Friday, August 31, 2012


OH LOOKY!  A NEW STYLE OF TYRANNY!  WHAT FUN!   And if you think I'm joking, just wait until you read this edition of my fabulous blog ( hah) on the "new and wonderful" Republican candidates.  This has literally made me sick to my stomach.  Don't think for ONE MINUTE that these guys are the new faces of American Exceptionalism.  Do not think for ONE MINUTE that these two men are conservative heroes.  DO NOT think for one minute that our rights are no longer in jeopardy just because two "republicans" are now in line for the White House.  Don't think for a second they give a shit about you, about me, your family, the rules, the law, the debt, the deficit, the spending, the taxing, the drones, the wars - none of it!  They are nothing but the same thing we have in the White House.  Power hungry, money hungry, war mongering, Constitution stomping RINOs.  Plain and simple.  They are all about breaking the laws just as Obama is.  It happened at the RNC this past weekend and good ol' John Boehner played a huge part in that as well.  It all started like this:

Because Mittens and the establishment republicans don't like the Tea Party/Grass Roots/Ron Paulians to be involved in any elections, they proposed a few changes to the Rules of the Republican Party.  See, they don't like us and they know that we've been effective in getting rid of a lot of RINOs, a lot of cheaters and a lot of liars and have basically been running all of the shit out of office all over the country.  Well, I initially thought the RP/TP/GR had them scared because of all of the delegations that were planning to vote for Ron Paul.  But RP didn't have enough of the 1100 delegates needed to win.  So why the proposed rule changes?  They (the establishment) want the power to pick and choose the delegates that will represent their candidate at the national convention  So they proposed a change to Rule 15 which basically says that you are bound to the party "favorite"?? and if you don't vote that way in the first round, you will lose your delegate credentials and be removed from the floor.  A federal judge has already ruled that no delegate is bound to any one candidate so that's a little screwed up, now isn't it?  I guess we're going to ignore federal rulings now, too, just like Obama.  Mitt Romney's attorneys were the ones that requested this rule change and pushed for it so now, as it stands, the rule states that a candidate can now choose who the delegates are going to be - not the people that vote for them at their state conventions.  THE CANDIDATE GETS TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHO HIS DELEGATES ARE AT THE RNC.  Great way to get the vote, that's for sure.  Have your attorneys go change those rules at the last minute.  Grab all the power you can now.  What they have done is they have taken the power of choosing delegates away from the states.  That is a violation of state's rights and it's also a huge violation of the election code.  People are saying that this does not effect this election and I have been fighting with some people because I think it does and here's why:  It affected this year's national convention by dividing the party in half.  They told people it was to keep the Ron Paulers at bay but everyone at that convention knew that wasn't the game.  They knew that the Romney team was taking away the right for the delegates to vote in future elections the way they wanted to; they way they were sent to.  Not only that but the establishment showed their ass to the American People and may have cost this country dearly by getting Odumbo re-elected as this has caused a lot of people to turn to 3rd party voting.  This may be a tear in the seams that can never be repaired.  I'm hearing now from a lot of people that they are going to be voting for Gary Johnson.  Hey, I am all for voting for the man you believe can do the best job but you also have to be smart about it.  My RP group is going to kill me for saying this but it's true.  If we don't vote for the other evil guy, we will have 4 more years of Obama, 4 more years of class warfare, 4 more years of illegal legislating by Executive Order, 4 more  years of spending and war ( Yeah, I know R&R are more apt to that, as well), 4 more years of Marxism at its best.  And, most importantly, 4 more years of not having the healthcare bill repealed - 4 more years of not being able to scare the shit out of our Congresspeople that if they back any sort of replacement, we will hunt them down and bite their heads off.  I cannot take 4 more years of Obama.  I am willing to beg and plead with my friends to please not vote Gary Johnson yet.  PLEASE wait til 2016 when we can get some momentum built behind him.  LET'S GET OBAMA OUT, FIRST!  My friends know how I feel about R&R so you know my heart is in the right spot.  Split the vote and Obama wins.  At least we will no longer have a president that hates this country with his every fiber of his being, right?

Here is another man we need to get rid of:  John Boehner.  We have got to find a way to remove this man and the people in the RNC that are also responsible for this, under the charge of election fraud for this right here:

They had already decided that this vote was going to pass.  They didn't follow the Rules of the Convention, they didn't follow Parliamentary Rules or Robert's Rules.  They did not allow any objections or debate from the floor, they turned off the mics and would not let anyone be heard regarding this rule change.  Here is that video:
(I'm having technical difficulties because this computer SUCKS!! so it may not work)

In this video, the mics are turned off but you can see the delegates are screaming for the Maine delegates to be seated.  Romney's team made sure that none of Maine's delegates were seated at this convention because they were all RP supporters.  The RNC picked off 10 RP delegates and replaced them with 10 Romney supporters - that weren't even voted for!  Here is the link to that story:

I realize that this video is not the video I thought it would be, which was Jeremy Blosser calling for a Point of Order in a dead mic because the RNC didn't want them to have their say about the rules change.  I can't find that video!!  ARGH!  Anyway, John Boehner ignored him and all the others that were calling for a Point of Order.  You know what else is sad about the above video?  The establishment goons that really do think this is all about stopping the Ron Paul people and the fact that they are drowning out the Maine delegates, that are screaming to be recognized and seated, with the chants USA, USA, USA!  They are so clueless as to what this power grab means and how it also affects them.  They won't know til they get back home, sit down and shut up for a minute and let the new rules sink into their thick skulls.  Even then, they will still probably not fully understand just what they helped do.

So now, because of this rule change, they have really taken away any reason to have state conventions, precinct chairs or Rules Committees for the party.  What is the point of having positions on committees or state conventions or caucusing or even an election if the people we send as delegates to represent our voices can be picked off and replaced by the freaking candidate of the establish...I mean the"popular" vote??  Are we not allowed to choose who we would like to see as president?  Not anymore.  As a matter of fact, here's another reason why this kind of shit affected this year's convention:  Mitt Romney's lawyers picked off two of Florida's Rules Committee members, Peter Feaman and Kathleen King, had them removed from the committee and replaced with Romney-appointed delegates.  HOW they were able to do that I do not know but they did.  If this isn't election fraud, voter fraud and all kinds of other fraud fuckery, I don't know what is. So combine just those two instances and you will understand that on this day of RNC Fuckery and Fraud, it affected this convention and rocked it to it's core.  The takeover of elections at not only the state level but the local levels as well.  If you still don't think this is tyranny, you might need your head examined.

Now let me ask you this:  Are you ok with this?  What are you willing to do about it?  I say start getting lists of all of those people in our state and everywhere else where committees were willing to break party rules and procedures to take away YOUR voice and get ready, January 1, 2013, to start building your cases against them so we can remove them from public office and committees for good.  I would love to run for president one day.  Everyone knows I have NO filter and I wouldn't be afraid to speak the truth and speak up for the right thing to do.  I know that people wouldn't take me seriously and I'm probably to weak minded to fight that hard and put myself out there to be publicly destroyed by the republican and democrat parties.  But I sure would like to give it a chance!

I would like to say a quick shout-out to some cool people that took their precious time and money to represent us at the RNC these past two weeks:  Jeremy Blosser, Chris Howe, Anthony Reed, Jennifer Hall, Dickey Wayne Snider, Amy Hedtke, Brandon Moore, Joe Palmer, Katrina Pierson, Ken Emanuelson and several other people I know I'm missing and I am truly sorry for not giving kudos too.  But no worries, no one ever reads my blog anyway, LOL!  Seriously, you guys are all a blessing to us and I, for one, will continue to do whatever I can to bring us back to a Constitutional Republic.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, here I am.  Sitting here trying to think of a way to write this post that won't just totally piss people off but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

I've been debating for a couple of weeks now about what to do with this election.  Obama vs Romney; Epic Fail 2012.

I will always contend, no matter what, that Dr. Paul is the man for the job of President of the United States.  I am hoping that at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, that the delegates will do the right thing and vote for Dr. Paul to win the nomination. I've seen a lot of states actually break their own party rules and try to strip the delegates of their voting rights even though they were voted to represent their state at the convention.  Now the RNC doesn't want to recognize Dr. Paul as a contender even though he has 5 or more states' delegates that are supporting him.  Not only is this horribly unfair to the American People, this is HORRIBLY ILLEGAL!  So until the Fat Lady sings, I will not support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the exact opposite of the fiscal and constitutional conservatives they call themselves.  I honestly cannot believe there are Tea Party members that want these men in power.  Paul Ryan's voting record is disgusting.  He has voted for everything we hate from the TARP bailout, to the Patriot Act, NDAA, HR 347, raising the debt ceiling and countless other spending bills.  Now there's a post going around that Paul Ryan sold his shares to a bunch of investment companies and banks that became worthless after the bailouts and he made a shitload of money.  Insider trading.   I mean, this guy is HORRIBLE!  Mitt Romney is on record saying he is for gun control, NDAA, the bailouts, farm subsidies - you name anything liberal, he's on record as supporting it.  The ONLY difference in Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan are.......well...nothing!  Also, did you know that there were like 10 other people running for this office that no one EVER got the chance to hear from?  The media did nothing to inform the people that there were other possibly great candidates.  Here they are:
I get that you have to have at least 15% of the electorate, which I think is really stupid, but how can you get that support if the media doesn't give you a chance?  Actually, when the media doesn't give US a chance to get to know who these people are??  I hate to think of all the really good people that could have done a great job that we had to choose from ( with the exception of Jimmy "The Rent is Too Damn High" McMillian and the freakshows that are Andy Martin and Stewart Alexander - an obvious hypocrite who declared his candidacy with both the Socialist Party and the Freedom and Peace Party) that we will never know about becaues the media will only give us Repukelicans or DemoRats!

I realize I have not been doing this very long AT ALL and I don't pretend to be some big shot politico but I've spent most of this year actively campaigning for freedom and liberty and an end to the government's control over every aspect of our lives.  I spent 2 months running for public office and I cannot imagine not ever being involved in politics again.  Again, I know it's a small amount of time spent in the world of politics and I am NO expert.  One thing is for certain, I could never see myself lying to the public about my intentions just to get elected.  I cannot imagine lying and scheming and passing laws that take liberty away and promote everything we have ever fought against to protect the USA and keep her free.  I guess my parents raised me right.  Anyway......this is the week of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  How I wish I were there right now.  I hope that Ron Paul will win the nomination - I know he probably won't - but I still pray that he will.  I pray every single day for a Reagan-esque upset.

So this is where all of my friends will scream at me and call me bad names:  I don't think I can vote in this election.............I just don't think I can do it. 

I feel like if I do vote, that I am simply voting for more Obama.  Everyone knows I'm not voting for that fuckhead (sorry, Mom), but if I vote for Romney, I'm voting for the white version of Obama.  I am convinced that if I vote for Romney then I am voting against everything that I believe in; that I'm voting against my principles and better judgement; that I am voting as a traitor to my country.  I know it sounds silly and stupid to some of you but to me, this is a very painful decision and a very difficult one.  I have always voted in the presidential elections with the exception of Bush in '88 so missing this one would be tough.  Some people tell me that if I don't vote, that's just another vote for Obama.  Some people said that if I voted for Ron Paul that was a vote for Obama.  I don't believe in that argument and here's why:  let's say I'm a democrat and I don't want to vote for Obama so I skip it.  Does that mean that that would be another vote for Romney?  Or if I voted for Ron Paul that it would still be throwing my vote away to Romney?  See what I mean?  It's a load of horseshit.  If I don't vote then that means there is no extra vote for Obama and no vote for Romney.  Gosh.....I hate hearing those words...."if I don't vote".  And I do get the argument that we HAVE to get Obama out of office.  I do understand that Obama is anti-American and divisive and all about Saul Alinksy techniques to divide and conquer the country. But even though Romney isn't all of the things Obama is, he is still the same as far as foreign and domestic policy, spending, big government and wars.  Not once have I heard him say "the Consitution is what's important."  Any president that doesn't mention the importance of our constitutional rights is not to be trusted.  Period.

Well....I do know one thing; if I don't vote I won't be compromising my beliefs or my principles and I won't be selling out to the RINO establishment and the communist manifesto.  But I will still, forever and always, fight for liberty, justice, the constitution and the American People.  I love you, America.  I love you enough to not vote for what will surely destroy you and it is my opinion that the people we have to choose from have every intention of doing just that.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Remember when I told you all I've been running for Precinct Chair all summer?  Well, the race has come and gone and I lost by 10 votes!  10!!!!  That means that the only reason Becky Britton won was because 10 people voted straight ticket instead of getting out there and learning about the candidates.  It was the early voters that did it and I know who they are:  the retirement home people that once told me they only vote straight ticket. This woman did NOTHING to get to know her neighbors.  The morning of the election, she stood outside for an hour and a half talking on her cell phone.  Never said one word to one voter.  Incredible.   BAH!  Well, it was my first campaign (but not my last) and I still had a pretty good showing for someone who's never done this before.  I wish I could have won but it just wasn't meant to be in this precinct.  I am, however, looking at other precincts to move into that don't have a precinct chair at all.  That way I can be ratified and bring new people in and get more people involved.  Something to think about.  Thanks to all my friends who congratulated me regardless of the outcome.  I'm in no way finished with any of this.  I am still looking at other behind the scenes projects and committee positions that are coming up. 

Ok - so on to the title of this blog:  OBAMA:  "I'M NOT THE PRESIDENT OF BLACK AMERICA."

OK, so if you're not president of black America, then why did you just just sign an executive order that is only geared toward the academic excellence for African Americans?  (Here is the link to this Executive Order for you to read) 

Why not sign an order for children of ALL races?  This is the same divisive crap that we have come to know from this president and I, for one, am sick and tired of the favoritism that is shown to the black community in every aspect of daily life. The reason being is because this favoritism is leading to dependence on the government and they will always be a patsy for the feds.  Once you are stuck on the govt. dole you can almost never get off of it.   I'm sorry but if you don't think this executive order is not a racist law, you need to have your head examined.  Especially when he adds another special little tidbit that this law requires that schools discipline black students either differently from white, Asian or Mexican students or not discipline them altogether.  What kind of shit is that?  So let's say a white kid and his black friend decide to break into the school one night and they get caught.  Will the district expel the white kid and not the black kid?    Will the black kid only get in-house suspension or will he get a 3 day suspension?  Will the white kid go to jail while the black kid gets to go back home to mom and dad?
“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,”  and it says this in the order.

I'm sorry, does that say that black students don't have the same access to good schools and teachers and college-prep classes?  Did I read that right?  Really?  What about all the college scholarships that are available ONLY to black students?  What about special college programs for ONLY black students?  What about Affirmative Action?  What about busing?  Students of every color - EVERY color - have been bussed from one area to the next so that the kids could have equal access to good schools.  I remember when I was in high school that black kids and Mexican kids, even Asian kids, were bussed in from different areas because that was the law.  They could have gone to the school a block away:  Polytechnic or OD Wyatt, etc..  Although I didn't understand how some were able to stay in their home school area and some weren't but that was the administration's direction by the Department of Education.   Also, whatever happened to earning your place in the college prep classes by doing your homework or busting your ass to get the grades to get in the program?  In the FWISD, lousy as it is, I know for a fact that there are schools out there whose curriculum are specifically geared towards certain college prep programs. My kid is in one of them.  Most of the kids that go to her school are from different areas and the parents had to literally camp out for 3-5 days in order to get their kids enrolled.  I couldn't do that because I have a full time job but trust me when I say that when you, THE PARENT, scream loud enough, you can get your kid into most any school you want because you're a damn taxpayer and that means you pay taxes for ALL schools and your kid has a right to any and all of them.  That's what I had to do for my son.  My daughter, on the other hand, I had to really fight to get in that school.  There were people that helped me do that and I am forever grateful but it all boils down to figuring out who can best help you get your kid in the right place and then following through.  Now FWISD has another program called Choice where you basically choose your school and hope there's enough space left to enroll in them.  Anyway, I digress.....   so what about working for what you get instead of getting special treatment because you are a certain skin color??  Can you imagine what would have happened if Bush or Odumdum had signed an E.O. for the advancement of ONLY white kids?  Rioting in the streets.  Talking heads on TV ripping them to shreds and calling them racist. Boycotts. Death threats from all over the country.  Do I need to go on?  This law should be challenged immediately based on discrimination because that's what it is; DISCRIMINATION!  Where does this guy get off signing all of these orders without Congressional debate or approval?!?!  Oh, yeah, see my post "DICTATOR".  He thinks he's freakin' Hugo Chavez or something.  Idiot!  Omg, don't get me started....

You know, I really wish Odumdum had never been elected president.  Not for the usual political reasons but for different ones.  I remember being so proud that we finally had our first black president - our country thought they were doing a good thing.  13% of the voters in this country are black and they voted for their guy but there were also another 55% of American voters that also voted for him.  68% of this country voted for this man.  It was a landslide.  There wasn't any racism at that time in this country because more than half of this country voted for a black man! And by no racism at that time I mean we were all living and working together - TOGETHER - all of us side by side, my kids never heard the N word in school, people had been successfully educated about racism and hate crimes, so well that no one anywhere tolerated that shit.  With the few exceptions of things that happened in Jasper, Texas and elsewhere, racism was almost a thing of the past.  We were *this* close, y'all!  So close to a society that was all accepting and all tolerating when it came to race.   Obama gets elected and it's all great until we start watching the things he was doing and the policies he was passing and way he disrespected our country to all the foreign dignitaries he would visit.  It was the laws he passed and the way they were passed, in secret, no debates, pure arrogance and an over spending of epic proportions that created Buyer's Remorse and when the people stood up and voiced their opinions and said "We don't want that"! is when the liberal media starting using the word "racist".  Racist for disagreeing with domestic policy?  Racist for disagreeing with the spending spree?  Racist for screaming out about our constitutional rights being shredded?  By throwing that word, racist, out there the way they did to shame people for disagreeing with our first black president, the liberal media and the liberal congress unraveled all of the progress we had made in this nation regarding racial issues with breathtaking speed.  All of that work, we had come so far and they destroyed it all.  I'm not saying we're back to the 1960s but racial tensions are now higher than they have been in 30 years.

Now our president has cut another piece of the racial discrimination cake for all of us to fight over.  This law is wrong.  It is wrong for our government to give special treatment to one race and then have the nerve to call it equality.    There is nothing equal about this.  America has always been of the mantra "If you work hard enough, you can have everything you want.".  That is the American Dream.  Not signing executive orders to benefit one race.