Tuesday, June 19, 2012


That's right, I want a lawyer with some balls!  Some REALLY big, brass ones!   One that is not afraid to take on ANYone and use his own money (did I mention that he would have to spend  his own cash?) to do it!  Why, you ask?  It's simple, really.  I want to hold these jerks accountable for what they've done, what they've voted on and what they're still doing today - screwing the American people, taking our wealth and literally wiping their butts with my Constitution.  Disgusting what they're getting away with.

I realize you cannot sue a sitting president or member of Congress but I wrote a piece not long ago where I talked about a recall law that I'd like to put together for Texas lawmakers that fuck with our rights and violate their oaths of office and that according to Texas law, you can only call them back and have charges brought against them in the instance of treason or violation of their oaths of office and the Constitution - which is what they're doing.   I have yet to hear from any lawyers or people that would like to get something of this nature started.  Par.....

On to the next order of business:  John Cornyn and Kay Granger - again!  Check out this picture of Ol' Johnny Boy!   Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?  Didn't Mr. Johnny-Boy sign his name to NDAA and HR347 and raising the debt ceiling and all that jazz?  He has the nerve to call out Petraeus for his betrayal, yet doesn't have anything to say for his own betrayal of the people in this country?  Yeah, right!  Jerk-wad!  People never cease to amaze me, especially this guy.


I called his office yesterday to ask him to support S.3287, an anti-drone bill that is supposed to prohibit the use of drones in unwarranted surveillance of the American people, with the exception of patrolling our borders, eminent danger of attack by a group of terrorists or there is an imminent danger of life.  This is an important bill and I urge everyone to call his office and tell him you want him to SUPPORT this bill - he owes it to us all after his support for the unconstitutional bills he helped pass.  Here is the link to this bill here:  http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/s3287/text.  Anyway, so I called his office to ask for his support of this bill and then I started asking questions about why he has not made any effort to start any formal proceedings against our dear president for the blatant violation of the law and bypassing Congress when it comes to legislating and spending money and starting more wars (Libya and Syria).  I asked his "intern", a nice word for idiot that answers the phone, when was Mr. Cornyn going to do something about that?  His answer was that any formal impeachment proceedings has to be started in the House and passed on to committee, blahblahblah and that if that happened, he would definitely look into it.  I then told him that there was an impeachment bill right now that is sponsored by  Rep. Walter Jones and co-sponsored by Ron Paul called House Continuing Resolution 107, or H.Con.Res.107.IH, to which he interrupted me and said "Yeah, yeah, that's the bill for the drones and stuff!!!"  Are you fucking kidding me???  This turd works for Johnny-Boy and he doesn't even know which bills are being introduced??  I KNOW MORE THAN HE DOES!!  Here's the link if you're interested:  http://www.opencongress.org/bill/112-hc107/text.    I had to correct him and tell him that this bill was not about drones, it's about illegal wars and the fact that Obama and Leon Panetta's decision to BYPASS Congress again and go through the UN for permission which is yet another clear violation of the Constitution.  Going through the UN??  Who the F does that??    Omg, I'm sorry!  I am so full of F bombs today and I can't help it.  They're just flying out of my fingers uncontrollably.    So I had to school this kid.  I told him that it is possible for Cornyn to round up support for these things in the House and then support it himself when it passes into the Senate.  I know he can do this, they do it all the time for other bills.  He couldn't give me any answers, couldn't tell me where Johnny-Boy stood on any of this and probably didn't even know he supported unconstitutional laws himself.   I asked what good does it really do to even call their offices anymore.  They obviously don't listen to us as they keep bending us over.  The call ended and all I got was a "Thank you for calling.  We'll make sure he gets all of these notes and suggestions".  Bitch!

Speaking of.....now I go on to Kay Granger's office.  I like this next picture.  I think it's very fitting, don't you?  Only I wish her head was on a guillotine instead of a fence.  ;-)

Yeah, I called her office, too, yesterday and got the same song and dance.  I asked her to support this Senate bill when it gets to her and I started asking the same questions I asked Johny-Boy's idiot, er...intern.  I asked about her support of NDAA, HR347, spending, debt ceiling, TARP, all that shit and when is she going to start supporting the laws of the Constitution and bring these people to justice.  Crickets.  Seriously, this chick had nothing to say!  All I kept getting was "We really appreciate your call and we take all of our messages very seriously.  We will definitely let her know how you feel"  Oh give me a break, dumb-dumb!  In other words, "Thanks for calling!  We don't care what you think and I am going to continue to do what I  this is best for all of you and if that means taking away your rights in the name of National Security and safety, I am prepared to do whatever I can.  And believe me, bitchez, I will!".  Yeah, that's kind of what I hear when I get the prepared speech from the receptionists.  Same ol' same ol'.

There has to be some way to hold these people accountable BEFORE people start shooting.  I really don't want to see it come to bullets and riots but I did see a shirt online the other day that said "Our Forefathers would have started shooting by now.".  That scares me because sometimes I wonder if it will come down to that one of these days.  Let's give the people the right to prosecute!  Why should we be beholden to the laws of this country and these guys in public office not?  In the private sector, they would be put in jail.  If it were one of us doing these things, we would be under the jail.  Having the right to prosecute our elected officials would bring us back to being a Republic again.  People argue this point and say if we were able to do that, then there would be lawsuits all the time against elected officials and it would cost too much and blahblahblah - bullshit!  If we had that kind of accountability now and had that right to prosecute, that would be the first step in keeping out the criminals.  If people don't want to be brought to trial, if they don't want to be hauled in to court or risk going to jail, that would curb a lot of the illegal activity we've put up with.  Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, isn't that what we're always told?  When our elected officials do it, they are given 4 more years and a life-long pension and top tiered health and life insurance.  How did it become so backwards?

If there are any attorneys out there that would be willing to TRY to make a case in court against any one of these guys, please let me know, I WILL HELP!  I am only partly kidding about the  attorney that can use his own money, hehehe.  But I can raise money for this, I know lots of well connected people with $$$ that would chomp at the bit to be involved in this.  People will donate, I believe that!  Stop listening to the words "No, we can't" and "It'll never happen."   We CAN do this and it CAN happen.  We need to find a way to set a precedence so that the American people will know they DO have a say, they DO have the power and we need to take it back - now!!  Let's get this ball rolling, what do we have to lose?    If the Texas Constitution says we can do it, then let's start with the Texas lawmakers.  If someone loses a House or Senate seat, then we go after them because they won't be a sitting lawmaker any longer.  Excuse me, Johnny-Boy, Ms. Piggy?  Did you vote to shit on my 1st amendment right?   My 4th, 5th and 6th amendment right?  My 10th amendment right?  Going for my 2nd amendment right?       GO TO JAIL!  GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!  DO NOT PASS THE BORDER! DO NOT COLLECT YOUR PENSION!  Sorry, douche-canoe!  Ain't gonna happen!  I'll keep my rights, thank you, but I will be glad to strip you of yours and watch you walk to your new home wearing a crispy, clean, orange jumpsuit!  :-)  Have a nice day!


  1. Archie Bunkers saying: "don't bother arguing with an idiot" comes to mind when talking to these messed up politicians people. But I applaud ur efforts. It's a tuff job. I can think of a lot of things that could bring needed changes. Some I already mentioned. Until there's a way to hold these crooks accountable, all that can be done to spread the bad words on them, should be done. It's what we have now. ...and hope they don't get re-elected. Also, here I go again, let's get that straight party voting option off our ballots... Somehow???

  2. Just so you know, Cornyn wasn't attacking Patraeus. He held that up during a Senate hearing to show how outrageous the attacks from the left were.

    That doesn't mean the rest of your diatribe isn't correct, but I do believe in keep the facts as straight as possible.

  3. That picture is just a picture I found in an image search. I did not get it from an article so I don't know the story behind it. Just so you know, I am not trying to misrepresent anything, I just found it funny that he was holding a newspaper with a picture of someone with a question of betrayal. But it sure does look like he's going after Patraeus, doesn't it?

    So, Calvinator? Are you prepared to take these guys to court? You're a lawyer....... ;-)