Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stop Living in the Past!

This morning, I was reading a story about the Senate voting on the Blunt Amendment which will allow employers to opt out of the contraception coverage because of religious or moral beliefs.  Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri is the author of this bill and says that this amendment is about the 1st amendment, religious beliefs and nothing else.  This bill was first tacked on to a transportation bill that was being moved through the senate (why do they keep slipping in shit that has nothing to do with the original bill?) that was stopped by Harry Reid and stalled in the Senate.  Here’s the kicker – this is what Harry Reid had to say:  (Please note the comments in paranthesis are from me)
My colleague, Mitch McConnell has insisted that this measure (the Blunt amendment) get a vote on the senate floor before we can move ahead with this jobs bill.  Once we have put this extreme (???) and distracting (caused by the white house) proposal behind us, I hope that my republican colleagues will stop LIVING IN THE PAST AND JOIN US THIS  YEAR IN 2012 and help us create jobs.”
Did he really just say stop living in the past?  Living in the past how?  By following our constitution?  Living in the past in order to protect our 1st amendment rights?  What does he mean by “living in the past”?   This is why I cannot stand Harry Reid – he’s a damn commie!  Same with Mrs. Pelosi except she’s an insider trading commie.  Sometimes, late at night, I like to look at pictures of these two Chavez-Lites and I try to find their matching little commie lapel pins.  hehe.   Kidding.
Maybe he means, stop living in the past when we had freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  When no government had power of the individual but the individual had the power over the government.  Stop living in an age where everyone was responsible for their own lives, their own families and their own birth control; stop living in the idea that we are all a free people in a free society because the only people who are really free are the ones working in D.C. “for” us.  If I could, I would take a time machine straight back to 1777 and I would take Harry Reid with me.  I would introduce him to the wonderful men who wrote the Constitution and then I would watch with joy as they all took turns giving Mr. Reid a good, old fashioned horse-whipping.  That would make me very happy.  J


  1. ....well, "1st amendment rights, religious beliefs and nothing else, except maybe a little bit of campaign contributions and perks from the big insurance lobby"

  2. Hah! Yes, Blunt is full of shit on his reasoning (except for the cnonstitutional aspects) but it's Harry that's the actual shit. :-)