Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OBAMA LIED! OR DID HE? (and yes, he's a big, fat lair!)

Yep, another post about the Blood-Sucker-in-Chief!  The man that is literally sucking the life blood out of this country faster than anyone has ever seen.  It's breathtaking how fast the BSIC has morphed the Office of the Presidency into a dictatorial, totalitarian/authoritarian state.  I am even more amazed about the fact that Congress is just letting it happen, unchecked and unopposed except for the little bits of  "outrage" somebody decides to make public for about 5 minutes.  After that they're back to just sitting back, letting it happen.  That is the biggest danger to our country right now, more dangerous than anything else at this very moment.  The way is being paved and the precedence is being set.  A new era is upon us and unless someone doesn't start taking this shit real fucking seriously, real fucking soon, it will be curtains for the United States.  I will get to that part in a few minutes but let's look at the title of this post:  Obama Lied! (Or Did He?)  Well.....yes and no!

When it comes to the BCIS, he is getting pret-ty well known for all of the bullshit that comes spewing from his mouth and his little weaselly press secretary's and other assorted spokespersons (media) he has on his team.  Let's look at all of the little white lies, and the really big whoppers, he's told in recent months:

1.  I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
2. I will close Gitmo

3.  I will bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan

4.  There are no more places to drill here in America

5.  You will get to keep your insurance if you don't want government insurance

6. No earmarks in the stimulus bill

7. I am a Christian

8.  I had no idea Rev. Wright's message was about hating white people and hating America

9. I am not somebody who is a proponent of same-sex marriages

10. I will have the most transparent administration in history

11.When a bill lands on my desk, the American People will have 5 days to review and give their input

12. Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place

13. The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.
14. No boots on the ground Libya

15. I cannot guarantee that those (social security) checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue bbecause there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.

16.  Says Bill Ayres was just a guy he knew

17.  He will repeal the Patriot Act

18.  He has had no prior knowledge of Fast and Furious

19.  The individual mandate is not a tax

20.  I love America.

Those are just some of the lies he has told.  I mean, there are so many lies that have come out of this man's mouth, I had to go to a website to find them all and pick from the best ones!!  There are still a ton of them out there and I think the latest one is something I heard in one of his new books that his grandfather was kidnapped by the British and tortured in WWII.  IT NEVER HAPPENED!   Omg, this crazy person!!   He lies about his budgets not getting passed because Republicans refuse to pass anything when in actuality, not one senate democrat voted for it, either.  He tells people that R's want to get rid of the EPA because we don't care about dirty water, dirty air and all that crap!  Pelosi said the same thing verbatim!  We'll bring our troops home from Afghanistan but then signs a 10 year extension, I mean, really??   What kind of a BSIC of this magnitude should even be allowed to be president?  Blows my mind!

But he has kept one promise that I wish he hadn't gotten the chance to:  Remaking America.  In his inauguration speech, he vowed that he would "remake" America and he's sure doing it, too.  He's remaking a free country, that has a proven system of checks and balances that make government work, set by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution, so that a president could not dictate or make the American people slaves to the federal government.  There is to be no king, no dictator and no usurpers, which is exactly what Obama is; a person that is seizing power from the people by force and/or without the legal authority to do so.  He is blatantly breaking the laws of the Constitution - a man that is or was supposedly a constitutional law professor at Harvard Law (which it turns out he never was) is not only dismantling our constitution but also our constitutional rights as well.  He is telling banks what to do , private business what to do, vilifying people who make money, or too much money according to him and his hypocrite of a wife, villianizing the wealthy, villianizing business and if you make over a certain amount of money, well that's just not fair and he must put a stop to that!   Yet neither he nor any of his friends seem to have that same view when it comes to themselves.  OK, we know all of this, back to my original train of thought......he is remaking America into a socialist utopia (socialist, fascist, they all apply, Brian and Chris) where he is the ruler and he makes all the rules.  He doesn't even go through Congress anymore to get a law passed, he uses Executive Order privileges.  Presidents aren't even supposed to use that privilege to legislate or pass laws unless it's an emergency!  Like we are in real danger of being attacked or are being attacked.  Granting amnesty by way of Executive Order is illegal.  Using Executive Orders are the BSIC's favorite way to get things done.  But since no one in Congress is doing much about it, it will continue until people begin to think this is the norm.  Here is where it gets dangerous.  People aren't at all educated enough about the powers of the office of the presidency or what he's allowed o do and what he cannot do BY LAW.  People are conditioned to think that it's ok to use these powers even though our Constitution clearly states that it is not.  People have been conditioned to think that the government is the almighty power, not the average American citizen.  People have it completely backwards and that is what our government counts on every day they are allowed to live.   Yes, I said it!  Every day that they are allowed to live!  The Congress counts on that, the president counts on that and they don't want the average American to know that  they are the ones with the final say, not the BSIC.   Here is my proof........

Mitt Romney is just as bad as the BSIC and the pattern will hardly be broken.  This is the man that continues the breakdown of the Supreme Law of the Land:  Mittens!

If you think for one second that Mittens is going to be any different, you are either a fool or are kidding yourself because you can't handle the truth!  The same man in a white skin suit.  He believes in and supports every single policy that the BSIC does.  Not only that but he just made a comment the other day that he doesn't believe he needs permission from the Congress to go to war with Iran.  Fucking really??  According to our Constitution you sure as hell do!  But see, the Constitution is no longer relevant.  They have already passed laws that basically make this country like all the others - controlled, not free.  They are succeeding in making the USA a post-constitutional society.  They have been taking away our freedoms and our constitutional rights little by little so we don't notice it so much until one day, we'll wake up a communist nation.  We will be CUBA!  VENEZUELA!  CHINA!  RUSSIA!  SPAIN!  It's happening now with the BSIC and it will continue to happen with Mittens.  He does not even know what the Constitution says and if he does, that proves my point that he has been chosen to continue the "remaking" of America. 

So, maybe it turns out that Obama's not such a huge liar after all.  I mean, I know in my last post I said  wanted a lawyer with really, big brass balls, but BSIC is not the kind of lawyer I was talking about - and he does have brass ones to be pulling this kind of shit right out in the open, in front of the press and in front of the American people.  It's not even a secret anymore what they're trying to do.  Congress is in on it or they would all be signing up to support the impeachment bill put forth by N.C. Rep.Walter Jones and  Ron Paul.  They have all done their best, too, to trample the constitution and act as if it doesn't exist.  They've been remaking America for decades now but the BSIC is the only one with the stones to admit it openly and dare us to do something about it.

Bring it, Barack!  I am not afraid of you.  And you will be replaced.  If Mittens becomes the new BSIC, he too will be held back by the new people we send to Congress and then will also be replaced.  Laws will be repealed and the People will make sure the likes of you never come back.  Get ready to fight, people, because it's about to get reeeeeeallly ugly!


  1. Good one. I especially like the "man in a white skin suit" line. May have to steal that one.

  2. Thanks, A! I heard a tiny snippet of Mark Levin last night where he mentioned Odumbass was "remaking" America and I thought touching on that with the fact that Romney is all on board might make an interesting couple of points. our politicians have no desire to fix anything. They want to create a whole new country.