Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hell, yes, I was THERE!!!  WOOHOOOOO!!!!!  I have to say I have rarely been as excited as I was tonight!  This was, by far, the most wonderful speech I have ever heard tonight and the crowd was just as pumped as I was.  The thunderous roar of the crowd was unlike anything I've ever heard before - except for the football game at Texas Stadium or a playoff hockey game.  I mean this was serious stuff tonight.  lol.  I LOVED IT!  All the talk about liberty and individual rights and free society and ending the Federal Reserve was just greatness.  He talked about getting rid of the TSA, Patriot Act, NDAA, the IRS and the Dept of Education - just a slew of awesome ideas!  He makes me love my country even more.  What makes me sad is that if anything happened to him, who is going to take his place?  Who is going to spread this message of our rights and our freedom? And looky, here!  I made it in the Dallas Morning News!  Not too shabby, eh?  LOL!

As you all know, I've never been one to attend political rallies and this is probably my 4th or 5th in my lifetime.  But it didn't feel like a political rally - it was something much different.  It was an America Rally.  It was a Truth Rally.  A We the People Rally. :-)  I saw people from all backgrounds.  I was not only amazed at the at the size of the rally, I was truly inspired at the kinds of people there.  People from all walks of life:  whites, blacks, mexicans, east indians, pakistanis, trailer park, families and their kids, handicapped, middle class and rich people.  My favorite was my daughter.  :-)   It wasn't what media says it is; a bunch of white racists banding together to get rid of the black man in the White House.  It was all kinds of patriotic, America loving revolutionaries.  Fascinating!!  It was a great turnout and so much fun.  Here are a couple of pictures of the auditorium tonight.  Impressive!  

I tried to upload the video from my phone to my email so I could post it here but for some reason, it's not letting me compact or resize and I can't get it off the damn phone.  If I can do it tomorrow, I will post it in the blog for your enjoyment,  Anyway, I have always said that it's just a little weird to me how Romney and the others command an audience of a couple of hundred people and Ron Paul commands an audience of a couple of thousand, yet he's got 9% of the vote?  I don't think so.  Something in the water ain't clean!

I pretty much agree with everything he says.  We have bankrupted ourselves with these wars that were never legal, we have lost so many of our young men and women and for what?  Nothing.  The intent was good and I do believe we caught the man responsible and killed him so why are we still in Afghanistan?  Why did we ever jump into Iraq??  Oh yes, Bush wanted to finish what his daddy didn't.  My bad!  We should have left these places a long time ago.  Our men were never allowed to fully defend themselves anyway.  I have had it up to my eyeballs watching our men and women fighting a ghost.  I am sick of war.  We need to stop all of the Goddamned wars, bring our families home and try a different approach to getting the things we want or need from other countries.  And if we are ever attacked again, we should go in, fight the fight, FINISH the fight and get back home.  Go in, fight it and end it!!  Don't drag it on for 10 years and waste precious blood and treasure for something out government thinks is "the right thing to do".  "For the greater good" , of course.  I remember being a kid not understanding why everyone has to fight all the time.  There's too much fighting.  I know this is just so corny to say but damn, can't we give peace a chance?  RP brought up a good point about Cuba - we ended that standoff by simply communicating with them.  Both the US and Cuba ended up backing off the nukes and leaving each other alone.  They were smart back then - neither country wanted a nuclear holocaust.  Today, the government is beating on those war drums once again, this time in Iran's direction.  Lord have mercy!  I want to know from y'all if anyone really thinks Iran is going to nuke Israel.  Knowing that Isreal has 300 nukes and will no doubt strike them right back if Iran launches and also knowing that trading nukes will annihilate everyone, not just the enemy.  Are they really that stupid?  I just don't think they are.  Sorry.  LOL. I used to think so because I was listening to the media and the government hype about it.   Now, I'm not so sure.

Not only do we lose lives, we lose our money in war.  The wars we are in now cost us 780 BILLION dollars a year - A YEAR!  Someone at the rally said that's the entire military budge of all the countries in the world combined.  Enough to make me faint!  Again, for what?  Why are we fighting if the guy we were after is dead?  Isn't that mission accomplished?  Shouldn't we be pulling back so we can save a trillion dollars a year?  They don't want us there anyway!  GTFO!

Lastly, Ron Paul hits the nail on the head when he begins talking about entitlement mentality and what it does to a person and he's absolutely right:  "When people get dependent on government, they lose their self worth".  He's right.  They become helpless and depressed and don't see much reason for anything because they are not doing anything with themselves.

Who would want to sit around all day long and just wait for a check to come?  And it's not like it's a big check, either.  It's just enough to pay some bills, but enough to keep you down and out.  When we are allowed to keep the money we make, we are more able and more willing to help those less fortunate.  I argued with a total dipshit about this the other day on Facebook.  I get really tired of hearing about how this country doesn't want to help anyone whether it's health care or the homeless or whatever stupid thing they were talking about.  The people in this country have given more than any other country in the world.  We give to the WWF, we give to AIDS charities, we give to Africa charities, hell, Bush gave $350 billion dollars to the African AIDS thingie back in 2003 was it?  Mr. Bono didn't like Bush but he sure liked all that money he got out of him for his cause.  We gave to the Tsunami disaster victims, we give to people all over the world and the world knows how generous we have always been.  We give to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, babies, babies with defects, babies with no parents, people who have lost their jobs, their homes, fire victims, burn victims, domestic violence victims, old people, mentally ill people, people with all disabilities, etc. - we give to everything and everyone!  We gave millions and millions of dollars for Toys For Tots all over the country at Christmas - we actually triple our giving that time of year, why are we being called selfish or being made to think we're selfish?  I just don't get the mentality of our government lately.  It's disturbing.  Ron Paul says all that entitlement nonsense stops when he becomes president.  Abolish the 16th amendment and there goes the IRS!  Hey, I'm all for it!  Let me keep my full salary and I will donate to the military for our protection AND various charities around the country.  We always find a way to take care of each other in this country and we've done a pretty decent job considering what other countries do to themselves.  Did you know Japan has a Suicide Forest and people used to take their elderly family members in there to let them wander around til they die?  Yeah, we don't do that here.  We do our best to make sure our elderly are taken care of.  It's not a perfect system but it sure beats the hell out of the others.  We don't need the government stepping in from cradle to grave.  It makes us feel worthless as adult human beings.  

We lose our sense of self, we lose our self respect, we lose our happiness and we become sad and unable to cope with daily life when we have nothing to look forward to every day or have no way to work ourselves out of the life we've been "given".  That is not the country I know and love and it never has been.  We need to take this country back and get back to following the constitution.  Everyone needs and wants to work and those who don't want to can suffer the consequences.  It's not anyone's responsibility to carry someone else who is perfectly capable of providing for himself.

I am so glad I was there tonight.  Ron Paul is a fascinating man and the whole experience made me proud to be an American.  Seeing all of those young kids there tonight also gives me hope that the message of freedom and liberty and the Constitution are not lost on their generation and are coming back in full force.  Good luck to the government in trying to stop that train, LOL!    But I do have hope.  I have more hope now than I have in a while and I strongly urge everyone who reads this to watch the videos of his speeches.  Ron Paul is the REAL hope and change we should have gotten in 2008.   How can anyone even think of voting for these other clowns after hearing Ron Paul speak?  I will never understand some peoples' thinking, LOL.  Good night, bloggers.  God Bless America!


  1. I loved it because I live it. I hope he can get enough support from both houses to make some of the great changes he spoke about. If nothing else, I hope the Lobby puppets that are elected, can see this movement and take it into consideration.
    I wrote a long msg on hear earlier, but before I published it, it went away, ugh

  2. On "Trying a different approach" instead of wars, I don't know where I get some of my insight, but back in 1984, my strict no BS, hard ass gov. Teacher asked us to right a paper on Russia threat to us and what we should do about it. I wrote my paper about how I believed that advances in communication would allow Russia to see our freedoms and soon would end this threat. A one of a kind paper for the class back in those days, but that gov teacher never looked at this wild ass freak the same again. 5 years later, that threat went away, and I'd like to think advances in communication had something to do with it.
    Look at how far communication has come since. Look at supressed people in these messed up countries, starting revolutions all by themselves on the net. I'm glad we now have things like YouTube and fb, for folks in other countries to more readily see these freedoms. IM GLAD TO MAKE AND PUT SOME VIDEOS OUT THERE, THAT SHOW AN AMERICAN ENJOYING THESE FREEDOMS, even driving that wild looking, Americon iconic 57chevy is part of the deal. I'm glad to have so many viewers from all around the world, watching my show. And the positive feedback from these people, even some in Afgahnistan, is PRICELESS.
    Yeah, I LIVE IT, and YEAH, I often think about tthat HS paper, and YES, I LIKE RP!!!!

  3. ...But, just let these advances IN communication allow other countries to straighten out themselves, instead of wars, that make us look bad, because of these same advances. That's my, "different approach"

  4. A, you know I did - the question is, what did you think?