Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Thoughts on Random Happenings

Let me just start this with a message to Trayvon Martin's mom and dad:  I am truly sorry for your loss.  No one should ever have to bury a child.  As a mother, I cannot imagine your pain.  I pray that God will bless you and give the strength to carry on the best you can.

This truly is a sad story all around.  Two people have lost their lives and all for what?  Nothing.  I don't want to get into a racially divided story about this because I don't believe this was a racial crime now that the facts are starting to trickle out about what happened.  See, this is the problem I have with the media:  they blow everything out of proportion when they use their biased reporting.  They are the ones responsible for turning this into a white/black thing when the accused murderer is a hispanic male.  Way to do your homework, MEDIA!  Just because the man doesn't have a hispanic last name and a black kid was shot to death, well, he must have been white!  WONG!  I don't think Trayvon himself is really responsible for what happened.  I think he saw a guy following him that he didn't know.  I think that when Zimmerman confronted him and was suspicious of him for no reason, it scared Trayvon and he may have been scared for his life.  Wouldn't you have been scared if someone came from out of nowhere and got in your face while you walked home in the dark?  I would have.  I think Travon felt he had better defend himself from this stranger because he didn't know what the stranger planned to do.  I think that Zimmerman got his ass kicked and it caught him off guard and instead of fighting hand to hand like a man, he pulled his gun on the unarmed kid.  Zimmerman may have thought Trayvon  was armed,  too, but he was busy getting his head bashed into the street.  Something Trayvon was well within his rights to do.  What did Zimmerman expect would happen?  This is just what I think.  I don't think it's a racial issue, I think it was an idiot, vigilante issue.  I also think that for the media to blow this thing up before all the facts were made available to the public and to make people think this was racially motivated is another ploy for them to divide this country even more.  I think every media outlet that has tried and judged Zimmerman before the police and the courts could is despicable.  Are we not innocent until proven guilty?  All of the celebs like Kanye and Diddy and Spike Lee (DH of the world and racist himself) have all been guilty of assuming Zimmerman killed this kid because he was black.  Nope.  Here's a thought: let the police do their work and their fact finding and let's hear from the witnesses that were actually there and saw what happened instead of intimidating them and making them hide in fear for their lives.  The truth shall set you free.....  I'm not saying Zimmerman isn't guilty, he should have just let the kid go and let the cops take care of it instead of taking matters into his own hands.  But if everyone truly wants justice then let the cops, the investigators and the courts figure it out - not the court of public opinion!

On another issue, Shifty Rick Santorum!!!  Bravo for calling bullshit as it falls to the ground via the New York Times!  I am not a fan of Shifty Rick, actually, I cannot stand him and his superiority complex he seems to have.  I am not a fan of being talked to like a child and I am not a fan of his condescension.  OY!  But, I have to say, that when he told the NYT reporter that if he printed the bullshit he tried to pin on him regarding his statement about Romney being the worst conservative in the world to go up against Obamacare ( the NYT reporter tried to say that Shifty said Romney was the worst conservative in the world - period) then that was BULLSHIT!  Good for you, Rick!     See?  I wrote about this very thing the other day, about media being a bunch of liars and assholes, didn't I?  Everytime I see a candidate call them on their bullshit, I get all giddy, LOL.  I can feel a thrill going up my leg!  Get it?  LOL!   Yes, it makes me happy.  But if it were me and I would have been the one calling BS, I wouldn't have stopped there.  I would have reminded them that this is why their publication has gone from roughly 130 pages (up until the late 90's) to about 60 pages because they can't write in an unbiased manner and therefore it has become a liberal hack magazine that no one wants and that no one wants to advertise in.  There are only so many stories for liberals to twist - about 60 pages worth, LOL!  Then I would have taken said publication and shoved it right up the reporter's butt!  Yeah, I would.  :-)   Man, that would make me happy!

The Supreme Court had their second day of oral arguments today on the Obamacare law.  I have to say that so far, I am really excited about how it's going.  I'm not quite ready to jump for joy before the ruling but so far it looks bad for Odumbdumb and good for We The People!  Even Sotomayor may be leaning towards a no on this.  The one person - ok make that two people - that I would like to see recuse themselves on the basis that one is an inept old bat and the other was the solicitor general for Obama who helped craft the arguments for the healthcare law.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the old bat, does not deserve to hear any arguments let alone decide any arguments after the comments she made in Egypt about our own constitution.  She directed the government in Egypt to NOT use our constitution as a road map because it was an old piece of paper that didn't do enough for social justice and was full of racial inequality, blahblahblah - I am paraphrasing but that's the gist of it.  I wish there was a way to remove a justice who is so blatantly against the very constitution she swore to uphold and defend.  Stupid old bitch!  ARGH!  Anyway, my hopes are up that they will strike this down or else in about 5 years they're going to mandate I start eating tofu.  And I'll be damned if I'm going to eat that nasty crap. 

Oh! Oh!  Here's something else that I thought was just awesome!  Rand Paul filed a brief today with the Supreme Court to strike down not only the health care law but also to strike down a 1942 precedent that allows the federal government to abuse their powers under the commerce clause, which has been used by both parties to pass unconstitutional laws.  I know what I'm about to say is going to sound really ridiculous but one example of how freaking STUPID these people are is Joe Barton's( R- Texas)  passing of a law that had to do with regulating COLLEGE FOOTBALL under the commerce clause.  He thinks it should be illegal for college ball to have a championship game unless it's derived from the playoff system.  Really, Joe?  THIS is what we're paying you to do?  Regulate college ball?  Why not do something meaningful?  LIKE GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HOUSE!   Seriously, claiming all rights to regulate under the commerce clause is tyranny and we need to do away with the whole thing because of the overreaching by both parties to regulate every aspect of our lives.  Good for you, Rand!  You rock, dude!

Not much else going on today......my Pickled Power juice is being picked up by Wal Mart stores so that's exciting.  Same with my Extreme Hotz and Extreme Sour pickles.  It's been a boon, y'all!


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I put this on my Facebook - shared it from FreedomWorks, Matt Kibbe's group.  How can anyone NOT want to give this a try?  We wouldn't be any worse off if it didn't work and the debt and deficits would be faced head on, we would have economic growth, lower taxes, less government and more FREEDOM!!!  If Rand Paul jumped into this race with Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan as VP, they would win this election hands down and we could have our country back!

Sorry, it's so big but I wanted everyone to be able to read what the chart is saying.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lying Game - When Elected Officials Should Listen Up

Finally, I'm back!  I have been sick with the flu for 8 days so I haven't even tried to attempt to make a new post that is coherent enough to follow - or bother with.  My son and I were both sick at the same time and then my daughter gets tonsilitis!  Whatthehell?  All I can say is thank GOD that shit's over with.  Now if I could just get rid of the cough, I'll be ok.  I sound like a congested seal every time I get excited or laugh.  My daughter says I sound like an old man.  I told her she sounds like an annoying goose.  ;-)  Kidding.

Earlier today, I had an interesting conversation with a -ahem- liberal(who turns out to be a really nice guy, btw) and I thought it would make an excellent subject for tonight's long awaited blog.  heehee.  We talked about the Wendy Davis issue that happened today.  Wendy Davis is the District 10 Texas State Representative and she is a democrat.  Ms. Davis is nice but she's a liberal and just doesn't get it most of the time.  She does listen to her constituents but her constituents are liberal and mostly depend on her to get free government stuff.  If I am wrong, please feel free to post your comment below.  Anyway, this morning her office was fire-bombed by some crazy ex-teacher that lost his mind a few years ago.  At least that is what they are claiming he is. Remember that muslim army major in Fort Hood, Nidal Malik Hassan, that opened fire on his troops?  The media and the White House downplayed that and called it "workplace violence" instead of a terrorist attack even after reports said he shouted Allahu Akbar or what the heck ever it is they say, and finding out that he was in contact with Anwar Alaqui, a radical imam, a known terrorist, wanted by the US.  As far as I know, postal workers don't say Allahu Akbar when they go postal, do they? Workplace violence - give me a break.  They lie.  THEY LIE!  Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist and, frankly, I can't stand people who are, but with the media's lying ways and they lying ways of press secretaries and so forth, you just can't believe anything the media puts out there anymore.  I posted on Facebook that in my opinion, these elected officials better start listening to The People and taking us more seriously or more acts of violence should be expected.  I also stated that I AM NO ADVOCATE OF VIOLENCE but this is the kind of thing that happens when government starts infringing on  the rights of its citizens and is a threat to their way of life, their liberty and their freedom. One in the same, I know.  But I surely don't expect this stuff to stop any time soon and I fear that it's going to get much worse and more frequent that our elected officials are going to be targeted.  Someone brought up the fact that there are other ways for us to take care of these officials and it's called "voting".  Ok, sure, we can vote these suckers out but with every new one that's been voted in they have also lied to their constituents about who they are and what their real intentions are.  There are only so many times you can vote someone out before you realize they are mostly all in it together.  They become Washingtonized when they get there if they didn't already have the intent before.  

This person that I was going back and forth with posed an interesting question in response to my saying that this kind of thing is bound to happen when elected officials "go rouge":  "The People" have the right to elect whomever they choose, and they do so. When "The People" don't like them and vote them out of office, that *does* work -- they are out. So, if someone is disgruntled with an elected official, to whom should his/her ire be directed, the official or "The People"?  Then he went on to point out that both The People and the elected ones are both to blame for the outcome of the elected person's actions.  He also stated that some of these elected persons are chosen to represent the wants and desires of their constituent base and are truly doing so.  Thus, we cannot direct our anger at an elected person who is simply acting according to his constituent base's desires.  Let me just point out a few things I have a problem with on that.  Pull up a chair:

First - I'm not an idiot - I know there are very liberal people that vote in very liberal officials because they want a very liberal government to do very liberal things.  And that's fine as long as it follows the constitutional guidelines.  I believe you can meet some of the needs of your constituents without breaking the law and the first and foremost responsibility of the elected person is to protect and defend the Constitution - no questions asked.  I would really like to go to a town hall meeting some day and hear someone tell their elected person that they want  (A) to be provided by the government from now on and the elected official to turn around and say "I'm sorry but I can't do that.  Those powers are not granted to me by the Constitution and, in fact, prohibits government from getting involved in that."  I would hold that elected person up on a pedestal forever if I witnessed that exchange. I would love it if both democrats and republicans remembered that and actually followed that rule.  STOP VIOLATING YOUR OATH OF OFFICE, YOU JERKS!

Second - How many times have we seen someone run on a platform of responsibility and accountability and transparency only to see them do the exact opposite when they get to D.C. or their state capitals?  About a gazillion!!  The lying is so out of control on both sides, it's sickening!  These guys can't run on honesty and integrity because they have none - with the exception of guys like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint and a few others.  A very few others.  I mean, think about it.  Would these guys have won their elections if they ran on the platform to not only run us so deeply into debt but on a platform that will ultimately shred their constitutional rights as they have been in the last 10 years?  NO ONE has run on the platform to pass NDAA or SOPA or the Patriot Act or to suppress any kind of free speech.  They wouldn't have made it to the primaries.  Yet, that's what they've done.  They've spent all of our money, they have shredded our 10th amendment rights, our 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights, TRIED to shred the 2nd amendment right but Fast and Furious backfired and they had to let it go.  Now they are working on limiting our 1st amendment rights to free speech.  If no one can see any of these things, they are either stupid or blind or they can't handle the truth.

Third - A huge part of our problem is the media, as well.  They have been just as evasive, dishonest and agenda crazy as the elected persons that lie to their constituents.  The media is not going to print everything that is really going on.  AL -JAZEERA won the George Polk award for best journalism in the US for Christ's sake!  Come to think of it, the liberal media outlets are the ones handing out these awards so that probably means squat.  Anyway, my point is if the media is lying to us and the government is lying to us and our elected persons are lying to us, HOW do we make it stop?  You can't vote out media and the media knows this so they keep printing crap stories, out and out lies about the deficits, the debt, the economy, peoples' backgrounds, etc..  They make entertainment for us and make stars out of rich girls that make sex tapes of some football player peeing on her so we have the "escandalo" effect.  But they won't print or make films about where our money is going, to what foreign entities they're going to and what they're doing with it.  They don't even let us know what our government is doing and paying for HERE half the time unless some rogue reporter goes out to do his own investigation and ultimately ends up taking down a HUGE organization that launders money and cheats the taxpayer and the IRS so someone can own and legally operate a brothel and get a tax break.  They have all been lying to us since the 60s and so much so that when we actually get a good piece of journalism, a real story that provides facts and names and all that stuff, it came from the INTERNET.  Why do you think they tried to pass SOPA?  That would have severely limited the content of news that is normally available at the tip of your fingers.  Thank GOD for the internet!  Now if we can just keep John McCain away from it, we might get to keep it.


Fourth - This goes back to my first point:  Our elected officials who are elected to represent the majority of their constituents are sometimes given posts that will ultimately write laws and pass legislation that will affect not only the people they were sent to represent but will also affect everyone else in the country.  People like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker; Max Baucus (drunk bastard in the video above) who holds several committee posts, no one can possibly name them all but here they are: http://www.baucus.senate.gov/?p=committee_assignments  along with many others like John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Joe Barton, idiot that HE is, and a long list of other nincompoops who refuse to listen to anyone other than themselves.  If they are going to write laws that affect ALL of us, then they need to be prepared to ANSWER to all of us and to listen to the majority when they speak.  I cannot tell you how many times I called these people's offices only to be told that since I am not in their state or districts, they will not speak to me or respond to my inquiries.  Really?  Oh, ok, so you can write a law that will basically make my life much more difficult but I can't call you to give you my opinion on it?  That is plain fucked up!  I actually had to start lying and give a fake name with a correct zip code from one of their districts before their staff would let me even leave a message.  Even when a majority of the American people voice their dismay at a piece of legislation, the elected persons refuse to listen and they walk right over us.  Their excuses are always the same:  "We know what's better for you, better than you." and the other favorite "You're not in my district, please call YOUR representative."  Sorry, that's wrong.  So wrong on every level.

The American People are getting fed up more and more every day and it's slowly but surely coming to a head.  At what point does someone think they have no other choice but to take the law into their own hands and stop them on their own?  That's what our 2nd amendment right was made for: to ensure we keep the other 9, right? LOL.  Again, I am not advocating violence and I'm not making a call to arms and suggesting people go to DC and "take care" of it, I am simply saying that when you back The People into a corner and you start infringing on their personal liberties and their individual rights and reaching too far into people's lives, they are not going to stand for it very long before they snap.  Just look at all the other countries that are oppressed and what happens when government goes to far.  They riot, they kill and they don't stop until government police goes in and hammers them.  Why would America be any different?  We've already  had one revolution to stop the oppression and the tyranny we were living under.  I'm just saying our elected people better start changing their tunes before things get really ugly.  God help us if things get to that point. And let me just say one more time I am NOT advocating violence and I am NOT justifying the molotov cocktail that was thrown at Wendy Davis's office this morning.  I am simply making an observation and that is all.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fluke YOU!

I've been meaning to blog on this all weekend but I'm trying to get the house ready to sell so I've been busy!  I didn't even WANT to comment on this subject because it's so incredibly stupid but now it's gotten out of control because my man, Rush, decided to apologize for his poor choice of words, i.e. calling Ms. Fluke a slut.  Rush, I wish you hadn't backed down.  Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, right?  Free speech!

In my honest and most valued opinion, ;-)  if Ms. Fluke is having sex twice a day, every day, 365 days a year, yes, she is a slut.  If she thinks that her contraceptive ought to be given to her for free so she can have sex twice a day, every day, 365 days a year, she's insane. What is she using?  Solid gold diaphragms?  Whatever happened to taking the pill at a cost of about $50 a month?  Hell, my OB says I can get it for $10 at Wal Mart!  My thought on this is simple:  I'm not the one screwing her so I'm not paying for shit!  But she's going to be sure and try to screw the American people and at the rate she's been going, she'll achieve that goal!  When did it become OK to expect your birth control to be provided at no cost?  I must be missing something.  Here's what I'm not missing:

This whole issue is nothing more than a distraction.  A distraction from what the real problem is in this country: Obama, his policies, the debt, the deficit, the spending and the loss of our constitutional rights, one right after another.  Those are the real issues here and people need to shut their mouths and think about this for a minute.  This all started when Stephanopoulos  asked Mitt Romney during a debate that stupid question about states being able to ban contraceptives.  NO ONE saw this coming but we now see it was a set up.  The most important thing is we know WHY they set it up.

Here is the scary part:  people are buying it!  I visit a blog every so often called "People I Want to Punch in the Throat" and I like it, it's funny, but one post was about this birth control crap and how the writer wants the government to keep their hands off of her womb and her right to contraception and that she was glad to see a woman finally step up and demand that birth control be free.  She says her Mirena is $750 and it's just too expensive to pay for now that she has a couple of rugrats.  My first thought was "you dumb liberal goon!" and my second thought was "so switch to a birth control you can afford!".  I mean how many brands of condoms are there?  Birth control pills?  Shots, diaphragms, sponges and rings?  There are so many methods out there, it's hard to believe you can't find one you can afford.  The really, REALLY scary part of this website is that almost all of the commentors were women that AGREED with her!  I was shocked at the level of entitlement from these so-called "educated, independent women".   Fml....smh!   Most of them had it completely wrong - shocker, I know! - and were saying crazy things like "how dare they try to take away my birth control" and "they can't tell me what to do with my body" and "I have a right to contraception so back off you crazy, fucking republicans!" and they didn't even understand what the real issue was.  Have a seat and I'll recap it for you stupid people:

Problem 1:  The president tried to trump the 1st amendment rights of the Catholic Church and the Church  said Fluke that!

Problem 2:  Since that didn't work, the president tried another unconstitutional maneuver by saying insurance companies MUST provide birth control for free.  Fluke that, too!

Problem 3:  Now the media and the White House has put a new spin on things to make it seem as if the republican party hates women and wants to TAKE AWAY their access to birth control or their right to it altogether.  They spin this just so they can win over the female vote in this country.  Not Flucking true!

Problem 4:  Everyone, it seems, has fallen for it hook, line and sinker.  Fluke all of you ignorant people!

This is the biggest con I think I've ever witnessed next to the whole TARP thing, when the financial markets had their supposed meltdown and we had to hand over a blank check courtesy of the American People.  I am just screaming inside my head for people to stop listening to this and focus on what's really going on.  The president and his goons are trying, and succeeding, in dividing this country so deeply we may never really be united again.  It's all a part of the Saul Alinsky Playbook for Radicals.  Divide and conquer.  We can't let this man continue to divide us any further and this is why we must reunite to get rid of this guy.  The men in his administration are all about communism and population control and have been published and quoted as saying things that resemble the way China feels about people having children.  These radicals call for the destruction of children with special needs, elderly people with dementia, sterilizing women so there won't be as many selfish little mouths to feed - yes, I'm talking about John Holdren.  He calls these people wastes.  Parasites.  Worthless.  They will do whatever they have to to suppress the creation of new life. The same people that push abortion and infanticide.  You do know the president supported infanticide, right?  Do you know what infanticide is?  It's when the fetus survives an abortion and is born alive but another doctor comes in to finish the job by killing the live baby right then and there.  Yes, this president thinks that killing American babies that survive abortions is just fine.  What if that baby could have lived a long and healthy life?  What if that baby could have been adopted by a loving family?  I can't even think about it anymore so I'll stop now.

 The Health Care Bill has a provision saying, and this was backed up by some crazy, liberal woman in Wisconsin, Congresswoman Gwendolynne Moore, that it was dangerous for women to be exposed to pregnancy.  Really?  So even though women were created by God to have babies in order to keep the species going, that it is now dangerous for women to be "exposed" to pregnancy?  What does it mean, really, to be "exposed" to pregnancy?  Should I not walk by a maternity store for fear I will get a baby virus?  Will I be harmed if I see a pregnant lady walking next to me?  LOL, is this not the most insane thing you have ever heard in your life?  What's dangerous is that I - WE - are being exposed to communism and it's not even a secret anymore.  They aren't keeping it from us, they are flaunting it in our faces.  The tyranny we are living under is becoming worse and worse and the longer these czars and appointees and this president are allowed to stay in office, the worse it's going to get until we will no longer recognize the United States of America.

So let me end with this, my fellow female Americans:  TURN OFF the talking heads, THINK about what the issues really are and DON'T let them tell you that people are trying to take away your right to birth control, your access to birth control or your choice of birth control because they're not!  Again, this all falls under personal responsibility and accountability for your actions, something this current administration wants to end and take over for you.  Look what they did to California.  Do you want to be California?  Yeah, me neither, but the most important thing to remember is that this is all a distraction and right now, America needs you to be focused on the real issues, not this made up, cockamamie birth control bullshit.  America needs you to be prepared for November.  America needs YOU.  Period.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stop Living in the Past!

This morning, I was reading a story about the Senate voting on the Blunt Amendment which will allow employers to opt out of the contraception coverage because of religious or moral beliefs.  Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri is the author of this bill and says that this amendment is about the 1st amendment, religious beliefs and nothing else.  This bill was first tacked on to a transportation bill that was being moved through the senate (why do they keep slipping in shit that has nothing to do with the original bill?) that was stopped by Harry Reid and stalled in the Senate.  Here’s the kicker – this is what Harry Reid had to say:  (Please note the comments in paranthesis are from me)
My colleague, Mitch McConnell has insisted that this measure (the Blunt amendment) get a vote on the senate floor before we can move ahead with this jobs bill.  Once we have put this extreme (???) and distracting (caused by the white house) proposal behind us, I hope that my republican colleagues will stop LIVING IN THE PAST AND JOIN US THIS  YEAR IN 2012 and help us create jobs.”
Did he really just say stop living in the past?  Living in the past how?  By following our constitution?  Living in the past in order to protect our 1st amendment rights?  What does he mean by “living in the past”?   This is why I cannot stand Harry Reid – he’s a damn commie!  Same with Mrs. Pelosi except she’s an insider trading commie.  Sometimes, late at night, I like to look at pictures of these two Chavez-Lites and I try to find their matching little commie lapel pins.  hehe.   Kidding.
Maybe he means, stop living in the past when we had freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  When no government had power of the individual but the individual had the power over the government.  Stop living in an age where everyone was responsible for their own lives, their own families and their own birth control; stop living in the idea that we are all a free people in a free society because the only people who are really free are the ones working in D.C. “for” us.  If I could, I would take a time machine straight back to 1777 and I would take Harry Reid with me.  I would introduce him to the wonderful men who wrote the Constitution and then I would watch with joy as they all took turns giving Mr. Reid a good, old fashioned horse-whipping.  That would make me very happy.  J