deep breath and waited for them to call on me.  Shaking in ma SHOES, man!  Just as I was about to say "Mr. Chairman..."  they shut it down.  DONE!  Made me so mad, I was shouting "POINT OF ORDER, POINT OF ORDER" and they kept ignoring me!  OMG, LOL!  It was so disappointing.  The Parliamentarian was mad, too.  He was telling me to say this and that but it didn't work and I wasn't the only one they did that to, he said.  That's the kind of fuckery we're trying to make stop!  Now I know, though, that I can get up there and make a statement and not get the faints!  :-)

Hey, check out this cool car!  Hell yes!  I could get used to that!  lol.

Some of y'all have asked me to explain the caucus and what it does and means.   Thursday, Friday and Saturday were caucus days which meant that all of us that were in a certain congressional or senate district ( I am personally in SD 10, CD12) would go to a room with a couple of other districts and we would nominate people we wanted to run for the new openings on the executive committees or to unseat someone.   We stayed in those rooms discussing and debating these nominations for hours and hours.  Then we would go to the General Session (held in the convention center arena) which is where all of the SDs or CDs would go to discuss the business that the rules committe had voted on or changed and adopt our new and final rules and platform issues.  So basically, caucusing is just a group that gets together and debates and discusses all the shit that's gone on the previous 3 days.  :-)  Got that?

We got to hear the likes of Rick Perry, John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchison, David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz and a bunch of other lousy politicians give their big, feel good speeches while the people in the audience cheered!  Why are these people cheering the ones that voted for NDAA?  Don't they know what that means?  What they did to us?  It's amazing how truly stupid some people are!  Ron Paul was also there but we were still caucusing so we didn't dare leave those rooms until the nominating and voting was finished.  I saw a whole 4 minutes of RP speak.  And that was ok.  I saw him, I heard his voice and I heard him talk about LIBERTY!   It reminded me of why I was there and how many of us were tirelessly working to make good changes.

I talked to so many people about what they believed in and I met so many other like-minded people and made a lot of new friends! 

I cannot imagine never going back to another convention.  I cannot imagine not going back to any of the conventions to make sure people are doing what they are supposed to and holding the bad ones accountable for their actions.  It's still a clique, though.....the older ones don't want us newbies there and they think we're trouble.  They won't allow us to participate if they can get away with it but they will have to come to the realization that we aren't going anywhere and that we are going to keep up the fight for this country.  It starts at the bottom with precinct chairs and it ends with the White House - it actually never ends, though.  We can never stop or go back to sleep, not even for a little bit.

This last picture says it all - this is what we're working for - this is why we should all get involved and stay involved.  These establishment GOPers and the liberals are running scared.  They know they're being replaced at breathtaking speed and they know who's doing it - WE THE PEOPLE!

and WEE the People, too!