Wednesday, April 18, 2012


You know, I can't believe I even have to read about this, let alone write about it.  I'm talking about our men and women in uniform that are risking their lives for absolutely NO reason whatsoever in Afghanistan and Iraq (not to mention Libya and Syria).  They are over there night and day, doing the bidding of our government under the guise of  "protecting our freedom".  They should be home.  Bin Laden is dead - there is no reason to stay.

These brave men and women are overseas every single day, following orders and the only time we EVER hear about anything that's going on over there is when something our troops do that is "bad" or "reprehensible".  Why is it we never hear about the good things our guys do - like save little kids from bombings or rescuing people out of collapsed buildings during a mortar fight?  Why is it we never see the images of the Afghan men, women and children who enjoy having the Americans there to help protect them from whatever it is they need to be protected from?  Our guys don't want to be over there fighting! They want to come home to their families.  Bin Laden is dead, isn't that Mission Accomplished?  Why are we still there?   

Now there is a new story out about a bunch of Marines who took a few pictures of some dead guys that were in the process of trying to blow up the Americans and some Afghan police officers.  The marines that took part in this are being villainized for really nothing.  The first picture, the one below, shows a picture of two marines and a dead militant that was being ID'd.  I don't see what the big deal is.  I mean, this militant 

was trying to kill our soldiers and other Afghan officers.  He was killed in the process and taken to the makeshift morgue.  Does anyone notice the American in the background?  He's missing a hand.  Doesn't it look like his hand is missing?  Gee, I wonder......I'm assuming he lost it in combat or they wouldn't have let him join the military.  Fighting one of these goobers, no doubt.  The goober lost - IT'S WAR!  This is NOTHING compared to what the militants do to our guys if one of them gets caught by their people.  This is just the least of what would happen.  So they put his dead hand on a guy's shoulder.  BIG WHOOPEEDO! They were being shot at!!  There there is this picture below:

Now....what is wrong with this picture?  I see a couple of legs, some Afghan officers and some American soldiers.  What does the caption say?  It says this picture is an Army division posing WITH Afghan police in a picture with the mangled corpse of a SUICIDE BOMBER.  Hello??!?!  Does anyone get it, yet?   For one thing, the Afghan cops are the ones holding up the idiot bomber's legs, not the soldiers.  Secondly, this is what those darn middle easterners do - they take pics of their trophies.  We've all seen them do it.  Lastly, let's not forget that the guy that blew himself up was in the process of setting up a roadside bomb so they could kill OUR men and women who were to be driving down the road that day.  Perhaps the same men in this picture.  Just think, if the idiot bomber hadn't blown himself up, another bunch of our guys could have been coming home in a coffin draped with the American Flag - Hell yes, they ought to be posing with this garbage!

It's bad enough that our men and women have been thrown into wars without proper ammunition, proper protective gear and instructions not to shoot unless absolutely necessary.  Our guys can barely use their weapons to protect themselves and when they finally have to, the media and our government act like it's all their fault and they never should have acted in the manner they did to save their own skin.  Our government is actually giving out medals to those who show "courageous RESTRAINT".  The enemy doesn't show any kind of courageous restraint against their enemies and certainly not against Americans.  Our tanks aren't strong enough to withstand a roadside bomb half the time and the ones that are, won't be sent to the troops because it costs too much.  Why send our troops if they aren't allowed to protect themselves???  If that were me, if I were a marine or in the Army or any branch of the military, and some dumbass blew himself to pieces, I would be the first one to take my picture with those mangled legs with a nice little caption that either said "karma - it's a bitch"  or "yeah, how did that one work for ya?".   After all, I was the target, right?  It's either him or me, right?  Well, I choose to protect me and partake in the victory dance if I'm the one left standing.  I think what's disgraceful is the way our media and government will think nothing of sending our kids into illegal wars and then shit all over them when they finally have to participate and kill the enemy.  What the hell are they supposed to do?  Just sit there and get shot?  Do you realize that when our people are caught by these Islamist Jihaddists, they cut their heads off while they're still alive?  Do we do shit like that?  No.  Once in a while, one of our guys snaps and murders a group of people for no reason other than war will make your brain melt.  The murder spree that ensues is never pretty and it's never excusable but you have to use your head and understand why that happens.  Look at the middle east - they are ALL crazy because that is all they do is fight.  They have always had war there and they always will.  Our people didn't grow up like that so all of this is just too much to handle, it's too horrible.  War is Hell.  It really, really is.

So before you go blaming the soldiers for stupid pictures like these, stop and think for a minute about what they have to witness and endure every single day:  No family, little protection, non-stop violence all around them, suicide bombers, roadside bombs, always having to look over your shoulder or be on your toes ready to take on the very worst at any moment.  They literally live on the edge....and it's all for nothing.  God bless these brave souls.


  1. I don't fault them. Alot of it is a coping mechanism. I have friends that are firemen, policemen, and paramedics and they have had to learn ways to take what they see, lightheartedly. It's how they cope with it. And yes, combat can really mess with a soldiers head. GOD BLESS THEM AND BRING THEM HOME, soon.
    These wars and that whole mess is puzzling to know what to do. Shortly after 9/11, all these stickers an shirts said, "9/11, never forget", and at first glance, I Thot all I want to do is forget that dreadful day. But then I wondered about the day when people would question why we are there, and that's why it was suggested we never forget. Many people, (I remember), Thot we were taking too long to attack. Too bad we couldn't have gone in, quickly do what we could have, should have and needed to do and then get the hel out of there. We have been there too damn long now.
    As far as Iraq, Clinton should have attacked Iraq when Saddam threw the UN inspectors out of his weapons plants, in the mid nineties. I do not agree with W's timing on attacking Iraq. Should have been done much earlier. Part of the cease fire to end Desert Storm, was Saddam allowing these UN inspectors in, so when he threw them out shortly after Clinton took office, we should have felt with it then.
    I believe we wouldn't have gotten into either of these wars, had it not been for 9/11. I don't recall in any of W's campaign speeches, him talking about going to war with them. I just wish, like others, we could have gone in, took care of business, and already be done with them It is SAD,

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  3. I disagree. We should never be at war unless we are attacked and the declaration of war has been made and voted on by the congress. Period.

  4. In lIght of the mess it has turned into, I wish we would have never gone to war with Iraq. Something had to be done about 9/11. Osama tried to blow up the WTC in 93 and we did nothing about it. Was our non action respected?, no it was not and the same bastards came up with a successful plan to reattack us. But I don't agree with the way our war with Afghanistan has gone. I just wish there was another way, but what? That's why it's puzzling to me, to know what to do. I still have that old hunch of mine that says in time, these people will solve their own problems, thanks to advances in communication.

  5. We went to Iraq because Bush wanted to finish what his daddy didn't. Afghanistan was where we should have concentrated our efforts more. But we should have left Afghanistan when we couldn't find OBL and when we did find him, just use the SEALs like we did when we found him in Pakistan. Go in, FINISH it and go home. Done.

  6. THAT, (Seals), is one of the "better ways" I wondered about. Perfect! Don't mess with us!!! But as far as W finishing what his Daddy started, ....well, that's NOT what they said on the evening NEWS, LOL