Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I would like to just touch on something I heard tonight on Mark Levin's show.  There is word that Mitt and Ron Paul have an understanding.  They won't attack each other.  Some people are saying that Mitt may offer Rand Paul the VP slot on the ticket if Romney wins the primary.  Mark Levin can't really understand why but I think I know why IF it's, in fact, true.

If Rand Paul does go for the VP slot and gets it and they win the election, Rand is in a very good position to lead Congress in the right direction.  After all, the president is not the deciding man.  Congress is.  The VP's job is to oversee the senate; to be the officer of the senate, getting them together to debate and vote on legislation.  Ron and Rand Paul are the constitutional experts and it would be a perfect job for him.  But imagine Ron Paul as the congressional leader, so to speak.  Some are calling RP a turncoat or a traitor.  I'm calling him pretty freakin' smart!  Right  now, the senate is all kinds of fucked up. We all know why!!  Harry Reid!  <Sssssssss>  Ron Paul would make a huge impact in any position in the cabinet as well.  If he doens't win the primary, though, I would really like to see him appointed Treasury Secretary.  Get rid of that baffoon that's been impersonating the dude that played the bad guy in Ghost!

I digress, I don't think there's much to this story as RP has already said he would never be on the ticket with any of these dolts as they are all statists and liars so I'm having trouble believing it.  Any thoughts on this?  Anyone?  Bueller?



  1. I edited this post as I had some information incorrect. It was Rand they were talking about, not Ron. Either way, however we need to get some constitutionality back into our government, so be it! Make the deal!

  2. Well I don't like the siding with the establishment part. Same old cronyism bs. I knew there was a reason Paul has stayed in it this long. Same reason Perry quitt then went on to S Carolina I think it split the conservative vote.

    Romney is a greasy snake and will obviously do anything to win the nomination. Plus Romneycare...yuck!

  3. Apparently, the whole story has been made up by the media and that was confirmed by Rand Paul who made the statement that he simply said it would be an honor to be asked to be the VP on the ticket. He said it in the same manner as, say, if he were nominated for an academy award, that it would be an honor and that it was overblown by the media to get RP to lose his base. Here is the video here: