Sunday, April 29, 2012



One day, not long ago, I thought about the guys and gals in congress and about all the wonderful laws they were passing and all of the wonderful rights we were slowly being stripped of and I was trying to find a way to really hold these bastards accountable for their actions.  There HAS to be a way to get these people out of office if they violate their oath of office in any way, shape or form.  There HAS to be a way to hold the president and the other goons accountable other than the old "vote them out" routine that never seems to take care of the problem.

This was about the time Debra Medina was running for Governor of Texas, I'll get to that in a minute.  I was doing some research on a few people, Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Joe Barton, John Cornyn, Nancy Pelosi, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Olympia Snowe and some others that were pissing me off at the time and I was researching different ways that a citizen could literally march down to the House or Senate and perform a citizen's arrest for violating the Cconstitution and their oath of office to protect and defend it.  I did find an interesting bit of information  that according the 10th amendment, the states and citizens ALL have the right to recall an elected official if the state makes a law to do so.  This got me excited so I looked up which states have recall laws.  So far, only the following states have that law in their State Constitution:

Alaska,Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Lousiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

I nearly dropped dead when I saw that NEVADA and CALIFORNIA have recall laws and neither one of them have even had an attempt made by the citizens to recall Pelosi and Reid, not to mention that crazy bitch Barbara Boxer, but I specifically remember a veeeeeeeeery close race when Harry Reid was up for re-election.  He won by the skin of his teeth but I don't understand why the citizens haven't started a petition to remove his senile ass!  Do they even know they have this law?  Surely they would try to do something if they did, right?  And what about California?  I realize Nancy comes from San Franciso, the capital of Crazy, but from what I've been seeing coming from Californians, they should be trying to do the same thing and recall her.  Have you seen the crowds Ron Paul is attracting in Communist California?  It's quite astounding.  Anyway, at that point I got to looking at Texas recall laws and guess what?  I can't find a recall provision in the Texas Constitution anywhere.  The closest thing I found was in section 14:

Sec. 14.  PRIVILEGED FROM ARREST.  Senators and Representatives shall, except in cases of treason, felony, or breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during the session of the Legislature, and in going to and returning from the same

So basically this means that in the state of Texas, the citizens CAN have ANY member of the Texas Legislature removed or arrested for treason, committing a felony and/or breaching the peace.  Well, GD, that's half of the bozos down there!  So it says we can recall them but it doesn't say anything about NOT being able to recall a US House Rep or a US Senator from Texas.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  


I'm thinking we need to put a petition together, a resolution according to a new friend I've made at a campaign meeting,  that resolves the right by a citizen to make a citizen's arrest or recall of a sitting House Representative and/or United States Senator and use the model of the Montana Recall Law which states that any person holding a public office of the state or any of its political subdivisions, either by election or appointment, is subject to recall from office (I'm condensing the law here to make it easier on me and less boring for you) for physical or mental lack of fitness (there goes 90% of them), incompetence (and the other 10%), violation of the oath of office, official misconduct or conviction of a felony offense.  HOT DAMN that sound GREAT to me!   Montana is exercising their rights at this very moment to recall all the house and senate members that violated their oath of office by voting for NDAA and a few other things they blindly voted for without a thought to the people of this country!  I met Debra Medina once during a campaign stop and asked her if she supported a recall law in case we ever encountered the likes of our very own Nancy or Harry and she said "NO".  I nearly had a heart attack that she would say such a thing.  Now I know that she had been hounded by the media for the last 3 weeks trying to get a "gotcha" moment on her so I am hoping she was thinking this was one of those moments and just got flustered about it.  But she said that according the Texas constitution, yada yada yada, blahblahblah, it couldn't be done.  I didn't understand a single thing she said because she was so caught off guard and she didn't make a lick of sense.  I'm pretty sure she didn't quite understand it either as I was quickly brushed off.  I love Debra Medina and I hope to see her run again next time but she's going to have to get on board with the whole accountability thing.  This law would greatly strengthen the citizens of this great state and remind those we elect that we put you in office, we can damn sure yank you out of it and put your butt in jail if need be!  I am sick and tired of these morons violating our rights and crapping on our constitution becuase they think they are in charge and that there's nothing we can do about it until the next election, hoping that our short memories will keep them from being voted out.  Well, my memory isn't short and I'm gunning after the likes of Kay Granger, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Joe Barton, John Cornyn an David Dewhurst. And Rick Perry.  These are the people - except for Rick Perry and David Dewhurst-  that voted for TSA, TARP, NDAA and CISPA.  Joe Barton did not vote for CISPA because he says "it violated the constitution and the rights of the individual".  Really, Joe???  Where the ^&# were you when you voted for NDAA,  you lying scumbag?  See, mom?  I'm keeping it clean just for you and let me just say that was hard to do!  These people need to go and they need to go now.  It is my duty as an American citizen to try and get legislation passed so that we can pull them out and throw them in jail for their treasonous acts.

And since we are on the subject of liars, let me introduce you to Mrs. Bachmann, the one who campaigned on Constitutional values:  

Yep, folks, that's right!  Michelle Bachmann.  She just cast her vote to make CISPA into law.  The same woman that campaigned on following our great constitution and holding those accountable for how they voted.  The constitution means nothing to this woman and she's shown her ass to us all on this one.  I am really disappointed in her but not as disappointed as I was in my most FAVORITE Senator of all time:   

Yep!  Two weeks ago, Marco Rubio was going to be my next husband.  Then I found out he supported and voted for the NDAA bill.  The guy that talks about freedom and his father and how wonderful this country and our constitution is, voted to essentially remove our 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights in one fell swoop.  I am watching to see if he caves and votes for CISPA.  I am hoping that the reason he voted for it is because he doesn't know or understand our constitution or that the bill itself violated those rights.  Then again, he endorsed Mitt Romney.  Idiot!  IDIOT!  <whimper>  I'm so saaaaaaaaaaad!!  I LOVED this man.  Isn't he a dreamboat?  Unfortunately, he has either proven that he does not know what he's doing up there or that he has been bought by the establishment.  Maybe not "bought" but certainly turned by the establishment republicans that we unaffectionately call RINOs.  Sigh......sad.  Very sad.

So here's what I'm going to set my sights upon today:  I am going to try and contact Matt Kibbe from FreedomWorks and see if he can't help me make up some kind of internet petition to acquire enough signatures to put this recall law on the ballot and have it voted on.  You can't ignore the people forever and we are damn tired of being ignored.  If Matt Kibbe can't do it and you gentle readers out there know someone who can help with this, by all means, contact me and let me know.  I'd really like to get this started.

Thank you for reading and God bless you all!  :-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


You know, I can't believe I even have to read about this, let alone write about it.  I'm talking about our men and women in uniform that are risking their lives for absolutely NO reason whatsoever in Afghanistan and Iraq (not to mention Libya and Syria).  They are over there night and day, doing the bidding of our government under the guise of  "protecting our freedom".  They should be home.  Bin Laden is dead - there is no reason to stay.

These brave men and women are overseas every single day, following orders and the only time we EVER hear about anything that's going on over there is when something our troops do that is "bad" or "reprehensible".  Why is it we never hear about the good things our guys do - like save little kids from bombings or rescuing people out of collapsed buildings during a mortar fight?  Why is it we never see the images of the Afghan men, women and children who enjoy having the Americans there to help protect them from whatever it is they need to be protected from?  Our guys don't want to be over there fighting! They want to come home to their families.  Bin Laden is dead, isn't that Mission Accomplished?  Why are we still there?   

Now there is a new story out about a bunch of Marines who took a few pictures of some dead guys that were in the process of trying to blow up the Americans and some Afghan police officers.  The marines that took part in this are being villainized for really nothing.  The first picture, the one below, shows a picture of two marines and a dead militant that was being ID'd.  I don't see what the big deal is.  I mean, this militant 

was trying to kill our soldiers and other Afghan officers.  He was killed in the process and taken to the makeshift morgue.  Does anyone notice the American in the background?  He's missing a hand.  Doesn't it look like his hand is missing?  Gee, I wonder......I'm assuming he lost it in combat or they wouldn't have let him join the military.  Fighting one of these goobers, no doubt.  The goober lost - IT'S WAR!  This is NOTHING compared to what the militants do to our guys if one of them gets caught by their people.  This is just the least of what would happen.  So they put his dead hand on a guy's shoulder.  BIG WHOOPEEDO! They were being shot at!!  There there is this picture below:

Now....what is wrong with this picture?  I see a couple of legs, some Afghan officers and some American soldiers.  What does the caption say?  It says this picture is an Army division posing WITH Afghan police in a picture with the mangled corpse of a SUICIDE BOMBER.  Hello??!?!  Does anyone get it, yet?   For one thing, the Afghan cops are the ones holding up the idiot bomber's legs, not the soldiers.  Secondly, this is what those darn middle easterners do - they take pics of their trophies.  We've all seen them do it.  Lastly, let's not forget that the guy that blew himself up was in the process of setting up a roadside bomb so they could kill OUR men and women who were to be driving down the road that day.  Perhaps the same men in this picture.  Just think, if the idiot bomber hadn't blown himself up, another bunch of our guys could have been coming home in a coffin draped with the American Flag - Hell yes, they ought to be posing with this garbage!

It's bad enough that our men and women have been thrown into wars without proper ammunition, proper protective gear and instructions not to shoot unless absolutely necessary.  Our guys can barely use their weapons to protect themselves and when they finally have to, the media and our government act like it's all their fault and they never should have acted in the manner they did to save their own skin.  Our government is actually giving out medals to those who show "courageous RESTRAINT".  The enemy doesn't show any kind of courageous restraint against their enemies and certainly not against Americans.  Our tanks aren't strong enough to withstand a roadside bomb half the time and the ones that are, won't be sent to the troops because it costs too much.  Why send our troops if they aren't allowed to protect themselves???  If that were me, if I were a marine or in the Army or any branch of the military, and some dumbass blew himself to pieces, I would be the first one to take my picture with those mangled legs with a nice little caption that either said "karma - it's a bitch"  or "yeah, how did that one work for ya?".   After all, I was the target, right?  It's either him or me, right?  Well, I choose to protect me and partake in the victory dance if I'm the one left standing.  I think what's disgraceful is the way our media and government will think nothing of sending our kids into illegal wars and then shit all over them when they finally have to participate and kill the enemy.  What the hell are they supposed to do?  Just sit there and get shot?  Do you realize that when our people are caught by these Islamist Jihaddists, they cut their heads off while they're still alive?  Do we do shit like that?  No.  Once in a while, one of our guys snaps and murders a group of people for no reason other than war will make your brain melt.  The murder spree that ensues is never pretty and it's never excusable but you have to use your head and understand why that happens.  Look at the middle east - they are ALL crazy because that is all they do is fight.  They have always had war there and they always will.  Our people didn't grow up like that so all of this is just too much to handle, it's too horrible.  War is Hell.  It really, really is.

So before you go blaming the soldiers for stupid pictures like these, stop and think for a minute about what they have to witness and endure every single day:  No family, little protection, non-stop violence all around them, suicide bombers, roadside bombs, always having to look over your shoulder or be on your toes ready to take on the very worst at any moment.  They literally live on the edge....and it's all for nothing.  God bless these brave souls.

Thursday, April 12, 2012




Ann Romney never worked a day in her life?  Ann Romney never worked a day in her life??  Are you freaking kidding me??  I'm making this post in red because I am that mad!  RED HOT MAD!  Hilary Rosen, a top Obama White House advisor, actually went on television and tried to say that because Ann Romney never worked outside the home, she's never really worked a day in her life and has NO IDEA what it's like to be a part of the American economy just because she's wealthy!  Hey, Hilary, do you not call being a stay at home mom real work?   Let me tell you something, you warthog faced bafoon, being a stay at home is one of the toughest jobs a person can have - man or woman!  Can you imagine raising 5 boys?? Oh my God, SHOOT ME!  (not really, I love babies - I would have 5 if I could)  I mean, boys are stinky and loud and dirty and nasty and they fart and they have greasy hair and this is AFTER their bath!  They're foul, rambunctious, they fight, they hock up loogies and wipe boogers on their sisters ( I know this from experience with my own brothers)!  Do you know how much they eat?  They eat as if they've never had a meal!  Feeding 5 growing boys is the same as feeding a small country, for crying out loud, which means you have to have the money to do that.  Yes, she was lucky to have the resources she had but it's not like they went out and stole all their money, they  - YES, THEY, HILARY - worked for what they had and I'm sure they had to sacrifice even if it wasn't the kind of sacrifice the poorest people have had to do.  But to say she's never worked a day in her life?  Can I just get a meeting with you so I can personally kick your ass??  Raising kids is tough work no matter who you are or how priveleged you are.  She raised those kids on her own every day, while her husband went to work to earn a living - shame on her, right?  She didn't have a nanny.  She didn't have assistants, she raised them with her husband, in their home!  Hardest work there is!

Then I read another piece that has me raging mad:  Obama says that when their daughters were born, they didn't have the luxury of Michelle not working.  Can you fucking believe that??  Let me just say that when they had their kids Michelle had been out of school for 10 years.  You know what the starting salary for a Harvard Law graduate is?  About $115k per year.  Excuse me, Barack?  Are you saying y'all couldn't afford to have Michelle stay at home with the  $115k she had been making for the previous 10 years?  That there was no money that had been saved up?  You, yourself,  were pulling down quite the paycheck as a Harvard Law graduate in the state legislature with your $70,000 a year salary PLUS your earnings as an attorney!  According to your 2000 tax returns, you had a joint income of $212,000.00.  If Michelle didn't work during that time, you would have had to raise your kids on approximately $106,000.00 that year. You are a damn liar and you make me sick!  Do you really expect us to believe that she HAD to work becauseyou just couldn't afford for her not to?  UGH!  Here's a big, fat SCREW YOU - courtesy of me and Mr. Johnny Cash!

I just want you to know, Mr. Prez, that 15 years ago, when I was married, my husband made $36k a year and we had a house and 2 kids and I stayed home to take care of those kids.  HALF of what you made, pal!  Not only that, we had two cars.   I just want to shake him by his throat and ask him how the hell the Mrs. didn't have the "luxury" of being a stay at  home mom when he made approximately $100k a year?  I mean, WTF were you spending your money on?  It sure wasn't student loans because both of you had full scholarships!   I know your record shows you have a spending problem but if your family can't manage on one salary of $100k or even $70k a year, you got problems in your head and obviously lived way beyond your means.  Just as your spending OUR money way beyond OUR means.  HOW FREAKING DARE YOU PEOPLE!!! 

***UPDATE***  I seem to remember writing a piece on Michelle being involved in patient dumping in the 90's - a time when Michelle was on the Chicago hospital's board.....making over $300k a year, PART TIME!  Man, I wish I had found that double bird flip that I wanted to post originally!

I currently make a decent salary and I am so blessed to be able to take care of my kids the way I have but I don't make $70k a year  or $100k  and I still manage to have a pretty good life and give my kids what they need.  I don't need lobster dinners and I don't need to shop at Neiman's to feel good about myself.  I don't have the luxury of being a stay at home mom anymore and honestly, I was ready to go back to work when my daughter started Kindergarten. 

So the next time, HILARY ROSEN, you decide to open your mouth about something - think are little more carefully and choose your words a little more wisely.

And Obama, just shut the hell up already!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hell, yes, I was THERE!!!  WOOHOOOOO!!!!!  I have to say I have rarely been as excited as I was tonight!  This was, by far, the most wonderful speech I have ever heard tonight and the crowd was just as pumped as I was.  The thunderous roar of the crowd was unlike anything I've ever heard before - except for the football game at Texas Stadium or a playoff hockey game.  I mean this was serious stuff tonight.  lol.  I LOVED IT!  All the talk about liberty and individual rights and free society and ending the Federal Reserve was just greatness.  He talked about getting rid of the TSA, Patriot Act, NDAA, the IRS and the Dept of Education - just a slew of awesome ideas!  He makes me love my country even more.  What makes me sad is that if anything happened to him, who is going to take his place?  Who is going to spread this message of our rights and our freedom? And looky, here!  I made it in the Dallas Morning News!  Not too shabby, eh?  LOL!

As you all know, I've never been one to attend political rallies and this is probably my 4th or 5th in my lifetime.  But it didn't feel like a political rally - it was something much different.  It was an America Rally.  It was a Truth Rally.  A We the People Rally. :-)  I saw people from all backgrounds.  I was not only amazed at the at the size of the rally, I was truly inspired at the kinds of people there.  People from all walks of life:  whites, blacks, mexicans, east indians, pakistanis, trailer park, families and their kids, handicapped, middle class and rich people.  My favorite was my daughter.  :-)   It wasn't what media says it is; a bunch of white racists banding together to get rid of the black man in the White House.  It was all kinds of patriotic, America loving revolutionaries.  Fascinating!!  It was a great turnout and so much fun.  Here are a couple of pictures of the auditorium tonight.  Impressive!  

I tried to upload the video from my phone to my email so I could post it here but for some reason, it's not letting me compact or resize and I can't get it off the damn phone.  If I can do it tomorrow, I will post it in the blog for your enjoyment,  Anyway, I have always said that it's just a little weird to me how Romney and the others command an audience of a couple of hundred people and Ron Paul commands an audience of a couple of thousand, yet he's got 9% of the vote?  I don't think so.  Something in the water ain't clean!

I pretty much agree with everything he says.  We have bankrupted ourselves with these wars that were never legal, we have lost so many of our young men and women and for what?  Nothing.  The intent was good and I do believe we caught the man responsible and killed him so why are we still in Afghanistan?  Why did we ever jump into Iraq??  Oh yes, Bush wanted to finish what his daddy didn't.  My bad!  We should have left these places a long time ago.  Our men were never allowed to fully defend themselves anyway.  I have had it up to my eyeballs watching our men and women fighting a ghost.  I am sick of war.  We need to stop all of the Goddamned wars, bring our families home and try a different approach to getting the things we want or need from other countries.  And if we are ever attacked again, we should go in, fight the fight, FINISH the fight and get back home.  Go in, fight it and end it!!  Don't drag it on for 10 years and waste precious blood and treasure for something out government thinks is "the right thing to do".  "For the greater good" , of course.  I remember being a kid not understanding why everyone has to fight all the time.  There's too much fighting.  I know this is just so corny to say but damn, can't we give peace a chance?  RP brought up a good point about Cuba - we ended that standoff by simply communicating with them.  Both the US and Cuba ended up backing off the nukes and leaving each other alone.  They were smart back then - neither country wanted a nuclear holocaust.  Today, the government is beating on those war drums once again, this time in Iran's direction.  Lord have mercy!  I want to know from y'all if anyone really thinks Iran is going to nuke Israel.  Knowing that Isreal has 300 nukes and will no doubt strike them right back if Iran launches and also knowing that trading nukes will annihilate everyone, not just the enemy.  Are they really that stupid?  I just don't think they are.  Sorry.  LOL. I used to think so because I was listening to the media and the government hype about it.   Now, I'm not so sure.

Not only do we lose lives, we lose our money in war.  The wars we are in now cost us 780 BILLION dollars a year - A YEAR!  Someone at the rally said that's the entire military budge of all the countries in the world combined.  Enough to make me faint!  Again, for what?  Why are we fighting if the guy we were after is dead?  Isn't that mission accomplished?  Shouldn't we be pulling back so we can save a trillion dollars a year?  They don't want us there anyway!  GTFO!

Lastly, Ron Paul hits the nail on the head when he begins talking about entitlement mentality and what it does to a person and he's absolutely right:  "When people get dependent on government, they lose their self worth".  He's right.  They become helpless and depressed and don't see much reason for anything because they are not doing anything with themselves.

Who would want to sit around all day long and just wait for a check to come?  And it's not like it's a big check, either.  It's just enough to pay some bills, but enough to keep you down and out.  When we are allowed to keep the money we make, we are more able and more willing to help those less fortunate.  I argued with a total dipshit about this the other day on Facebook.  I get really tired of hearing about how this country doesn't want to help anyone whether it's health care or the homeless or whatever stupid thing they were talking about.  The people in this country have given more than any other country in the world.  We give to the WWF, we give to AIDS charities, we give to Africa charities, hell, Bush gave $350 billion dollars to the African AIDS thingie back in 2003 was it?  Mr. Bono didn't like Bush but he sure liked all that money he got out of him for his cause.  We gave to the Tsunami disaster victims, we give to people all over the world and the world knows how generous we have always been.  We give to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, babies, babies with defects, babies with no parents, people who have lost their jobs, their homes, fire victims, burn victims, domestic violence victims, old people, mentally ill people, people with all disabilities, etc. - we give to everything and everyone!  We gave millions and millions of dollars for Toys For Tots all over the country at Christmas - we actually triple our giving that time of year, why are we being called selfish or being made to think we're selfish?  I just don't get the mentality of our government lately.  It's disturbing.  Ron Paul says all that entitlement nonsense stops when he becomes president.  Abolish the 16th amendment and there goes the IRS!  Hey, I'm all for it!  Let me keep my full salary and I will donate to the military for our protection AND various charities around the country.  We always find a way to take care of each other in this country and we've done a pretty decent job considering what other countries do to themselves.  Did you know Japan has a Suicide Forest and people used to take their elderly family members in there to let them wander around til they die?  Yeah, we don't do that here.  We do our best to make sure our elderly are taken care of.  It's not a perfect system but it sure beats the hell out of the others.  We don't need the government stepping in from cradle to grave.  It makes us feel worthless as adult human beings.  

We lose our sense of self, we lose our self respect, we lose our happiness and we become sad and unable to cope with daily life when we have nothing to look forward to every day or have no way to work ourselves out of the life we've been "given".  That is not the country I know and love and it never has been.  We need to take this country back and get back to following the constitution.  Everyone needs and wants to work and those who don't want to can suffer the consequences.  It's not anyone's responsibility to carry someone else who is perfectly capable of providing for himself.

I am so glad I was there tonight.  Ron Paul is a fascinating man and the whole experience made me proud to be an American.  Seeing all of those young kids there tonight also gives me hope that the message of freedom and liberty and the Constitution are not lost on their generation and are coming back in full force.  Good luck to the government in trying to stop that train, LOL!    But I do have hope.  I have more hope now than I have in a while and I strongly urge everyone who reads this to watch the videos of his speeches.  Ron Paul is the REAL hope and change we should have gotten in 2008.   How can anyone even think of voting for these other clowns after hearing Ron Paul speak?  I will never understand some peoples' thinking, LOL.  Good night, bloggers.  God Bless America!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Tonight is a slow night for me.  Not slow as in there's nothing to write about, there is PLENTY to write about.  I'M the one that is slow.  I don't feel like getting into a big, long schpiel about this and that and how one person is a butthole and the other is the answer to our problems.  I'm just not into it tonight.  Tomorrow will be a different story as I AM GOING TO SEE RON PAUL AT THE WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL CENTER!!!!WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!  Omg, I cannot wait, it's going to be so cool!   But on a more serious note, I would like to give a shout out to Rick Santorum. Shifty has not been a very desirable candidate for me in this race and he's too quick to bypass the constitution for HIS agenda but I do want to say that I think he's an incredibly devoted father to his children and I sincerely wish and pray for the very best for him and his family.  I know his suspension of his candidacy is a real blow to him but he's doing it for sake of Bella and the rest of the Santorum clan.  I admire him for putting his family first.  My prayers are being sent, Shifty.  May all of your prayers be answered in the way you want.  I will also pray for the health of your Bella as we all hold our children a little closer tonight.

OKAY!  Back to our regularly scheduled programming, I just have to say, I can no longer listen to Sean Hannity, not even for 5 minutes.  I mean, sometimes, if there's nothing good on the radio music wise while I'm driving to pick up my kids, I'll have it on Hannity just for background noise.  Or sometimes I will have had the station on Rush at lunch and it's still on at 5.  Normally I just can't stand the way he talks over people and he doesn't let anyone speak if he doesn't like what they're saying.  Shows weakness if you ask me.  So today and every other &#^%! day for the last 8 days, there is nothing but Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman talk on Sean Hannity.  I am so SICK of listening to it.  BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH  yes we know, he got shot, the media blew it out of proportion and all involved need to be freaking fired for what they did.  It's just a freaking shameful (notice how I'm trying to clean up my language, mom?) thing the way the media have taken this story and turned it into a race thing.  From what I hear, even Trayvon's parents are worried at how people are behaving - namely the others in the black community that have been primed for a fight by the media and Al Sharpton and the new Black Panthers.  Lord have mercy, I heard a radio bit from a New Black Panthers dude and all they're calling for is blood and rioting and to kill Whitey.  It's sad that they have all played into the liberal's hands.  Calm the BLEEP down, y'all.  Geez!  Ugh! I told myself I wasn't going to waste any breath on this story and look what I did.  Back to my original plan....

I heard a clip today on Obama's speech about America needs to make a choice on which way it wants to go in the future.  SMH!  Choosing freedom over tyranny is a no-brainer to me.  I'm just sayin'. I read an article that was written by a former student that when he taught constitutional law at Harvard or wherever it was he taught, La-La-Land,  he basically concentrated on the 14th amendment which was to grant citizenship and protect the civil liberties of former slaves and prohibited states from infringing on their right to life, liberty and property and the right to due process and equal protection under the law.  How ironic.  The same man that spent so much time on that amendment yet doesn't bat an eye at signing the NDAA bill or insisting that American citizens be included in it.  There goes that amendment along with the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments.  Yes, I know I've already written about it but since it's a big fucking deal, I wrote about it again.  (Sorry, Mom)  How about I give you the bird, Obama, and you just shut up? 

What else......what else......Oh yes, Newt Gingrich told the press today that now that Shifty is out of the way, he is the ONLY conservative candidate left in this race.  Excuse me.  I seem to recall another man STILL IN THE RUNNING, you moron!  Yes, that is Ron Paul!  Why does he keep getting ignored and blacked out by the media??  It makes no sense.  Especially when you see pictures like this one taken today at Texas A&M University!!

Really??  3000 college students - ALL VOTING AGE -thank you, Lord!  None of the other guys draw a crowd like Ron Paul and it gives me great hope for the youth of this country.  When Obama campaigns, he NEVER talks about the constitution and what OUR rights are, only what the government should do for us and what THEY can do to us.  let me show you another one:
I cannot wait to be a part of a crowd like this tomorrow night.  I'm taking my 15 yr old daughter with me so she can hear it from THE MAN since she will never hear about it in school. 

Freedom is the answer, people.  Liberty is the way.  This country did not become the great country it is by being Europe and our decline began when we started with all the entitlements and experimenting with  a socialist/capitalist system.  It doesn't work, obviously.  Leave us alone and let US fix things as we always have before.  Just leave us the hell alone!  Chris Christie was right, today.  I can't stand Chris Christie as he is a RINO himself but he called it right today when he said that we are becoming a nation of whiny, lazy people who sit on the couch and wait for their government check.  It's pathetic.  We should be encouraging people to work for what they want - we always have before!  Did you know that if you make $49k a year or less, you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit and can get up to $5700 back from the IRS.  Excuse me??  Are they serious?  Man, I remember 7 years ago, i was making $40k a year and I was told that I didn't qualify for the EIC because I made too much money.  I had to make below $30k.  SEVEN years ago.  This government wants us to depend solely on them - screw that.  I'll depend on myself, thanks.  Please vote Ron Paul.  Pilsbury Dough Boy and Dimwitt Romney are not the answer to prosperity or freedom.  YOU are.  I am.  We the People are the answer.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oh, looky!  It looks like a huge media outlet has just been busted for editing an audio recording to make it seem as if Zimmerman targeted Trayvon because he was black.  No, I can't believe it!  Really?  Was it a major news network or just some cable-based network?  Wait for it....wait for was

Who'd have thought NBC would intentionally edit the audio recording of the 911 call Zimmerman made to the po-po to make it look like Zimmerman was targeting an innocent kid because he was black?  I am so glad they got caught and that it's actually making news around the country.  Maybe more people will wake up to the fact that the media is nothing more than a race baiting, divisive, liberal mouthpiece for the left wing freaks in D.C..  They do have an approval rating to match the congressional approval ratings - 19%.  This shit makes me so mad, I can't see straight!

The media has blown this Zimmerman/Trayvon thing completely out of proportion and have successfully stirred up racial unrest.  This was the intention the minute they heard about the death of Trayvon - a month after it happened!  I'm sorry but I'm sick of the racial bullshit in this country.  I was just telling a friend of mine the other day that 5 years ago we didn't have many racial issues happening anymore.  A few here and there but nothing like it used to be before the civil rights movement.  America seemed to have put all of that racial nonsense behind her and people were getting along better than ever with little animosity towards others.  More and more, everyone had become tolerant and inclusive and accepting of one another.  3 and a half years ago, when the first black president was elected BY A LANDSLIDE, I thought to myself what a wonderful thing to see this country elect it's first black president.  Not the guy I voted for but still, a monumental event that should have made everyone proud about how far we have come as a nation.  I was proud.  I really was.  I was very proud to see the country coming together the way they did for our first black president.  Only it didn't last very long.

The media and the liberal machine have decided that we are going to have a race war.  The MSM is in the back pockets of all democrats, especially Obama's.  You would think the media would want what's best for the country since they have to live in it, too, and report in a non-biased manner as they are supposed to.   I get so angry when the media jumps on a story without any fact checking and with nothing more than rumor, gossip and whatever's on the grapevine.  What happened to real reporting?  It sickens me that the moment someone disagrees with ideas or policies or anything at all that Obama does or wants to do, the media and the democrats immediately call them racist. 

If you disagree with the president, you are a racist
If you disagree with his policies, you're a racist
If you support a conservative, you're a racist
If you're a Tea Party member, you're a racist
If you live in Alabama or any southern state, you're a racist
If you don't want Obamacare, you're a racist
If you call our Obama on his lies, you're a racist
Race card - Race card - Race card - VOMIT!!!

So according to the media and liberal nutjobs, if we disagree with anything the president says or does, we are racist - even IF you have black friends and/or black family members.  But I also disagreed with Bush when he was president.  Why was I not called a racist then?  MILLIONS of people disagreed with Bush - even black people.  Where they called racist for it?  No.  They were not.  With the Zimmerman case, the media didn't even get the man's ethnicity right for 3 weeks.  They assumed that since he did not have a Hispanic sounding last name that he must be white.  Of course, because only a white man would shoot a black kid, right?  And what about Al Sharpton?  Calling for riots and violence in the streets?  Isn't that a form of terrorism?  Shouldn't he be arrested?  What about Spike Lee tweeting what he thought was Zimmerman's home address??  "Feel free to reach out and touch someone" he said.  He tweeted the address of an elderly couple that was too scared to leave their own home!!  Why wasn't he arrested?  Why didn't the media report on those things?  Thank GOD the former president of the NAACP has denounced Sharpton for his hateful, inciteful rhetoric and called him out for what he did.  These two men are disgraceful and just as guilty as the media BECAUSE of the media!  No one even bothered to find out what the investigation found, they just reported a bunch of incorrect information to incite violence and hate against whites and blacks.  I am pretty sure most people are on to them but everyone needs to know this is unacceptable and we won't tolerate it.  I hope that people of all races boycott the MSM and are just as sick of their behavior as I am.  Finally, more information is coming out and for the most part is finally being reported correctly.  I just want to tell people of all races:  don't listen to the crap coming from the MSM, don't buy it, don't believe it.  Do you own investigating and your own fact checking until you get the right information.  Don't fall for the race baiting, that's what they want.  They want us to take to the streets against each other - American against American.  Let's show them that we're onto them and that we aren't going to live in their bubble of hate.  Show them that no matter what they do or say, they will not divide us and that we will always be united.  Turn off the TV!  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and don't forget that we are all Americans and we are more powerful than they are!

Monday, April 2, 2012



Boy, oh boy, am I SICK of  this man.  I am so sick of him, I could vomit on my favorite running shoes - and that's saying A LOT!  Say hello to my least favorite person in the whole world; Barack Hussein Obama, Dictator of the United States.  Nothing applies to this man.  Not the rule of law, not the constitution, not even the Supreme Court of the United States.  He is the Almighty Ruler, the Supreme Being.  He is the Dictator! 
This man has broken so many of our constitutional laws I have lost count.  But this takes the cake.  Threatening the Supreme Court Justices?  Attempting to make the country think that these justices should have NO say in determining whether the laws passed by Congress are legal and constitutional should make even the least political person in the country give a great big side-eye to that remark.  Here is what he said today regarding the Supreme Court's more than likely decision to overturn the health care mandate.  Apparently, he's a little pissed off and wanted to make it known to the SCOTUS.  These are just excerpts:

"Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress," (1)
And I'd just remind conservative commentators that, for years, what we have heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism (2a), or a lack of judicial restraint, that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law," (2b)  "I think the justices should understand that in the absence of an individual mandate, you cannot have a mechanism to ensure that people with preexisting conditions can actually get health care (3a), so there's not only a economic element to this, and a legal element to this, but there's a human element to this (3b). And I hope that's not forgotten in this political debate."

Ok, so let's break this down from Obama-speak to normal-person-speak.  1: This law was not passed by a strong majority of congress, it was shoved literally right down our throats as 70% of the nation shit themselves!  There were so many backroom deals and waivers given on this thing, it was an unfair law that was passed so it would make things more "fair" for everyone who needed healthcare.  Oh, the irony!    It was doomed from the start. 2: He's right!  A HUGE problem are the judicial legislators that are APPOINTED by liberal and republican presidents for a reason - to do their bidding.  Why else did Odumbdumb appoint not only Sotomayor but also Elena Kegan (whom I still think is a man in drag - sorry) , his former Solicitor General who helped write the legal arguments for the health care law itself?  Did he seriously just make that comment? Oh no he di'int!  Oh, yes, he did!  ARGH!  And also is he really making a case against an "unelected" group of people ( the SCOTUS) striking down his law or any piece of legislation signed into law by the POTUS?  That "unelected" group of people are the Supreme Court Justices that were put in place BY THE CONSTITUTION to keep dipshits like Obama from passing unconstitutional laws that adversely affect this country and the people living in it.  That's their job, their one and only job.  To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.  Remember, people, that Constitution is all about LIMITED government, not limiting our rights and becoming slaves to the government.  Mr. Obama, please check your ego at the door - better yet, keep it going so we can kick you out of said door.  3:  That is a lie!  This man lies more than my ex-husband and if you know him, you'd agree, that's a bunch.  Seriously, you can get a health plan that WILL take you with a pre-existing condition but you will have to wait through a probationary period, usually 6-12 months before they will cover treatment for that condition.  Also, laws have been passed so that no insurance company can drop someone when they do get sick.  If he wants to get into legal elements, economic elements, we could sit here all day long and go back and forth on that, all of which would be devastatingly bad for America.  But to tell the Supremes they should pass this law because of a human element?  WTF??  And to pass it because "they should".  They should?  Under what premise?  I don't recall the Constitution having an amendment that calls for passing a bill based on human elements.  If you want to talk about the human element, let's talk about the fact that you told a woman her 100 year old grandmother would have to take a pill instead of getting the pace maker her doctors said she needed.  In other words, "take your pill and hope you don't have that heart attack your doctors are trying to prevent".  Barack H. Obama, M.D. says that's the way to go.  How's that for a human element?   Here is the video of the dictator taking his swipes at SCOTUS:

Personally, I would love to see healthcare become easier to afford.   But we all have access to it!  No one is ever turned down or denied access to the doctor in this country, just ask Mexico!  But I don't want to see my individual liberty be taken away in exchange for more affordable healthcare.  I don't want to HAVE to buy a $7-8000.00 annual policy when I only go for well visits and the occasional cold or something and then I pay out of pocket or pay it off monthly til the balance is zero.  That usually costs me about $600 a year.  I shouldn't have to pay $650 a month for that.  I pay my bills, damnit, and when I couldn't, I got a second job so I could.  It's all about personal responsibility, too.  I hold myself accountable for my health.  I eat right, I run, I life weights, I stay active.  I realize things happen out of our control but it's not the government's job to take care of me or provide me with anything other than a strong military to protect me from the boogey men.  REAL ones, not made up threats from the feds just to scare us into thinking we must go to war to protect "those that hate us for our freedom".

Back to the dictator.  This man seems to think he can strong arm anyone into doing his will.  Just because he's president!!  He thinks he can do anything he wants and with the lazy senate we have, he can.  No one will challenge him or stop him.  I would!  I would start impeachment proceedings so fast, their heads would spin and I would get the supporters, too.  I'm neat like that.  ;-)    What scares me the most is the president asking Americans that they need to make a choice:  keep America as it was and let capitalism kill the nation or remake it so that everyone gets the same fair shake ( I still laugh when I hear that).  He says capitalism didn't work back before FDR and that it didn't work for the last 10 years.  Funny - what about all those other decades?  You know, the ones where we flourished and thrived as a nation?  The ones where settlers came looking for a piece of freedom back in the 1800's?   The ones that made us the wealthiest and most powerful country on Earth?  I have to tell you, the last 10-20 years have NOT been capitalism, it's been an experiment with socialism and collectivism and you can see that IT DOES NOT WORK!  Look at what has happened.  This will only get worse the longer Obama is in office.  That also goes for Santorum, Romeny and Gingrich.  Ron Paul wouldn't do any of these things and he would only pass legislation that  follows the law of the Constitution.

I pray for this country every night and every morning.  And I pray that this man gets the hell out of my country!  Go back to Indonesia, Barack!  Go "fix" things there!  We've had enough of you here.

I realize this draft has not been spell-checked for fumbly fingers.  Most of you that know me I have very good grammar and spelling skills but I'm tired and I don't feel like  - oh never mind.  I'm too anal not to check it over.