Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Thoughts on Random Happenings

Let me just start this with a message to Trayvon Martin's mom and dad:  I am truly sorry for your loss.  No one should ever have to bury a child.  As a mother, I cannot imagine your pain.  I pray that God will bless you and give the strength to carry on the best you can.

This truly is a sad story all around.  Two people have lost their lives and all for what?  Nothing.  I don't want to get into a racially divided story about this because I don't believe this was a racial crime now that the facts are starting to trickle out about what happened.  See, this is the problem I have with the media:  they blow everything out of proportion when they use their biased reporting.  They are the ones responsible for turning this into a white/black thing when the accused murderer is a hispanic male.  Way to do your homework, MEDIA!  Just because the man doesn't have a hispanic last name and a black kid was shot to death, well, he must have been white!  WONG!  I don't think Trayvon himself is really responsible for what happened.  I think he saw a guy following him that he didn't know.  I think that when Zimmerman confronted him and was suspicious of him for no reason, it scared Trayvon and he may have been scared for his life.  Wouldn't you have been scared if someone came from out of nowhere and got in your face while you walked home in the dark?  I would have.  I think Travon felt he had better defend himself from this stranger because he didn't know what the stranger planned to do.  I think that Zimmerman got his ass kicked and it caught him off guard and instead of fighting hand to hand like a man, he pulled his gun on the unarmed kid.  Zimmerman may have thought Trayvon  was armed,  too, but he was busy getting his head bashed into the street.  Something Trayvon was well within his rights to do.  What did Zimmerman expect would happen?  This is just what I think.  I don't think it's a racial issue, I think it was an idiot, vigilante issue.  I also think that for the media to blow this thing up before all the facts were made available to the public and to make people think this was racially motivated is another ploy for them to divide this country even more.  I think every media outlet that has tried and judged Zimmerman before the police and the courts could is despicable.  Are we not innocent until proven guilty?  All of the celebs like Kanye and Diddy and Spike Lee (DH of the world and racist himself) have all been guilty of assuming Zimmerman killed this kid because he was black.  Nope.  Here's a thought: let the police do their work and their fact finding and let's hear from the witnesses that were actually there and saw what happened instead of intimidating them and making them hide in fear for their lives.  The truth shall set you free.....  I'm not saying Zimmerman isn't guilty, he should have just let the kid go and let the cops take care of it instead of taking matters into his own hands.  But if everyone truly wants justice then let the cops, the investigators and the courts figure it out - not the court of public opinion!

On another issue, Shifty Rick Santorum!!!  Bravo for calling bullshit as it falls to the ground via the New York Times!  I am not a fan of Shifty Rick, actually, I cannot stand him and his superiority complex he seems to have.  I am not a fan of being talked to like a child and I am not a fan of his condescension.  OY!  But, I have to say, that when he told the NYT reporter that if he printed the bullshit he tried to pin on him regarding his statement about Romney being the worst conservative in the world to go up against Obamacare ( the NYT reporter tried to say that Shifty said Romney was the worst conservative in the world - period) then that was BULLSHIT!  Good for you, Rick!     See?  I wrote about this very thing the other day, about media being a bunch of liars and assholes, didn't I?  Everytime I see a candidate call them on their bullshit, I get all giddy, LOL.  I can feel a thrill going up my leg!  Get it?  LOL!   Yes, it makes me happy.  But if it were me and I would have been the one calling BS, I wouldn't have stopped there.  I would have reminded them that this is why their publication has gone from roughly 130 pages (up until the late 90's) to about 60 pages because they can't write in an unbiased manner and therefore it has become a liberal hack magazine that no one wants and that no one wants to advertise in.  There are only so many stories for liberals to twist - about 60 pages worth, LOL!  Then I would have taken said publication and shoved it right up the reporter's butt!  Yeah, I would.  :-)   Man, that would make me happy!

The Supreme Court had their second day of oral arguments today on the Obamacare law.  I have to say that so far, I am really excited about how it's going.  I'm not quite ready to jump for joy before the ruling but so far it looks bad for Odumbdumb and good for We The People!  Even Sotomayor may be leaning towards a no on this.  The one person - ok make that two people - that I would like to see recuse themselves on the basis that one is an inept old bat and the other was the solicitor general for Obama who helped craft the arguments for the healthcare law.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the old bat, does not deserve to hear any arguments let alone decide any arguments after the comments she made in Egypt about our own constitution.  She directed the government in Egypt to NOT use our constitution as a road map because it was an old piece of paper that didn't do enough for social justice and was full of racial inequality, blahblahblah - I am paraphrasing but that's the gist of it.  I wish there was a way to remove a justice who is so blatantly against the very constitution she swore to uphold and defend.  Stupid old bitch!  ARGH!  Anyway, my hopes are up that they will strike this down or else in about 5 years they're going to mandate I start eating tofu.  And I'll be damned if I'm going to eat that nasty crap. 

Oh! Oh!  Here's something else that I thought was just awesome!  Rand Paul filed a brief today with the Supreme Court to strike down not only the health care law but also to strike down a 1942 precedent that allows the federal government to abuse their powers under the commerce clause, which has been used by both parties to pass unconstitutional laws.  I know what I'm about to say is going to sound really ridiculous but one example of how freaking STUPID these people are is Joe Barton's( R- Texas)  passing of a law that had to do with regulating COLLEGE FOOTBALL under the commerce clause.  He thinks it should be illegal for college ball to have a championship game unless it's derived from the playoff system.  Really, Joe?  THIS is what we're paying you to do?  Regulate college ball?  Why not do something meaningful?  LIKE GET THE HELL OUTTA MY HOUSE!   Seriously, claiming all rights to regulate under the commerce clause is tyranny and we need to do away with the whole thing because of the overreaching by both parties to regulate every aspect of our lives.  Good for you, Rand!  You rock, dude!

Not much else going on today......my Pickled Power juice is being picked up by Wal Mart stores so that's exciting.  Same with my Extreme Hotz and Extreme Sour pickles.  It's been a boon, y'all!



  1. The "news" creating "The News" ...but it's for a good cause tho, called: "Advertising Dollars". ..."as seen only on Fox 4, our very own exclusive coverage only seen here" "honest, only seen here" (because we made this shit up ourselves)

  2. ....and thanks Jen, for calling attention to the way the media so quickly concludes "hate crime" when the suspect is a white male, (or perceived to be), and the victim is black. I Thot it was just I, that noticed this. Many times we hear of whites being victimized by blacks, but u never hear that being called a hate crime. (maybe it happens so often they don't label it?) it's as if the only people capable of hate are white males, yet we know many blacks are angry at whites. "Hate" suks, whomever it comes from, but it's even worse, if it's created by the media. And I can feel the "hate" when this happens...

  3. Thank goodness the Reverend Sharpton is on the case. He'll surely have an unbiased opinion on the matter.

    And the Black Panther Party's bounty? Really? A bounty?

  4. I forgot to add that part about the bounty. Drat!