Thursday, April 12, 2012




Ann Romney never worked a day in her life?  Ann Romney never worked a day in her life??  Are you freaking kidding me??  I'm making this post in red because I am that mad!  RED HOT MAD!  Hilary Rosen, a top Obama White House advisor, actually went on television and tried to say that because Ann Romney never worked outside the home, she's never really worked a day in her life and has NO IDEA what it's like to be a part of the American economy just because she's wealthy!  Hey, Hilary, do you not call being a stay at home mom real work?   Let me tell you something, you warthog faced bafoon, being a stay at home is one of the toughest jobs a person can have - man or woman!  Can you imagine raising 5 boys?? Oh my God, SHOOT ME!  (not really, I love babies - I would have 5 if I could)  I mean, boys are stinky and loud and dirty and nasty and they fart and they have greasy hair and this is AFTER their bath!  They're foul, rambunctious, they fight, they hock up loogies and wipe boogers on their sisters ( I know this from experience with my own brothers)!  Do you know how much they eat?  They eat as if they've never had a meal!  Feeding 5 growing boys is the same as feeding a small country, for crying out loud, which means you have to have the money to do that.  Yes, she was lucky to have the resources she had but it's not like they went out and stole all their money, they  - YES, THEY, HILARY - worked for what they had and I'm sure they had to sacrifice even if it wasn't the kind of sacrifice the poorest people have had to do.  But to say she's never worked a day in her life?  Can I just get a meeting with you so I can personally kick your ass??  Raising kids is tough work no matter who you are or how priveleged you are.  She raised those kids on her own every day, while her husband went to work to earn a living - shame on her, right?  She didn't have a nanny.  She didn't have assistants, she raised them with her husband, in their home!  Hardest work there is!

Then I read another piece that has me raging mad:  Obama says that when their daughters were born, they didn't have the luxury of Michelle not working.  Can you fucking believe that??  Let me just say that when they had their kids Michelle had been out of school for 10 years.  You know what the starting salary for a Harvard Law graduate is?  About $115k per year.  Excuse me, Barack?  Are you saying y'all couldn't afford to have Michelle stay at home with the  $115k she had been making for the previous 10 years?  That there was no money that had been saved up?  You, yourself,  were pulling down quite the paycheck as a Harvard Law graduate in the state legislature with your $70,000 a year salary PLUS your earnings as an attorney!  According to your 2000 tax returns, you had a joint income of $212,000.00.  If Michelle didn't work during that time, you would have had to raise your kids on approximately $106,000.00 that year. You are a damn liar and you make me sick!  Do you really expect us to believe that she HAD to work becauseyou just couldn't afford for her not to?  UGH!  Here's a big, fat SCREW YOU - courtesy of me and Mr. Johnny Cash!

I just want you to know, Mr. Prez, that 15 years ago, when I was married, my husband made $36k a year and we had a house and 2 kids and I stayed home to take care of those kids.  HALF of what you made, pal!  Not only that, we had two cars.   I just want to shake him by his throat and ask him how the hell the Mrs. didn't have the "luxury" of being a stay at  home mom when he made approximately $100k a year?  I mean, WTF were you spending your money on?  It sure wasn't student loans because both of you had full scholarships!   I know your record shows you have a spending problem but if your family can't manage on one salary of $100k or even $70k a year, you got problems in your head and obviously lived way beyond your means.  Just as your spending OUR money way beyond OUR means.  HOW FREAKING DARE YOU PEOPLE!!! 

***UPDATE***  I seem to remember writing a piece on Michelle being involved in patient dumping in the 90's - a time when Michelle was on the Chicago hospital's board.....making over $300k a year, PART TIME!  Man, I wish I had found that double bird flip that I wanted to post originally!

I currently make a decent salary and I am so blessed to be able to take care of my kids the way I have but I don't make $70k a year  or $100k  and I still manage to have a pretty good life and give my kids what they need.  I don't need lobster dinners and I don't need to shop at Neiman's to feel good about myself.  I don't have the luxury of being a stay at home mom anymore and honestly, I was ready to go back to work when my daughter started Kindergarten. 

So the next time, HILARY ROSEN, you decide to open your mouth about something - think are little more carefully and choose your words a little more wisely.

And Obama, just shut the hell up already!


  1. That lying bastage makes me sick.

    Just watch this to see what a bald two face liar this chump is:

    On a side note, dang, look how much he's aged in just 3.5 years. Wow!

  2. I couldnt even watch it all the way through!! Lay off my wife and kids but palin and her poor daughter are fair game, right? Hypocrites.

    Nice use of the johnny dangerously word "bastages". Lmao!

  3. Exactly.

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Glad you caught the reference. :)

  4. LOL that's one of my favorite lines and sayings too!


  5. Not only is it the toughest job, it's has to be one of the most important jobs. Yes, I believe a Mom should have her choice, to work outside the home?, or be a stay at home Mom? ....but just look at what has happened to our American society in the years since WWII as more and more Moms decided to work out side the home.
    First off, I don't blame them, it is a tuff job, to do it right. But as more and more American households started having this extra income, somehow our economy seems to have adjusted to it and a dual income is usually required to run one, (or somebody has to work 80hrs a week, almost).
    The trouble is, in too many cases, (not all) when you take this vital, tuff job, away from the household, it makes it more likely to raise future adults, that don't have a clue how to run a household/family. (PLEASE REMEMBER I SAID "NOT ALL", and "MORE LIKELY") ....and without some of these skills, these household/families, have a tuffer time surviving, and too many of them don't. Aaaaahhh, but what about this economy that has now adjusted to a dual income household? ....and now it's a single income, it's tuff.
    Forgive me, I don't mean to say it's all the fault of Moms who decided to work outside the home, NO NO NO, that's not what I'm saying, there are many career Moms that have done a perfect job. Also, many Moms today don't have the choice, and they wind up doing both, (God bless them). It's just that the job is more important, more vital, than most people can believe. We lost something when our hours with our Moms, were shortened. We lost something, when Moms hard vital work, was limited, and the American households, are not as strong, as a result. Sure Hilary, go ahead and say she has never worked, DUMB ASS!!!