Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mark Davis is an IDIOT!

Here's a nice letter I wrote to Mark Davis this morning after vomiting to his show.  Oopsie, I mean after listening to his show.  :-)


I listen to your show off and on - mostly off - and today is a huge reminder why I quit listening to you.  You are NO better than the main stream, liberal media. IMO.

I am so sick of hearing people like you spew out the "fact" that Ron Paul isn't going to win or that he's unelectable or that he's too extreme.  Every time I hear you talk about Ron Paul, you are so factually wrong it amazes me you even have a job on the radio.  Ron Paul has many wonderful points and the reason he has little chance is because the media - and you - continually say he has no chance, he's too far to the right, he's an isolationist, etc..  The comment you made this morning about Ron Paul and how you'll go ahead and talk about him a little bit because of his commercial, which was spot on, by the way, is a prime example of what I'm talking about.  People listen to the radio to get information they aren't going to get from television because television is full of liberal bias.  When they turn on the radio, they are just as influenced by what the talking heads are saying there because that's really the only way they can get information from their "base".  Why can't you treat all candidates fairly?  You will talk about all the other skunks in this race except the ONLY ONE that actually has a plan that will work and that will actually cut the deficit and the spending and will actually follow the constitution and will actually get us out of these wars that we're in and don't belong.  Why?  Because he has no chance of winning this election, as you say over and over.  Do you realize why this guy has no chance?  Because of you.  Because of Rush and Levin (whom I LOVE but disagree with when it comes to Ron Paul) who also say he's a kook.  But guess what?  He's the only kook in this race that brings in a crowd of thousands when he talks.  If you guys would just report on him honestly and intelligently the way you do the other candidates, he would win this race.  He would actually have a chance to change this country back to the greatness it once was and give us our freedom back.  Who, in this race, have you heard besides RINO Newt say that they were going to not only repeal Obamacare but repeal NDAA, the Dept. of Education, reign in the EPA, scrap the Patriot Act and bring our troops home so they can protect our borders and not the borders of foreign countries??  NONE OF THEM have said these words.  And you, Mark, you bitch and moan about our broders and about our spending and as soon as RP's name is mentioned "Oh well he's a freak!"   His foreign policy isn't isolationist, either.  It's called non-interventionism.  In other words, we don't need to be policing the world over issues that are none of our business.  How would we like it if Russia came here and started telling us what to do with our people and our oil and our laws?  We wouldn't stand for it one freakin' bit!   There is nothing wrong with staying out of other people's business.  There is nothing wrong with circling our wagons and working on our country before we start nation building in another country.  We have got to stop worrying about everyone else and really get serious about our own problems or we'll end up like Greece and England and the rest of Europe.  Does that not even matter to you???  I know I can talk til I'm blue in the face and it's not going to make a bit of difference to you people but if you guys for once would let US form our opinions about a candidate we wouldn't be in the shit we're in.  YOU need to be impartial and unbiased, too, Mark, just like you say about MSNBC, CNN and other liberal outlets.  STOP telling us who is a good candidate and who is not!  The more people ignore a candidate that actually has some really great ideas and wants us all to benefit from our constititution, the more we move away from real constitutional government and the closer we get to tyranny.  Oh wait, we're already there! 


If he writes back, I'll post it in response to this post.  I'm sure he will and I'm sure he'll call me a Paulbot FREAK, lol, but I don't care.  Mark Davis just irritates the shit out of me.  He thinks he's the badass in the room.  Whatever, moron, I can take you!  ;-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


First, off, the above picture pretty much says it all.  Mitt Romney is the world's biggest flip-flopper I have ever had the displeasure of listening to.  This guy is THE guy that helped craft Obamacare but that doesn't seem to matter to anyone that's been voting for him during these caucuses.  I am literally floored when I see Romney winning all of these states and Santorum coming in second and RoN Paul in third.  I am not going to lie, I cannot stand Rick Santorum!  This dude is a big government RINO that doesn't seem to think our constitution applies to us as a country anymore.  I heard him say during one debate that we didn't really need to worry about the 10th amendment when it comes to states rights and gay marriage because it's not ok for the state to do something the federal government prohibits.  Which is WRONG but that's another blog.  Anyway, I only have one question for the republicans that are supporting Romney:


I'm serious!  I would really like to know what you're thinking when you decide to be a Tea Party participant or member and then have the shit-for-brains to turn around and support Romney for president!  Do you not know  that Romney is the world's biggest flip-flopper on every single issue that's of any relevance this elections?  I guess the answer is no.  Let me remind you what the man "believes":

FLIP:  He likes mandates, the mandates work!  FLOP:  I think they are unconstitutional and violates the 10th amendment.
FLIP:  I'm a lifelong hunter.  FLOP:  I've only hunted wabbits
FLIP:  Roe Vs Wade has gone too far.  FLOP:  It's been the law for 20 years and we should keep supporting it
FLIP:I respect a woman's right to choose.  FLOP:  I'm not really pro-choice
FLIP:  I have never supported the president's stimulus plan.  FLOP:I think there needs to be economic stimulus
FLIP:  I believe in global warming and that humans contribute to that.  FLOP:  I don't think we really know what causes climate change
FLIP: TARP ought to be ended.  FLOP:  I believe that TARP was the right thing to do to keep the financial system from collapsing.

These are just a few tidbits of what has come out of this idiot's mouth.  Let me ask you fellow - well NOT fellow Tea Partiers because I sure as HELL do not follow you group of moron Tea Partiers - but how can you support this man when he has been the exact opposite of what us Tea Partiers are so desperately trying to find??  Mitt Romney is the white version of Obama.  He might not be the Marxist/communist that Obama is but he's as close to liberal as you can get without having a D after his name.  I mean, really, we have screamed and cried and marched and protested every single piece of progressive legislation that this administration has forced upon us and you Romney freaks are just turning a blind eye to this guy because he's running as a Republican!  Why not vote for someone who really is a conservative if that is what you are claiming to be?  I don't get it.  I just don't get how you can be so stupid and so blind to what this guy is!  He's the one the MEDIA chose!  He's the one the WHITE HOUSE wants to win so they can pound him in the elections.  He's the one the SENATE majority wants because if he does win, they can talk him into anything they want just like they do John Boehner!  OH MY GOD what is WRONG with you people!?!?!  He has only promised to repeal and replace (Notice I said REPLACE) Obamacare.  I'm afraid of what he wants to replace it with.  But what about NDAA?  What about SOPA?  What about the Patriot Act?  What about the Dept.of Education?  What about reigning in the EPA?   What about the program to put 30,000 drones in American airspace to spy on the average citizen without a freaking warrant or even a reason?  What is he going to do about all of those crazy laws?  What is he going to do to reduce the size of government?  What is he going to do about our individual liberty and our freedom to just be free?  Probably nothing.  Do you people realize what you're doing?  You think you're going with the safest bet; the only one who can "beat Obama".  Well, newsflash - ANY of these goons will beat Obama!  We just need the better goon to do it and Romney is Obama-lite and nothing more.

Please, PLEASE, do this Tea Party girl and the rest of our country a favor - DO NO VOTE ROMNEY!  Please, please, please give freedom a chance.  Please vote for Ron Paul or Rick or Newt, just please do not vote for a lighter version of Obama.  Mitt doesn't even know anything about the constitution.    Please rethink your positions. I am begging you - no, I'm not ashamed to beg for my country - please do not vote for this RINO.  We are working so hard to get the RINOs and the establishment republicans out of our lives and we can't do that when you start supporting one for president.  Please also try to remember to conservatize (my own word, I made it up hehe) the House and Senate or we are really dead meat.  If Obama wins and the conservatives get control of both chambers of congress, then we may be able to stand a chance against him for another 4 years.  But if we don't and Obama wins again, will WILL become a communist country and may just be forever lost.  Try to explain THAT to your kids! 

~~God bless America, land that I love~~


Friday, February 24, 2012

This Fuckin' Guy......


Timothy Geithner:  Tax cheat, liar, marxist/communist, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, HUGE player in the AIG and Bear Sterns bailout - good buddy of Odumbo.  This fuckin' guy (using my best fake Jersey accent) who was not only a Kissinger Associate, but also served as an attache at the United States Embassy in Tokyo and has spent his life working in the world of financial markets and government agencies.  He is the same dipshit that would testify that he used TURBO TAX to do his 2001 taxes which did not correctly figure them and caused him not to pay the tax he owed.  Really?  With all of your financial expertise and experience and highly coveted positions in the international financial markets, you expect us to believe that you had to use Turbo Tax to figure your taxes?  Yeah, ok, and I'm Miss America!! NOT!

This guy makes me sick.  He also has an uncanny resemblance to the actor Tom Goldwyn who played the bad guy in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.  See below:

Anyway, I'm reading the news and this tax cheating SOB actually has the nerve to say that rich people should pay more in taxes just for the privilege of being an American.  WTF?  Are you freaking kidding me?  After this moron doesn't pay his back taxes for 4 years, he has the nerve to say that rich people have an obligation to pay for the privilege of being an American.  This fuckin''s not enough that he is a tax cheat or that he had a huge role in the financial meltdown and bailouts or for his Keynesian bullshit that has all but killed our country's economy, he has to further insult the American people with this class warfare drivel.  Hey, Geithner, how much was your salary when you were President of the NY Fed bank?  $398,000.00?  Oh yes and you didn't pay your share until you were tapped for the Secretary of the Treasury post.  You probably wouldn't have paid it if the American people hadn't found out about it.  What should have happened, Mr. Geithner, is we should have strung you up by your ginormous nostrils and hung you upside until the money fell out of your pockets.  What a hypocrite!  He thinks the top 3% of earners should pay - get this - 97% of their earnings to the federal government.  If this man isn't a commie bastard, I don't know what he is!  See below:

This jerk says that you have to generate more revenue through tax reform (which really means by raising taxes) then you have to achieve fiscal sustainability through deeper cuts in national security, for example.  Well, douche-canoe, here's an idea:  if you need to generate more revenue, shouldn't you do it by allowing the private sector to create more taxpayers?  It's really a no brainer!  Almost half of the people in this country pay no taxes.  Can you imagine the revenue that would be generated if everyone paid taxes?? Even if some paid only 10%.   Get the hell out of our way and let us, the private sector, get things moving again!  And another thing; why do these guys keep attacking the rich?  They can't freakin' stand the rich people in this country and it's really sad.  Most of the rich people these days earned their money through hard work and sacrifice and their own blood, sweat and tears.  What is so bad about that?  I never understood why people like teachers and computer geeks and office workers, etc.. who went to college and got their degrees to work in a field they love at, a job they love, are so jealous of the people that are wealthy.  I mean, if you really can't stand the fact that you are not as wealthy as they are then why didn't you major in something that would guarantee you would be or could get rich instead of the career paths you chose?  YOU CHOSE YOUR PATH!  Why make someone else pay for what you didn't achieve, BY CHOICE, in your life?!  Now if you're like me, you may have seen that being rich doesn't necessarily guarantee happiness and contentment and you aren't really interested in being rich anyway, but I sure as hell don't hold it against someone if they have money running out of their ass.  I am not college educated but I am smart enough to know that no matter what, there will always be different "classes" of people no matter how much the liberals say otherwise.  They can talk up "income inequality" all they want but even in the most socialist and/or communist of countries, NO ONE is equal to everyone else.  There will always be some people that have more than others and that is just fine as long as they have earned it the right way - the honest way.  If you want to be rich, figure out a way to be rich and make it happen.  Quit sitting on your ass bitching about you don't have this and it's not fair that they have that.  If capitalism is so bad and has never worked, like Odumbo claims, then how the hell did we become the wealthiest nation in the world with the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world? How did we become the most powerful nation in the world?  The most generous nation in terms of giving money to hungry children and third world countries that have been hit hard by famine and drought and anything else that may have happened?.  Who do they come to first when someone gets stuck inside a mine in Chile?  AMERICA!  Why?  Because someone in America has the equipment and the ideas and the knowledge to dig someone of there and they don't!  How is it that countries such as Europe and Japan and Asia have never produced the kind of wealth and power that the USA has?  Because socialism and communism don't work.  They kill the spirit of the people.  Just look at them now.

Mr. Geithner, I just want you to know that personally I think you're a sneaky little sleaze ball of a man and I use the term "man" loosely.  You do not deserve to be an American, you belong in China or Russia or Venezuela.  There is no doubt in my mind that you know exactly what you're doing and what your policies have done to us.  I know it's all part of the plan to bring down America and I cannot wait until you are gone and Ron Paul takes your spot!  The sooner you and your ilk are out of the way, the better.  If I had my way, you would be under the jail.  No....I'd put you in San Quentin and let those guys take care of you.

Ok, my rant is finished.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Was on the Mark Levin Show tonight!

Yeah, bitchez!  You heard me, LOL.  I actually made it on the Mark Levin Show tonight.  I love that guy.  He's not much of a Ron Paul fan - AT ALL - but he was nice to me and I was thankful for that, lol.

He asked if some RP supporters would call in and tell him what they think of this whole alleged deal between RP and Mitt Romney.  He wants to know if we're happy with it or not.  So I called in.

I managed to do really well despite the fact my stomach was in my throat.  I simply told him that at first I was a little upset about the deal but the more I thought about it, the more I was ok with it.  I mean, if Rand were to be VP, he presides over Congress, he's the deciding vote, it would be a nice feeling knowing that there would be a constitutional conservative presiding over Congress so that our Constitution would be better respected and followed - hopefully!  The even better part is if they won the election and MR starts making his appointments, Ron Paul would, again hopefully, be appointed as Sec. of the Treasury and that's a double win to me.  No more of this printing more money bullshit!  No more spending ourselves into oblivion!  No more ignoring of the constitution and you KNOW Rand Paul would be pushing Congress to repeal NDAA, Obamacare, SOPA and all that other crazy Bills of Rights shredding laws they've passed.  We would definitely be much freer in my opinion. 

Now, I'm going off my memory, here, and was pretty excited so I don't remember word for word what we said to each other here is the closest I can come to remember it all:  Mark asks me "So you're a team player?" and I said "NO, I'm not a team player but I will do whatever it takes to get Obama OUT and if they won the nomination I would be ok with that."  Then he said "So you are a team player!" and I said "No, but sometimes you have to beat them at their own game in order to win and that's what we would be doing is beating them at their own game." He asks who is is "they" and I tell him the establishment.  So he talked a bit more about it and asked if Mitt Romney wins the nomination and does NOT pick either of the Pauls to be VP, would I still support Romney and I said "Yes, I would because I don't want Obama to win and I want him out as soon as possible.  He's a freak, he's got to go!"  And we agreed on that, LOL.

It was a great experience and you know, once I got going, I think I did pretty well getting my point across.  I'm not sure about public speaking, LOL, but this was fun and I'm glad I got to speak to The Great One.  Thank you, Mark!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I would like to just touch on something I heard tonight on Mark Levin's show.  There is word that Mitt and Ron Paul have an understanding.  They won't attack each other.  Some people are saying that Mitt may offer Rand Paul the VP slot on the ticket if Romney wins the primary.  Mark Levin can't really understand why but I think I know why IF it's, in fact, true.

If Rand Paul does go for the VP slot and gets it and they win the election, Rand is in a very good position to lead Congress in the right direction.  After all, the president is not the deciding man.  Congress is.  The VP's job is to oversee the senate; to be the officer of the senate, getting them together to debate and vote on legislation.  Ron and Rand Paul are the constitutional experts and it would be a perfect job for him.  But imagine Ron Paul as the congressional leader, so to speak.  Some are calling RP a turncoat or a traitor.  I'm calling him pretty freakin' smart!  Right  now, the senate is all kinds of fucked up. We all know why!!  Harry Reid!  <Sssssssss>  Ron Paul would make a huge impact in any position in the cabinet as well.  If he doens't win the primary, though, I would really like to see him appointed Treasury Secretary.  Get rid of that baffoon that's been impersonating the dude that played the bad guy in Ghost!

I digress, I don't think there's much to this story as RP has already said he would never be on the ticket with any of these dolts as they are all statists and liars so I'm having trouble believing it.  Any thoughts on this?  Anyone?  Bueller?



I decided to go ahead and watch the debate tonight.  I thought it would be a good way to help kick off my blog by making notes and, of course, giving my personal thoughts on it.  So here goes:

First off, I couldn't believe all the applause for Mitt Romney - people don't seem to know a RINO when they see one.  I will say that his debate coaching has paid off because I actually enjoyed listening to him this evening, though not enough to want to vote for him.  I also hate listening to John King moderate.  He talks to fast, he's condescending at times and the last time I heard him moderate, he kept grunting throughout the whole debate.  Geez! 

The Candidates:

Personally, I love Ron Paul.  He's consistent, he's a constitutional legislator, he tells it like it is and he's not scared to do it.  He's a huge proponent of liberty and freedom and the Oath of Office.  I love him.  He's just perfect to me. 

Rick Santorum is sketchy.  There is something about him that I don't trust and I couldn't put my finger on it until tonight.  I don't like him, he's shifty.  I'll call him Shifty Rick.  He's arrogant and he likes to point the finger at anyone but himself, he did that tonight.  He cannot be trusted to do what he says he's going to do which is to cut the size of government.

Mitt Romney is a RINO.  Nuff said.  Go away Mr. RINO!

Newt Gingrich is probably the second most enjoyable person to listen to but after seeing him sit with the Communist Demon Lady, Nancy Pelosi, about global warming, I have a hard time taking him seriously.  He took money for "consulting" for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he's sided with the individual mandate in the health care bill, he sided with the implementation of the health care bill.  He's just been on the liberal side of things the last few years and I don't trust someone to suddenly say, I'm against all the stuff I've helped the liberals work for.  He's smart, has great ideas, says everything we Tea Party people want to hear but his actions speak louder.  He scares me.  I would love it if he really was what he claims to be.

Spending and Debt: 

The first question was how do you plan to bring down spending.  RP, first in the line, was flat out ignored.  Passed over.  Freaking John King Asshole!   Can't stand this guy.  Shifty Rick says he will cut 5 trillion dollars over 5 years but gives 2 ways he's going to do it:  Repeal Obamacare and fix medicare and social security but doesn't seem to think defense spending is a problem.  The bigger problem with Shifty Rick is he lied about his spending record.  He voted to raise the debt ceiling 5 times.  5 TIMES!!  That's all I need to hear.  Bye bye.  Mitt Romney says he thinks raising the debt ceiling was necessary but it that we shouldn't raise it again UNLESS - UNLESS - unless we have some way to offset that increase but only if we have a cut cap and balance deal in place.  IMHO, that debt ceiling should NEVER BE RAISED AGAIN! No matter what.  And he wants all entitlements to go back to the states. Fine.  Douche-canoe.  NEXT!  (Yes, I realize that's a big deal but then he starts attacking Shifty Rick.  I'm done now.)  Newt gives great points on opening up federal lands to drill.  He wants to modernize the government we have now and give power back to the states in entitlement spending and other non-federal issues.  Same Newt ideas but good ones so I won't dwell.  Ron Paul says Shifty Rick is a fake.  I agree.  Ron Paul hasn't voted for raising the debt ceiling or No Child Left Behind, foreign aid and doesn't want to go against the constitution for any reason.  When Shifty rebutts, he tries to say he was voted most fiscally conservative senator by Weekly Standard out of 50 other senators but then RP points out that Congress has an approval rating of 9% so that means squat!  LOL!  Love it.  I'm trying to keep my personal thoughts out of here, hehe.  RP got 148th place or something but RP says hey, I won't go along with the establishment, of course I rank low.  LOL! God, I love this man. 

So I keep listening for a bit mostly fast forwarding to something that sounds interesting to me.  I'm weary of all the finger-pointing and I tend to hit the FF button on the remote, especially when Mitt starts talking.  I stopped the FF and listened and watched their body language and it struck me as funny because at one point, Mitt is flip-flopping on his positions again and tries to compare balancing the Olympics budget with balancing the national budget - huh?  Really?  Pfft, ok.  Then Shifty rants on earmarks, RP defends his and points more fingers at Shifty, Shift starts pointing fingers at Mitt and Newt is just sitting there listening to them and is laughing at them.  He sees Mitt and Shifty getting into it with each other and thinks how funny it is that they're hanging themselves.  Ron Paul explains how earmarks work and why he did take them and that's great - people need to learn this stuff.  But I loved when Newt pointed out that Shifty and Mitt could only talk about working with the current system when the current government is a complete disaster and it needs to be radically changed in order for it TO work.  Good point Newt!  You get that one.  Mitt seems to always be ready to ask the federal government for "help" with financial issues and what not and that makes me not like him.  Screw the feds, they're really only supposed to be three to defend us from invasion and attacks.  Mitt wanted bailouts for huge corporations that did rip people off and says he's fine with the feds "helping" but to a point and then they need to get out.  I just can't take it anymore.  Mitt's a white Obama,through and through. 

This entire election is about our dollar, our freedom and our protection.  Not birth control, which is nothing more than a distraction from what is really our problem: tyranny.  This current government is hell bent on shitting on our constitutional rights and taking away our freedom to choose how WE want to live.  I am hoping the conservatives in America are moving away from the current administrations plan to make us into what we escaped 250 years ago.  This is not the America I grew up in and I hope that this election will be the beginning of getting us back to those days when the government wasn't telling us what to do, where to live, what to eat, how to parent, being happy with what you have instead of striving to do better and want more, taking away our rights to work and to pursue our own happiness and keeping our borders so wide open that it's become a national security issue.  The liberals (and now the republican establishment) has turned us into a nanny state, a nation of handouts and welfare with no accountability for making bad choices and have spent us into poverty for the first time in our history.  Ron Paul and Newt have it right that we are looking at  the beginnings of tyranny and when the government forces you to participate in anything, any government sponsored program or else pay a fine or face jail, that is tyranny.  That is not freedom.  That is not liberty.  That is not America.  The current president is a Marxist in my opinion.  Dare I say that I think he's a muslim in dictator's clothing?  He sure doesn't act like the Christian he claims to be but the exact opposite!  We'll get into that another time, though.

In conclusion, Newt had some great points tonight but I firmly believe Ron Paul won that debate hands down.  He has the answers, the plans and knows our Constitution inside and out.  Mark Levin would kill me for this, LOL.  Anyway, RP and Newt had this debate.  Shifty Rick and Mitt Romney showed their true RINO colors tonight and just to prove it, here's what Shifty said about his vote for Title 10 which has to do with funding Planned Parenthood and other such clinics and I'm paraphrasing here:  (LOL, this kills me)  "I did vote for Title 10 but I didn't like some of the things about the funding so after I voted for it, I immediately pushed another piece of legislation called Title 20 to counteract some of the effects of Title 10 that I didn't like but voted for anyway because that's what the party did and I follow the party".  Not exact words but basically he voted for a piece of shit bill that funded clinics that performed abortions but he didn't really like how much the funds were for so Title 20, a separate agency to deal with Title 10 was his answer to that.  Lord, SMH!  WTF are you on, Shifty?  Can I have some?  You seem to be so happy in your little world.  :-)  I promise I'm almost done.  I have a lot of notes, here.  Wow!

Immigration, I won't bore you with.  A fence is stupid.  Stop rewarding illegals with all the benefits they get when they don't put anything into the system.  End of story, thanks, RP!  

Foreign Policy:  I used to really believe in RP's stance on this but the other guys are right.  We have to pay attention to the volatility over there right now.  Of course Isreal has a right to defend themselves, no question.  We live in a time that is very scary right now and I'd rather not take the chance on America being attacked again.  But what I don't like are the war drums these three are beating.  RP is right, we don't know for sure if Iran has a nuke or not and I do agree that maybe if we engaged them in talks the way we did with the Soviets during the Cold War, a lot could be accomplished.  Reagan did it, why couldn't Paul?  Of course, Gorbachev was nothing like Ahmedinijerk but still.  If we had 45 Iranian bases surrounding our country and they were talking about sanctioning us and coming after us, what would we think?  How would we respond?  We'd kick the living shit out of them, that's what we'd do.  But if they did try to attack, could they even get far enough around our bases and our ships to even do it successfully?  Sigh......I just don't know if it's a risk worth taking, going to war before knowing what's really going on over there.  But I don't want them to get the jump on us or on Isreal, either.  Tough call, eh?


They all have it right!  Get the feds out of our kids' classrooms and out of our asses!  Let the ISDs and the parents decide what is best for the kids.  Get rid of all the standardized testing, get rid of government curriculum - this is why our kids aren't learning anything!!  All the guys pass this one, lol.

Last question - Biggest Misconception about each candidate:

RP - media says he can't win and he most certainly could if they would shut the fuck up
Newt - that he can't get things done
Mitt - Jerk. Douche-Canoe.  Won't answer the question and when called out on it, acts like an entitled asshole
Shifty Rick - Jerk.  Douche-Canoe. Won't answer the question.  Period.  Goes into campaign mode. Whatevs, dude, you lost me at "My name is Rick Santorum.".
John King is still a bone-head but at least he didn't spend all night grunting.......

Well, that's it.  Yes, I leaned toward Ron Paul on this entire blog, LOL.  Sorry, but I like him. No, I love him.  I hope I didn't bore you with the recap and I hope you have lots of comments to make, I would LOVE to hear them..  Say whatever you want, I'm totally cool with the 1st amendment rights we have.  Good night and happy dreams! 

P.S.  My apologies for the typos in punctuation.  I'm tired and don't feel like proofing this right now.  I'll be more vigilant next time.


Valerie Jarrett's BIG FAT LIE!

Ok, so the first blog I would like to start out with is the lovely (NOT) Valerie Jarrett who claims that people who get unemployment benefits actually HELP the economy because they use that money to go out and BUY THINGS!  Bitch, they use that money to pay their bills, not go out and buy things.  This is a very delusional woman who takes her cues from the even more delusional Nancy Pelosi.  I think I can get the video posted here.  I'm going to try anyway, lol.  But seriously, how can you say that unemployment benefits help the economy?  It's absolutely shameful the way they are touting being unemployed and on welfare!  This is not the America I grew up in.  Not by any means.  Here's the dipshit Valerie Jarrett speaking at some idiot parade!