Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Remember when I told you all I've been running for Precinct Chair all summer?  Well, the race has come and gone and I lost by 10 votes!  10!!!!  That means that the only reason Becky Britton won was because 10 people voted straight ticket instead of getting out there and learning about the candidates.  It was the early voters that did it and I know who they are:  the retirement home people that once told me they only vote straight ticket. This woman did NOTHING to get to know her neighbors.  The morning of the election, she stood outside for an hour and a half talking on her cell phone.  Never said one word to one voter.  Incredible.   BAH!  Well, it was my first campaign (but not my last) and I still had a pretty good showing for someone who's never done this before.  I wish I could have won but it just wasn't meant to be in this precinct.  I am, however, looking at other precincts to move into that don't have a precinct chair at all.  That way I can be ratified and bring new people in and get more people involved.  Something to think about.  Thanks to all my friends who congratulated me regardless of the outcome.  I'm in no way finished with any of this.  I am still looking at other behind the scenes projects and committee positions that are coming up. 

Ok - so on to the title of this blog:  OBAMA:  "I'M NOT THE PRESIDENT OF BLACK AMERICA."

OK, so if you're not president of black America, then why did you just just sign an executive order that is only geared toward the academic excellence for African Americans?  (Here is the link to this Executive Order for you to read) 

Why not sign an order for children of ALL races?  This is the same divisive crap that we have come to know from this president and I, for one, am sick and tired of the favoritism that is shown to the black community in every aspect of daily life. The reason being is because this favoritism is leading to dependence on the government and they will always be a patsy for the feds.  Once you are stuck on the govt. dole you can almost never get off of it.   I'm sorry but if you don't think this executive order is not a racist law, you need to have your head examined.  Especially when he adds another special little tidbit that this law requires that schools discipline black students either differently from white, Asian or Mexican students or not discipline them altogether.  What kind of shit is that?  So let's say a white kid and his black friend decide to break into the school one night and they get caught.  Will the district expel the white kid and not the black kid?    Will the black kid only get in-house suspension or will he get a 3 day suspension?  Will the white kid go to jail while the black kid gets to go back home to mom and dad?
“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,”  and it says this in the order.

I'm sorry, does that say that black students don't have the same access to good schools and teachers and college-prep classes?  Did I read that right?  Really?  What about all the college scholarships that are available ONLY to black students?  What about special college programs for ONLY black students?  What about Affirmative Action?  What about busing?  Students of every color - EVERY color - have been bussed from one area to the next so that the kids could have equal access to good schools.  I remember when I was in high school that black kids and Mexican kids, even Asian kids, were bussed in from different areas because that was the law.  They could have gone to the school a block away:  Polytechnic or OD Wyatt, etc..  Although I didn't understand how some were able to stay in their home school area and some weren't but that was the administration's direction by the Department of Education.   Also, whatever happened to earning your place in the college prep classes by doing your homework or busting your ass to get the grades to get in the program?  In the FWISD, lousy as it is, I know for a fact that there are schools out there whose curriculum are specifically geared towards certain college prep programs. My kid is in one of them.  Most of the kids that go to her school are from different areas and the parents had to literally camp out for 3-5 days in order to get their kids enrolled.  I couldn't do that because I have a full time job but trust me when I say that when you, THE PARENT, scream loud enough, you can get your kid into most any school you want because you're a damn taxpayer and that means you pay taxes for ALL schools and your kid has a right to any and all of them.  That's what I had to do for my son.  My daughter, on the other hand, I had to really fight to get in that school.  There were people that helped me do that and I am forever grateful but it all boils down to figuring out who can best help you get your kid in the right place and then following through.  Now FWISD has another program called Choice where you basically choose your school and hope there's enough space left to enroll in them.  Anyway, I digress.....   so what about working for what you get instead of getting special treatment because you are a certain skin color??  Can you imagine what would have happened if Bush or Odumdum had signed an E.O. for the advancement of ONLY white kids?  Rioting in the streets.  Talking heads on TV ripping them to shreds and calling them racist. Boycotts. Death threats from all over the country.  Do I need to go on?  This law should be challenged immediately based on discrimination because that's what it is; DISCRIMINATION!  Where does this guy get off signing all of these orders without Congressional debate or approval?!?!  Oh, yeah, see my post "DICTATOR".  He thinks he's freakin' Hugo Chavez or something.  Idiot!  Omg, don't get me started....

You know, I really wish Odumdum had never been elected president.  Not for the usual political reasons but for different ones.  I remember being so proud that we finally had our first black president - our country thought they were doing a good thing.  13% of the voters in this country are black and they voted for their guy but there were also another 55% of American voters that also voted for him.  68% of this country voted for this man.  It was a landslide.  There wasn't any racism at that time in this country because more than half of this country voted for a black man! And by no racism at that time I mean we were all living and working together - TOGETHER - all of us side by side, my kids never heard the N word in school, people had been successfully educated about racism and hate crimes, so well that no one anywhere tolerated that shit.  With the few exceptions of things that happened in Jasper, Texas and elsewhere, racism was almost a thing of the past.  We were *this* close, y'all!  So close to a society that was all accepting and all tolerating when it came to race.   Obama gets elected and it's all great until we start watching the things he was doing and the policies he was passing and way he disrespected our country to all the foreign dignitaries he would visit.  It was the laws he passed and the way they were passed, in secret, no debates, pure arrogance and an over spending of epic proportions that created Buyer's Remorse and when the people stood up and voiced their opinions and said "We don't want that"! is when the liberal media starting using the word "racist".  Racist for disagreeing with domestic policy?  Racist for disagreeing with the spending spree?  Racist for screaming out about our constitutional rights being shredded?  By throwing that word, racist, out there the way they did to shame people for disagreeing with our first black president, the liberal media and the liberal congress unraveled all of the progress we had made in this nation regarding racial issues with breathtaking speed.  All of that work, we had come so far and they destroyed it all.  I'm not saying we're back to the 1960s but racial tensions are now higher than they have been in 30 years.

Now our president has cut another piece of the racial discrimination cake for all of us to fight over.  This law is wrong.  It is wrong for our government to give special treatment to one race and then have the nerve to call it equality.    There is nothing equal about this.  America has always been of the mantra "If you work hard enough, you can have everything you want.".  That is the American Dream.  Not signing executive orders to benefit one race.


  1. It's sad, but we will always have racism as long as we feel the need to identify by race. Too bad we can't be just "people", and whatever "perks" there are, would be for all. Yes indeed, these "for blacks only" benefits, or any specific race only, do nothing but promote racism. If u don't believe me, just look at how racist we view the "whites only" things from the 1950's, and how wrong we see that. Having things that are "blacks only", is indeed, taking steps backwards on racism.

  2. Agreed. Giving special treatment to one race just brings us back to square one. I remember the Civil Rights movement was about EQUAL rights, not special rights.

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