Monday, March 5, 2012

Fluke YOU!

I've been meaning to blog on this all weekend but I'm trying to get the house ready to sell so I've been busy!  I didn't even WANT to comment on this subject because it's so incredibly stupid but now it's gotten out of control because my man, Rush, decided to apologize for his poor choice of words, i.e. calling Ms. Fluke a slut.  Rush, I wish you hadn't backed down.  Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade, right?  Free speech!

In my honest and most valued opinion, ;-)  if Ms. Fluke is having sex twice a day, every day, 365 days a year, yes, she is a slut.  If she thinks that her contraceptive ought to be given to her for free so she can have sex twice a day, every day, 365 days a year, she's insane. What is she using?  Solid gold diaphragms?  Whatever happened to taking the pill at a cost of about $50 a month?  Hell, my OB says I can get it for $10 at Wal Mart!  My thought on this is simple:  I'm not the one screwing her so I'm not paying for shit!  But she's going to be sure and try to screw the American people and at the rate she's been going, she'll achieve that goal!  When did it become OK to expect your birth control to be provided at no cost?  I must be missing something.  Here's what I'm not missing:

This whole issue is nothing more than a distraction.  A distraction from what the real problem is in this country: Obama, his policies, the debt, the deficit, the spending and the loss of our constitutional rights, one right after another.  Those are the real issues here and people need to shut their mouths and think about this for a minute.  This all started when Stephanopoulos  asked Mitt Romney during a debate that stupid question about states being able to ban contraceptives.  NO ONE saw this coming but we now see it was a set up.  The most important thing is we know WHY they set it up.

Here is the scary part:  people are buying it!  I visit a blog every so often called "People I Want to Punch in the Throat" and I like it, it's funny, but one post was about this birth control crap and how the writer wants the government to keep their hands off of her womb and her right to contraception and that she was glad to see a woman finally step up and demand that birth control be free.  She says her Mirena is $750 and it's just too expensive to pay for now that she has a couple of rugrats.  My first thought was "you dumb liberal goon!" and my second thought was "so switch to a birth control you can afford!".  I mean how many brands of condoms are there?  Birth control pills?  Shots, diaphragms, sponges and rings?  There are so many methods out there, it's hard to believe you can't find one you can afford.  The really, REALLY scary part of this website is that almost all of the commentors were women that AGREED with her!  I was shocked at the level of entitlement from these so-called "educated, independent women".   Fml....smh!   Most of them had it completely wrong - shocker, I know! - and were saying crazy things like "how dare they try to take away my birth control" and "they can't tell me what to do with my body" and "I have a right to contraception so back off you crazy, fucking republicans!" and they didn't even understand what the real issue was.  Have a seat and I'll recap it for you stupid people:

Problem 1:  The president tried to trump the 1st amendment rights of the Catholic Church and the Church  said Fluke that!

Problem 2:  Since that didn't work, the president tried another unconstitutional maneuver by saying insurance companies MUST provide birth control for free.  Fluke that, too!

Problem 3:  Now the media and the White House has put a new spin on things to make it seem as if the republican party hates women and wants to TAKE AWAY their access to birth control or their right to it altogether.  They spin this just so they can win over the female vote in this country.  Not Flucking true!

Problem 4:  Everyone, it seems, has fallen for it hook, line and sinker.  Fluke all of you ignorant people!

This is the biggest con I think I've ever witnessed next to the whole TARP thing, when the financial markets had their supposed meltdown and we had to hand over a blank check courtesy of the American People.  I am just screaming inside my head for people to stop listening to this and focus on what's really going on.  The president and his goons are trying, and succeeding, in dividing this country so deeply we may never really be united again.  It's all a part of the Saul Alinsky Playbook for Radicals.  Divide and conquer.  We can't let this man continue to divide us any further and this is why we must reunite to get rid of this guy.  The men in his administration are all about communism and population control and have been published and quoted as saying things that resemble the way China feels about people having children.  These radicals call for the destruction of children with special needs, elderly people with dementia, sterilizing women so there won't be as many selfish little mouths to feed - yes, I'm talking about John Holdren.  He calls these people wastes.  Parasites.  Worthless.  They will do whatever they have to to suppress the creation of new life. The same people that push abortion and infanticide.  You do know the president supported infanticide, right?  Do you know what infanticide is?  It's when the fetus survives an abortion and is born alive but another doctor comes in to finish the job by killing the live baby right then and there.  Yes, this president thinks that killing American babies that survive abortions is just fine.  What if that baby could have lived a long and healthy life?  What if that baby could have been adopted by a loving family?  I can't even think about it anymore so I'll stop now.

 The Health Care Bill has a provision saying, and this was backed up by some crazy, liberal woman in Wisconsin, Congresswoman Gwendolynne Moore, that it was dangerous for women to be exposed to pregnancy.  Really?  So even though women were created by God to have babies in order to keep the species going, that it is now dangerous for women to be "exposed" to pregnancy?  What does it mean, really, to be "exposed" to pregnancy?  Should I not walk by a maternity store for fear I will get a baby virus?  Will I be harmed if I see a pregnant lady walking next to me?  LOL, is this not the most insane thing you have ever heard in your life?  What's dangerous is that I - WE - are being exposed to communism and it's not even a secret anymore.  They aren't keeping it from us, they are flaunting it in our faces.  The tyranny we are living under is becoming worse and worse and the longer these czars and appointees and this president are allowed to stay in office, the worse it's going to get until we will no longer recognize the United States of America.

So let me end with this, my fellow female Americans:  TURN OFF the talking heads, THINK about what the issues really are and DON'T let them tell you that people are trying to take away your right to birth control, your access to birth control or your choice of birth control because they're not!  Again, this all falls under personal responsibility and accountability for your actions, something this current administration wants to end and take over for you.  Look what they did to California.  Do you want to be California?  Yeah, me neither, but the most important thing to remember is that this is all a distraction and right now, America needs you to be focused on the real issues, not this made up, cockamamie birth control bullshit.  America needs you to be prepared for November.  America needs YOU.  Period.



  1. WooWEEEE, here goes until I get too sleepy.
    One thing (and probably the only thing) , Slick Willie said That I agree with, when he was pushing for health, At the beginning of his 8th turn, was, "if u think health care is expensive now, wait until it's free" meaning services would skyrocket, and I agree. Just like I believe that if insurance co started paying for BC, ur $50 BC would be a new $250 billed to ins. Well gee, maybe that's fine for the women who have ins, because yay it's free. But to the unfortunate women who don't have ins, this accros the board price hike, (which WILL happen on all form of BC) (cuz BIG ins is now paying for it), will ad insult to injury, for the women who need BC the most. If u think BC is expensive now, wait until it's "free"
    And on this whole thing being a diversionary tactic, I AGREE!!! Thats been a big damn problem in this country for too damn long. I am NOT going to say WE here because where a politition stands on some of these BS smoke screen issues does not effect how I'M going to vote!, butttttt, too many politicians are elected on where they stand on abortion, gun control, gay rights, BLAH BLAH etc and now "dont u dare take my diaphragm away from me!" (GOOD GOD!), instead of what this country REALLY needs most, NOW, like lower fuel prices, jobs, international trade, education. But NOOO, we need to know how they stand on Abortion, gay marriage, big guns, and now, BIRTH CONTROL, should women have it? Or not? Mr Candidate, that's what America needs to know NOW! Geez

  2. On Slick Willie, supposed to be, "the beginning of his 8 year turn" (turn at presidency) ....dang spell check. (you'd think a published author would proof read, huh?)

  3. Excellent commentary, Jen. The Dems and their liberal allies in the media have been very adept at setting the agenda and making issues out of non-issues. It's so blatantly obvious that it's orchestrated, but they don't care. The Republicans have foolishly taken the bait and are playing along. Get ready for four more years of Chairman Zero.

  4. Thank you, A! I still believe we will get rid of Obama once and for all this year. I can't wait to see the tapes that Breitbart had. I'm licking my chops over them, LOL!

  5. Excellent, my girl! Clearly thought-out, facts presented, truth told...good on ya! Wish females everywhere would read this and use at least a modicum of logic, no one is advocating their birth control be taken away! I totally agree, this is a HUGE smoke-screen. Too bad Rush was sucked into it, he is now their trophy kill, and they'd been hoping for that for years. (BTW, I am discontinuing any products of the sponsors who dropped him, which means I'm dropping my Allstate Insurance asap.)

    When these smoke screens occur, and they happen all the time, gotta look behind them to find out what is being signed into law in secret, behind those closed doors. Besides sticking it to Rush, have to wonder what they are sticking to us while the fury over the fluke goes on.

    Great column, Jen. Proud of you!