Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valerie Jarrett's BIG FAT LIE!

Ok, so the first blog I would like to start out with is the lovely (NOT) Valerie Jarrett who claims that people who get unemployment benefits actually HELP the economy because they use that money to go out and BUY THINGS!  Bitch, they use that money to pay their bills, not go out and buy things.  This is a very delusional woman who takes her cues from the even more delusional Nancy Pelosi.  I think I can get the video posted here.  I'm going to try anyway, lol.  But seriously, how can you say that unemployment benefits help the economy?  It's absolutely shameful the way they are touting being unemployed and on welfare!  This is not the America I grew up in.  Not by any means.  Here's the dipshit Valerie Jarrett speaking at some idiot parade!


  1. ok so the video didn't come up but the link is there for you. Sorry, I'll get this figured out soon. Feel free to comment. I only have ZERO followers. :-)

  2. These big shots that call too many of the shots r so far removed from what it takes to make a living, they think $300 a wk will cut it. Yet they just have to make 7 figures for themselves, WTH? This is a big problem. Yay, Obama has created a bunch of $10 an hour jobs, how bout that?