Tuesday, February 28, 2012


First, off, the above picture pretty much says it all.  Mitt Romney is the world's biggest flip-flopper I have ever had the displeasure of listening to.  This guy is THE guy that helped craft Obamacare but that doesn't seem to matter to anyone that's been voting for him during these caucuses.  I am literally floored when I see Romney winning all of these states and Santorum coming in second and RoN Paul in third.  I am not going to lie, I cannot stand Rick Santorum!  This dude is a big government RINO that doesn't seem to think our constitution applies to us as a country anymore.  I heard him say during one debate that we didn't really need to worry about the 10th amendment when it comes to states rights and gay marriage because it's not ok for the state to do something the federal government prohibits.  Which is WRONG but that's another blog.  Anyway, I only have one question for the republicans that are supporting Romney:


I'm serious!  I would really like to know what you're thinking when you decide to be a Tea Party participant or member and then have the shit-for-brains to turn around and support Romney for president!  Do you not know  that Romney is the world's biggest flip-flopper on every single issue that's of any relevance this elections?  I guess the answer is no.  Let me remind you what the man "believes":

FLIP:  He likes mandates, the mandates work!  FLOP:  I think they are unconstitutional and violates the 10th amendment.
FLIP:  I'm a lifelong hunter.  FLOP:  I've only hunted wabbits
FLIP:  Roe Vs Wade has gone too far.  FLOP:  It's been the law for 20 years and we should keep supporting it
FLIP:I respect a woman's right to choose.  FLOP:  I'm not really pro-choice
FLIP:  I have never supported the president's stimulus plan.  FLOP:I think there needs to be economic stimulus
FLIP:  I believe in global warming and that humans contribute to that.  FLOP:  I don't think we really know what causes climate change
FLIP: TARP ought to be ended.  FLOP:  I believe that TARP was the right thing to do to keep the financial system from collapsing.

These are just a few tidbits of what has come out of this idiot's mouth.  Let me ask you fellow - well NOT fellow Tea Partiers because I sure as HELL do not follow you group of moron Tea Partiers - but how can you support this man when he has been the exact opposite of what us Tea Partiers are so desperately trying to find??  Mitt Romney is the white version of Obama.  He might not be the Marxist/communist that Obama is but he's as close to liberal as you can get without having a D after his name.  I mean, really, we have screamed and cried and marched and protested every single piece of progressive legislation that this administration has forced upon us and you Romney freaks are just turning a blind eye to this guy because he's running as a Republican!  Why not vote for someone who really is a conservative if that is what you are claiming to be?  I don't get it.  I just don't get how you can be so stupid and so blind to what this guy is!  He's the one the MEDIA chose!  He's the one the WHITE HOUSE wants to win so they can pound him in the elections.  He's the one the SENATE majority wants because if he does win, they can talk him into anything they want just like they do John Boehner!  OH MY GOD what is WRONG with you people!?!?!  He has only promised to repeal and replace (Notice I said REPLACE) Obamacare.  I'm afraid of what he wants to replace it with.  But what about NDAA?  What about SOPA?  What about the Patriot Act?  What about the Dept.of Education?  What about reigning in the EPA?   What about the program to put 30,000 drones in American airspace to spy on the average citizen without a freaking warrant or even a reason?  What is he going to do about all of those crazy laws?  What is he going to do to reduce the size of government?  What is he going to do about our individual liberty and our freedom to just be free?  Probably nothing.  Do you people realize what you're doing?  You think you're going with the safest bet; the only one who can "beat Obama".  Well, newsflash - ANY of these goons will beat Obama!  We just need the better goon to do it and Romney is Obama-lite and nothing more.

Please, PLEASE, do this Tea Party girl and the rest of our country a favor - DO NO VOTE ROMNEY!  Please, please, please give freedom a chance.  Please vote for Ron Paul or Rick or Newt, just please do not vote for a lighter version of Obama.  Mitt doesn't even know anything about the constitution.    Please rethink your positions. I am begging you - no, I'm not ashamed to beg for my country - please do not vote for this RINO.  We are working so hard to get the RINOs and the establishment republicans out of our lives and we can't do that when you start supporting one for president.  Please also try to remember to conservatize (my own word, I made it up hehe) the House and Senate or we are really dead meat.  If Obama wins and the conservatives get control of both chambers of congress, then we may be able to stand a chance against him for another 4 years.  But if we don't and Obama wins again, will WILL become a communist country and may just be forever lost.  Try to explain THAT to your kids! 

~~God bless America, land that I love~~



  1. There is a reason the media gives props to Romney and his the quintessential RHINO which is why the R establishment wants him in.

    Question for you though: Since you're such a RP supporter why aren't you happy about this? Last week you seemed to be giddy about RP being Romney's runningmate and the prospect of Ron running Treasury. RP is in with the Rhinos and aiming to influence the nomination because (you have to admit it now) he has no chance to win the nomination himself.

    Perry's abrupt about face after announcing he was done was on purpose too...the Rhino's want to wean away possible Santorum voters so Romney will win.

    Where do the RP, Gingrich, etc voters go if they weren't in the race? Would it have be enough for Santorum to close the gap in Michigan?

    Regardless...I smell a rat. It's the Republican rhinos desperately trying to influence Romney's win and keep their power (and money). I'm not saying I want Santorum to win, I'm saying I believe there are behind the scene deals being cut to influence this nomination so that Romney will win it.

  2. The answer to your question is simple: I was not "giddy" (hehe) over the prospect of Romney being the nominee, I was giddy about the possibility that RP and his son Rand would be the closest thing to a constitutional government we would get just short of RP winning the nomination. I do NOT want to see Romney elected. I believe the media had a lot to do with the rumor of RP not attacking Mitt because MItt made a deal to ask Rand to be his VEEP. Rand already debunked that issue and explained what was really said and how the media ran with it and I believe him. RINOs have NO place in my heart - period! All of these guys, except Ron Paul, have been cutting deals and making "friends" and prommising big things if they help get them elected. The media and the establishment republicans are pushing this Romney thing as hard as they can and it's very sad to see this happening again this election cycle. I don't believe for a minute that Ron Paul made a deal with Mitt Romney especially after hearing a commercial that is being aired by the RP camp against all three of the other candidates. RP can't stand any of these guys so I find it hard to believe he would cozy up to either one of them.

  3. Why do you think Paul is still in the race?

    Do you think he thinks he has a chance to win the nomination at this point? If not, why do you think he's still in the race?

  4. He's still in the race because he's collecting delegates. you can win all the popular votes but if you don't have the delegates, you don't have anything. That and the fact that so many people are coming out in droves to see him and listen to what he says, it's a good thing to keep the message coming and to get more people, especially young people, involved in their government and more aware of their rights. He's doing the right thing by not letting the media or the voter fraud make him drop out. He's keeping himself out there as the most consistent, most conservative candidate we really have. He still has a chance and I think he's doing exactly what he should be doing. Same with Newt. He's not going anywhere because at this point the game can still change on a dime. Ron knows this, too, God love him!