Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well, here I am.  Sitting here trying to think of a way to write this post that won't just totally piss people off but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

I've been debating for a couple of weeks now about what to do with this election.  Obama vs Romney; Epic Fail 2012.

I will always contend, no matter what, that Dr. Paul is the man for the job of President of the United States.  I am hoping that at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, that the delegates will do the right thing and vote for Dr. Paul to win the nomination. I've seen a lot of states actually break their own party rules and try to strip the delegates of their voting rights even though they were voted to represent their state at the convention.  Now the RNC doesn't want to recognize Dr. Paul as a contender even though he has 5 or more states' delegates that are supporting him.  Not only is this horribly unfair to the American People, this is HORRIBLY ILLEGAL!  So until the Fat Lady sings, I will not support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the exact opposite of the fiscal and constitutional conservatives they call themselves.  I honestly cannot believe there are Tea Party members that want these men in power.  Paul Ryan's voting record is disgusting.  He has voted for everything we hate from the TARP bailout, to the Patriot Act, NDAA, HR 347, raising the debt ceiling and countless other spending bills.  Now there's a post going around that Paul Ryan sold his shares to a bunch of investment companies and banks that became worthless after the bailouts and he made a shitload of money.  Insider trading.   I mean, this guy is HORRIBLE!  Mitt Romney is on record saying he is for gun control, NDAA, the bailouts, farm subsidies - you name anything liberal, he's on record as supporting it.  The ONLY difference in Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan are.......well...nothing!  Also, did you know that there were like 10 other people running for this office that no one EVER got the chance to hear from?  The media did nothing to inform the people that there were other possibly great candidates.  Here they are:
I get that you have to have at least 15% of the electorate, which I think is really stupid, but how can you get that support if the media doesn't give you a chance?  Actually, when the media doesn't give US a chance to get to know who these people are??  I hate to think of all the really good people that could have done a great job that we had to choose from ( with the exception of Jimmy "The Rent is Too Damn High" McMillian and the freakshows that are Andy Martin and Stewart Alexander - an obvious hypocrite who declared his candidacy with both the Socialist Party and the Freedom and Peace Party) that we will never know about becaues the media will only give us Repukelicans or DemoRats!

I realize I have not been doing this very long AT ALL and I don't pretend to be some big shot politico but I've spent most of this year actively campaigning for freedom and liberty and an end to the government's control over every aspect of our lives.  I spent 2 months running for public office and I cannot imagine not ever being involved in politics again.  Again, I know it's a small amount of time spent in the world of politics and I am NO expert.  One thing is for certain, I could never see myself lying to the public about my intentions just to get elected.  I cannot imagine lying and scheming and passing laws that take liberty away and promote everything we have ever fought against to protect the USA and keep her free.  I guess my parents raised me right.  Anyway......this is the week of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  How I wish I were there right now.  I hope that Ron Paul will win the nomination - I know he probably won't - but I still pray that he will.  I pray every single day for a Reagan-esque upset.

So this is where all of my friends will scream at me and call me bad names:  I don't think I can vote in this election.............I just don't think I can do it. 

I feel like if I do vote, that I am simply voting for more Obama.  Everyone knows I'm not voting for that fuckhead (sorry, Mom), but if I vote for Romney, I'm voting for the white version of Obama.  I am convinced that if I vote for Romney then I am voting against everything that I believe in; that I'm voting against my principles and better judgement; that I am voting as a traitor to my country.  I know it sounds silly and stupid to some of you but to me, this is a very painful decision and a very difficult one.  I have always voted in the presidential elections with the exception of Bush in '88 so missing this one would be tough.  Some people tell me that if I don't vote, that's just another vote for Obama.  Some people said that if I voted for Ron Paul that was a vote for Obama.  I don't believe in that argument and here's why:  let's say I'm a democrat and I don't want to vote for Obama so I skip it.  Does that mean that that would be another vote for Romney?  Or if I voted for Ron Paul that it would still be throwing my vote away to Romney?  See what I mean?  It's a load of horseshit.  If I don't vote then that means there is no extra vote for Obama and no vote for Romney.  Gosh.....I hate hearing those words...."if I don't vote".  And I do get the argument that we HAVE to get Obama out of office.  I do understand that Obama is anti-American and divisive and all about Saul Alinksy techniques to divide and conquer the country. But even though Romney isn't all of the things Obama is, he is still the same as far as foreign and domestic policy, spending, big government and wars.  Not once have I heard him say "the Consitution is what's important."  Any president that doesn't mention the importance of our constitutional rights is not to be trusted.  Period.

Well....I do know one thing; if I don't vote I won't be compromising my beliefs or my principles and I won't be selling out to the RINO establishment and the communist manifesto.  But I will still, forever and always, fight for liberty, justice, the constitution and the American People.  I love you, America.  I love you enough to not vote for what will surely destroy you and it is my opinion that the people we have to choose from have every intention of doing just that.

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