Thursday, February 20, 2014



 Dear John, 

Yes, John, it's me again.  Your arch enemy - a free, Texas woman that has had enough of you.  I know you know who I am, I've written your office, called your office and blogged about you numerous times.  I told you once before, one of these days someone will come along to primary you and when that person does, I will be his or her #1 volunteer and will work my ass of to make sure you never win re-election nor will you ever hold public office again.

Well, guess what I've been doing since I last blogged:

That's right!  I've been busy working my ass off to make sure you lose this race.  See this guy above me, here?   This is Dwayne Stovall!  He's the guy that's going to take your seat.  I have been knocking on doors, putting up signs, visiting Tea Party meetings, going to candidate forums and passing out your literature everywhere I go.  I've been busy with this campaign so I haven't been able to blog about anything - no free time, really.  That's ok, because this guy above me is going to kick your slimy ass out of D.C. for good!  Along with about 1100 other people that are sick and tired of you.  Here's why I can't wait until you're gone:

I've had enough of you voting to raise the debt ceiling and last week's vote to do just that will be the last time you make that vote.

I've had enough of you voting to end debate (cloture) on important bills that will affect every aspect of our lives for the worse.  If we no longer have debate and discussion and can just shut people up to ram through unconstitutional legislation, we no longer have a system of checks and balances.

I've had enough of you constantly violating your oath of office AND MY RIGHTS so that you can further line your pockets with our hard earned money and take even more money from lobbyists so you can do their bidding instead of doing what you were sent to do - protect our state, protect our rights and protect the interests of Texas.

I have had enough with turning around every week to see that you have voted to take away even more of our individual rights and civil liberties.

I have had enough of your looking at your voting records and seeing support of things like the NDAA, the TSA, the NSA, the Farm Bill, funding for Obamacare, voting to spend all this money without putting forth and passing a budget and watching my family's future and freedoms quickly fade away into tyranny.


If I had my way, I would round all of you up and sit you in front of a firing squad.  You have ruined our state, you have ruined our country and you have ruined the future of many generations to come with all of the debt you have voted to saddle us with.  Unfortunately, we aren't able to do that so we have to settle for elections.  

Harsh words, you say?  I'm done caring about that.  Unhinged, you wonder?  I think I'm pretty calm considering what our forefathers did over a little tea tax all those years ago.  My constitution and my country matter to me a whole lot more than what you think.  

You know what's really great, though?   You know you're in trouble now because you have EIGHT people after your job and only ONE of them is truly someone to reckon with.  DWAYNE STOVALLYou refuse to acknowledge him, you refuse to debate him.  As a matter of fact, of all of the Tea Party straw polls we've had here in Texas, YOU haven't shown up to any of them.  You wouldn't last 10 seconds in a debate with Dwayne Stovall.  You damn sure wouldn't late 10 seconds in a room with me and you wouldn't last in a room full of voters that are demanding your head.  That's why you've refuse to show up at the most important candidate forums all across the state.  You're too busy to talk to us lowly voters.  You would much rather spend your time taking big checks from big donors - just like you did when you were sitting up there on your high horse on the Texas Supreme Court where you took BIG bucks from waste management companies and lawyers and all those other special interest pricks you answer to.

No more!!  Enough is enough and you will now pay for all of the misery you have caused us here in Texas.  After March 4, you will no longer hurt this state or We the People with your lies and bad votes and an unjust government reaching into our private lives without our consent.    Your only job as a senator is to make sure our rights are protected, not taken away!!!

Mark my words.....Big Bad John will soon be gone

Jennifer Frank
Your #1 Enemy