Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Was on the Mark Levin Show tonight!

Yeah, bitchez!  You heard me, LOL.  I actually made it on the Mark Levin Show tonight.  I love that guy.  He's not much of a Ron Paul fan - AT ALL - but he was nice to me and I was thankful for that, lol.

He asked if some RP supporters would call in and tell him what they think of this whole alleged deal between RP and Mitt Romney.  He wants to know if we're happy with it or not.  So I called in.

I managed to do really well despite the fact my stomach was in my throat.  I simply told him that at first I was a little upset about the deal but the more I thought about it, the more I was ok with it.  I mean, if Rand were to be VP, he presides over Congress, he's the deciding vote, it would be a nice feeling knowing that there would be a constitutional conservative presiding over Congress so that our Constitution would be better respected and followed - hopefully!  The even better part is if they won the election and MR starts making his appointments, Ron Paul would, again hopefully, be appointed as Sec. of the Treasury and that's a double win to me.  No more of this printing more money bullshit!  No more spending ourselves into oblivion!  No more ignoring of the constitution and you KNOW Rand Paul would be pushing Congress to repeal NDAA, Obamacare, SOPA and all that other crazy Bills of Rights shredding laws they've passed.  We would definitely be much freer in my opinion. 

Now, I'm going off my memory, here, and was pretty excited so I don't remember word for word what we said to each other here is the closest I can come to remember it all:  Mark asks me "So you're a team player?" and I said "NO, I'm not a team player but I will do whatever it takes to get Obama OUT and if they won the nomination I would be ok with that."  Then he said "So you are a team player!" and I said "No, but sometimes you have to beat them at their own game in order to win and that's what we would be doing is beating them at their own game." He asks who is is "they" and I tell him the establishment.  So he talked a bit more about it and asked if Mitt Romney wins the nomination and does NOT pick either of the Pauls to be VP, would I still support Romney and I said "Yes, I would because I don't want Obama to win and I want him out as soon as possible.  He's a freak, he's got to go!"  And we agreed on that, LOL.

It was a great experience and you know, once I got going, I think I did pretty well getting my point across.  I'm not sure about public speaking, LOL, but this was fun and I'm glad I got to speak to The Great One.  Thank you, Mark!



  1. Omg I heard you but didn't hear him say it was a call from Ft Worth and 820. Way to go. I LOVE Mark Levin. I never imagined you listened to him especially since he crucifies RP. I was wondering what you thought about Rush, Sean and Mark making the links b/n RP and Romney today.

    I'm proud of you, that takes guts!

    I don't recall you plugging your blog but you should have!

  2. This is Jeff. I started to do a blog a few years ago but never did anything other than create an account. Lol

  3. Hey jeff!! Yeah it was me and I had so much fun with it. I just hope I didn't sound stupid. I love rush too but im not a big fan of hannity or Beck or mark davis. I feel like hannity and mark davis are more the regurgitative types that just repeat crap they hear or read. Rush and kevin have their own ideas and make their own shows. They don't feel the need to repeat the same thing over and over like hannity.

    Hey I love the name you chose. Its perfect for you. You should blog aboutyour adventures.

  4. I wish I had plugged it lol. Would love the exposure