Monday, May 21, 2012


Yeppers, people, it's that time again!  We all need to get out there and vote for the truest conservative members of our communities (if you're a conservative) or whomever it is you think would be best for the jobs they are running for.  I have placed my votes and will continue to promote the people that I think will hold themselves accountable and that have ONLY the best interests of our local, state and federal governments at heart.  Those who truly care about what happens to us all; white, black, hispanic, asian - ALL AMERICANS!

For the past two weeks, I have been handing out push cards for the Tarrant Country GOP Chair, Jennifer Hall, going door-to-door in the blazing heat.  I really don't mind it because I am an athletic person and I like going door-to-door just to meet all the interesting people.  Here's my shout out to Jen Hall:


This lady and her hubby are two really neat people.  I love what she's done for the party and I hope she can continue to do some great things for the county office.  She doesn't get paid for what she does, she volunteers her time, and it takes a LOT of time and she loves what she does.  Kudos, Jen.  You go girl!

As I have been participating in her campaign, I have also filed to run for precinct chair in my precinct.  My 'hood, if you will.  I will write more about that later because my election run-off doesn't even happen til July 31st so I will have plenty of time to bitch and complain about all the work I'll be doing.

Going door-to-door  has been quite an eye opener.  So far, I really like the people I have spoken with and I have made some good connections.  People in my neighborhood association, people that don't get out much, elderly ladies that like to chat - one actually invited me in her home and before I left, insisted I come in and see what her daughter had done to her master bedroom, LOL.  I love her!  What a sweet woman.  Some people have been less than friendly and that's ok.  They all seem to be wary of who's standing on their doorstep.  So would I.

One thing that really sticks out, though, is the fact that there are so many people that DON'T know what's going on and that DON'T follow what is  happening to our state, country, etc..  They don't know that laws have been passed that take away their rights to free speech, due process and their privacy.  When I tell them what's been happening, they can't believe it and tell me that they are going to look these things up.  That's when I know I've reached someone and they just might get involved.  Some want to only vote straight ticket and I try to tell them that's a no-no and beg them to please look up the people on the ticket and do their own research.  Some give me their own perspective on what's going on.  I can't decide if it's humorous or scary or just plain weird.  Another thing, though, that makes me happy is the fact that there are a LOT of people that DO know what's going on and they DO want to get involved but just don't know how.  That's where I come in!  :-)   I think I have recruited some newbies ( I hope) and they don't shy away when I mention that I love Ron Paul and that he is MY personal choice, not necessarily the choice of those I am walking for.  But they don't care (YES!), they want to help and one lady in particular who came from Canada is begging to be able to share her experiences in socialized healthcare and how it hurt her family.  I have also met some that are way out in space.  I think the most heartbreaking things I see are people who haven't left their homes in years.  People that are scared and alone and afraid to go outside so they hole themselves up and never come out.  Those are the people I want to reach the most.  But, they don't want to be bothered and that is their right and I will respect it......after trying a t least 3 times to engage them.  :-D

So get out there and vote, everyone!  Get involved!  Get angry!  Get even!  But most important, let's get out country back!


  1. Thanks justin. Do we know each other? :-)

  2. Thanks justin. Do we know each other? :-)

  3. Amazing work you're doing, Jen. It's a tuff one, but I'm glad you're speaking out against straight party tkt voting. I already know the argument u hear for it: "well if I don't vote all republicans, the people who vote all democrat will get ahead", because I've heard the same thing, (almost everytime), when I speak against it. Yet the whole time, we are all fed up with the gridlock from these two parties fighting against each other, and politicians voting exclusively for their party causes, and not their heart. We are fed up with the same worthless politicians being elected again and again, and we wonder how that keeps happening. I blame good ole straight party voting. It's seems hard to Chang some people on that one. I think a campaign needs to be started to take that option (straight party) off the ballots, and THEN, whether it happens or not, people will hear the msg against this politically crippling disease.
    But what amazing work you're doing. Thanx

  4. "A journey of a thousand miles, begins with only one step" Keep on stepping