Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hello, my wonderful political junkies!  Yeah, I know, it's been over a year since I have posted anything but today, that all changes!  I took a little time off after the 2014 elections where my candidate lost miserably, (stupid John Cornyn followers!) but we made considerable gains in other areas so it's ok!  I also found myself a hot boyfriend and wound up falling for the L word so that has also been time consuming.  :-)   And that's ok, too!  ;-)

Today's post is about the Mayoral, school board and city council seats that are up this month. Actually, what I am going to write about is THE most important race of all, and that is the Tarrant Regional Water District race.  Those up for re-election are:

Jim Lane, a rotten, corrupt, scumbag

 and Ms. Marty Leonard, another corrupt, unethical rubber-stamper!

Awww, doesn't Marty Leonard look so sweet in this picture?  She actually comes from a very well-known, well-connected family and I will say that her family has done a LOT of great things for the community, especially for run away kids and other at-risk yutes!  I do respect her for this reason, but that doesn't give her the right to decide whose home to steal, which congresswoman's son gets a director position or what land you get to purchase for personal use with public funds.

Jim Lane, on the other hand, well, he hasn't really done much except for being a lawyer and literally giving his friends millions of dollars.  Literally. GIVING. Friends. Money!  From US!  The taxpayer!  Here's what I blasted out to some of my precinct residents and also blasted out on my Facebook page.  For any of you living in Tarrant County reading this and can vote in this election, I implore you to read this before going to the polls.  Be aware that even though you DO pay for city water and the rates, you may NOT be allowed to vote in this election.  I know, crazy, right?  Anyway, see below and cheers to you all!

Early voting started Monday and Election Day is May 9th in Tarrant County!!!  Get out and vote but not before I share with you the most important election information you will need to arm yourself with before voting.   I just wanted to let you all in on what 's going on down at the Tarrant Regional Water District. .  I've been following this board for the last 3 or 4 years now and the corruption is just sickening.  I've been to public meetings and I have seen how Jim Lane works and he is horrible.  There are several board members there that need to be removed, Jim Lane being the #1 guy.  Let me tell you all a story about Jim Lane:

Jim Lane has a good buddy named Carl Bell.  Carl Bell owned the Cats and LaGrave Field.  Carl Bell wanted to sell his land for the development in the TRV ( Trinity River Vision ) project but couldn't find any buyers because the land was contaminated.  There was once a battery company on the property and another chemical company in the area.  Here is the appraisal:  The land was appraised at $12.6 million but because of the contamination, it was reduced to $9 million.  The TRWD agreed to purchase this land for $18 million and pay for the $20 million clean-up of the land.  Let's not forget that LaGrave Field was on a 100 year floodplain.  So, in essence, Jim Lane used his office and board position to help his friend not only sell his land but to sell it for DOUBLE the appraisal and then stuck the City of Fort Worth taxpayers with the $20 million dollar clean up bill.   Carl Bell made a $9 million dollar profit for contaminated land!

I have watched Jim Lane intimidate Mary Kelleher ( who recently won her board seat one year ago) as she asked pertinent questions about contracts, spending and other economic development projects which she has a right to do as a board member.  I actually watched him ask one of their TRWD lawyers about Mirandizing Ms. Kelleher and putting her in handcuffs.  This is the same Jim Lane, who is a lawyer, and knows damn well a lawyer cannot Mirandize anyone, that it must be a police officer that does it.  He did this solely to intimidate her to make her stop asking questions and challenging the board on their highly unethical practices.  It was nauseating.   I have also seen Vic Henderson try to have people thrown out of public meetings for disagreeing with board members.  He was unsuccessful!

You have probably been getting emails and phone calls and mailers from the current  TRWD members that are being challenged, talking about how the new candidates are being funding by a Dallas businessman, Monty Bennett.  Monty Bennett IS a Dallas businessman whose property is in danger of being taken through eminent domain by the TRWD for a water pipeline.  When Mr. Bennett told them he would not allow them to use his property, TRWD decided to take it by force.  Mr. Bennett wrote to the TRWD, called the TRWD and gave them an alternate plan/route for the pipeline that was not on his property that the TRWD could use just as easily but the TRWD never responded to him.  They don't answer phone calls or emails from property owners, they just take the property because representative Charlie Geren was able to pass a bill through the legislature that gave the TRWD the power to take land for "economic development" and that is what they do now.  They've taken over 300 properties from taxpayers through eminent domain and will develop them into urban housing and other special development projects they have lined up with "friends of the board".   Back to the mailers....they claim that Dallas businessman Monty Bennett wants power over our water but in all actuality, it's the incumbents, Marty Leonard and Jim Lane, who are being financed by big Dallas businessmen.  Here is a short list of recent contributors from Dallas ( Dallas holds a vested interest in the building of this pipeline, btw):

-Carl Sewell (Dallas) contributed $25K to Jim and Marty PAC
-Dallas based liquor distributor Barry Andrews ($10K)
-Billionaire/ Texas Rangers owner Ray Davis (Dallas) contributed $10K
-Dallas oil billionaire Ray Hunt gave Jim and Marty's PAC $10K
-Dallas Hunt heiress billionaire Lynda Hill donated $5K
-Dallasite Millege Hart III gave $5K
-Dallas oil billionaire Trevor Rees-Jones gave Jim and Marty (through the PAC) $10K
-Multi-billionaire Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton (Parker County) gave $25K
-Dallas-area billionaire Ross Perot Jr gave $25K

This is just the tip of the iceberg.   Looks like if you elect Jim and Marty, you WILL give control to Dallas-based billionaires!  They are being financed by many, many, other non-Tarrant based entities (WHY? It as nothing to do with other people that don't live in Tarrant County!)  It's all public record folks.  Look up their campaign contributions.  I'd like to link you to a lawsuit that the TRWD LOST.  It pertains to the fact that the TRWD was actively stealing Oklahoma's water.  That's what they do, they steal from everyone!  And who's at the head of this controversy?  Jim Lane!  Here's a link to that:  Tarrant Water District Loses Court Battle But Not Giving Up On Oklahoma Water

So let us go now to the Trinity River Vision Project - this is where the nepotism and cronyism really come into play, here.  Kay Granger who is friends with Betsy Price and Charlie Geren and the TRWD board felt that her family ought to get a piece of the pie.  She successfully brokered a deal with Jim Oliver, another TRWD board member and drinking buddy of JD Granger, for her son to be named the executive director of the TRV project when he had literally NO experience running any operation of that size.  Here is a story on that: The Victoria Advocate - Google News Archive Search  Read this, too:  FWWeekly: Feature: Posted: No Public.  So he makes $110,000.00 and the budget has gone from $400 million to over a billion dollars.  He has mismanaged those funds so badly and there hasn't been anything done except the Panther Island Pavilion ( what island??), a restaurant and a plan for three new bridges going....where, exactly?   In 2012, there was supposed to be an election held, ACCORDING TO ELECTION CODE, and there would have been 3 seats up for election; Vic Henderson,  Hal Sparks and Jack Stevens were all up for re-election but the heat was on them by the taxpayers that they were about to lose their seats so what did they do?  They voted to postpone the election for another year.  And they did it successfully.   For the next election that was supposed to be held in 2014, the board, again, postponed their own elections and a federal lawsuit was filed, which they lost.  Here is that lawsuit here:  Federal lawsuit filed over TRWD election.  During the summer of 2014, two new board members were supposed to be appointed to the board or the TRWD would have to have a special election.  They decided to appoint JD GRANGER as one of the interim board members.  How unethical is that?  To name the executive director of a TRWD project, a congresswoman's son, as a board member until the next election in 2015. 
The TRWD, for the second election cycle in a row ( that *I* know of) have waited until a month before elections to send out beautiful, glossy, expensive mailers to the residents, talking about all the wonderful things the board is doing for Fort Worth.  Remember, this happens right before elections, so basically, they are using taxpayer funds to send out these mailers, just before election time, which should be considered as campaigning because that is essentially what they are doing.  And using taxpayer money to do it with. 

People, there are so many other things that I could write about but in the interest of keeping it short and simple enough to keep your attention, I will go ahead and stop here.  You can google any of these facts, you can do your research and learn yourselves just how this board is negatively affecting our water and flood planning.  Being on residential watering restrictions while they build all of these new inner-city, urban developments for the "new college graduate" demographic and build fountains that waste water in Sundance Square.  

I have copied Mike Moncrief on this email as he dared to call me a liar when I brought up a candidate forum to my email list.  You're not going to call me a liar when this entire TRWD board is made up of nothing BUT liars!  I hope you will all vote for Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner for the open seats. 

MR. MONCRIEF - if you care to comment on any of my claims, which are all public record, and why you choose to support cronyism, deception and misuse of public funds for private means, please feel free to do so here and now!  I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about all of this!

Jennifer Frank
Concerned Citizen and Political Activist
North Texas Freedom Coalition