Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oh, looky!  It looks like a huge media outlet has just been busted for editing an audio recording to make it seem as if Zimmerman targeted Trayvon because he was black.  No, I can't believe it!  Really?  Was it a major news network or just some cable-based network?  Wait for it....wait for it......it was

Who'd have thought NBC would intentionally edit the audio recording of the 911 call Zimmerman made to the po-po to make it look like Zimmerman was targeting an innocent kid because he was black?  I am so glad they got caught and that it's actually making news around the country.  Maybe more people will wake up to the fact that the media is nothing more than a race baiting, divisive, liberal mouthpiece for the left wing freaks in D.C..  They do have an approval rating to match the congressional approval ratings - 19%.  This shit makes me so mad, I can't see straight!

The media has blown this Zimmerman/Trayvon thing completely out of proportion and have successfully stirred up racial unrest.  This was the intention the minute they heard about the death of Trayvon - a month after it happened!  I'm sorry but I'm sick of the racial bullshit in this country.  I was just telling a friend of mine the other day that 5 years ago we didn't have many racial issues happening anymore.  A few here and there but nothing like it used to be before the civil rights movement.  America seemed to have put all of that racial nonsense behind her and people were getting along better than ever with little animosity towards others.  More and more, everyone had become tolerant and inclusive and accepting of one another.  3 and a half years ago, when the first black president was elected BY A LANDSLIDE, I thought to myself what a wonderful thing to see this country elect it's first black president.  Not the guy I voted for but still, a monumental event that should have made everyone proud about how far we have come as a nation.  I was proud.  I really was.  I was very proud to see the country coming together the way they did for our first black president.  Only it didn't last very long.

The media and the liberal machine have decided that we are going to have a race war.  The MSM is in the back pockets of all democrats, especially Obama's.  You would think the media would want what's best for the country since they have to live in it, too, and report in a non-biased manner as they are supposed to.   I get so angry when the media jumps on a story without any fact checking and with nothing more than rumor, gossip and whatever's on the grapevine.  What happened to real reporting?  It sickens me that the moment someone disagrees with ideas or policies or anything at all that Obama does or wants to do, the media and the democrats immediately call them racist. 

If you disagree with the president, you are a racist
If you disagree with his policies, you're a racist
If you support a conservative, you're a racist
If you're a Tea Party member, you're a racist
If you live in Alabama or any southern state, you're a racist
If you don't want Obamacare, you're a racist
If you call our Obama on his lies, you're a racist
Race card - Race card - Race card - VOMIT!!!

So according to the media and liberal nutjobs, if we disagree with anything the president says or does, we are racist - even IF you have black friends and/or black family members.  But I also disagreed with Bush when he was president.  Why was I not called a racist then?  MILLIONS of people disagreed with Bush - even black people.  Where they called racist for it?  No.  They were not.  With the Zimmerman case, the media didn't even get the man's ethnicity right for 3 weeks.  They assumed that since he did not have a Hispanic sounding last name that he must be white.  Of course, because only a white man would shoot a black kid, right?  And what about Al Sharpton?  Calling for riots and violence in the streets?  Isn't that a form of terrorism?  Shouldn't he be arrested?  What about Spike Lee tweeting what he thought was Zimmerman's home address??  "Feel free to reach out and touch someone" he said.  He tweeted the address of an elderly couple that was too scared to leave their own home!!  Why wasn't he arrested?  Why didn't the media report on those things?  Thank GOD the former president of the NAACP has denounced Sharpton for his hateful, inciteful rhetoric and called him out for what he did.  These two men are disgraceful and just as guilty as the media BECAUSE of the media!  No one even bothered to find out what the investigation found, they just reported a bunch of incorrect information to incite violence and hate against whites and blacks.  I am pretty sure most people are on to them but everyone needs to know this is unacceptable and we won't tolerate it.  I hope that people of all races boycott the MSM and are just as sick of their behavior as I am.  Finally, more information is coming out and for the most part is finally being reported correctly.  I just want to tell people of all races:  don't listen to the crap coming from the MSM, don't buy it, don't believe it.  Do you own investigating and your own fact checking until you get the right information.  Don't fall for the race baiting, that's what they want.  They want us to take to the streets against each other - American against American.  Let's show them that we're onto them and that we aren't going to live in their bubble of hate.  Show them that no matter what they do or say, they will not divide us and that we will always be united.  Turn off the TV!  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and don't forget that we are all Americans and we are more powerful than they are!


  1. Thanks again Jen. I'm tired of it being ok to hate whites in this country. I try to avoid the TV news and newspapers as much as possible because of all the BS and downer stories. My outlook on life improves the longer I avoid it.

  2. Ahem!!! Exactly what I said the other day when we exchanged emails on the subject! Media got caught red handed but that's no surprise.

    They are desperate to frame the narrative these days. First it's Fluke/contraceptives, now on to race baiting (the old favorite of the left). Anything but the real issues facing our great Country and the failings of this Administration to address them.