Friday, May 11, 2012



DISCLAIMER:  First I want to say before I begin, that this is not a gay bashing blog.  I have had many gay friends over the course of my life and I have loved all of them with the exception of one particular woman who was so butch, I thought she would eventually murder me and a couple of other people I know.  No joke.  Thank God I haven't seen that chick since 1991!  I also remember, because of our ages, how hard it was for my gay friends to come out of the closet to their friends and especially their families.  Some of them were welcomed with acceptance and open arms and some were abandoned by those they loved, even the parents that raised them.  The girl that was mean really had good reason to be.  I heard the things her drunk mother would say to her on the phone and the horrible, HORRIBLE, messages she would leave on her answering machine.  No wonder T was so angry - her own parents were calling her terrible names like whore, slut, dyke and the C U Next Tuesday word.  My other good, good friend, J, also had a difficult relationship with his mom after coming out to his parents and she never did really accept it until he passed away.  The guilt is hard for her to overcome for the lost time between her and her son.   Those were hard times for them but I always let my gay friends know that no matter what, I was still there for them.  I still loved them and cared about them and that one day, it would hardly be an issue.  Not one of them really cared about being able to marry their loves when they got older, they were more worried about losing their loved ones than anything else.  What really threw me was that some of the parents were so unforgiving, that they made it well known the love for their child was totally conditional - something I cannot even fathom.  So, with that being said,  I love, love, love my gay friends, I use the F word with the utmost respect when I talk to them (because I have gay friends and that's just what we do when we're together, lol) and I wish them all the happiness in their lives because they deserve it just as much as anyone else.  But there is something that they should know about Obama's "evolution".  Some of the gays see right through him while some of them see nothing but rainbows over the man's head that are taking the place of his messiah halo.  Haha.

The only reason Obama has come out as a supporter for gay marriage is two reasons:  1) Idiot Joe Biden threw him under the bus and 2) it's election year and he needs your votes and will do and say whatever he has to do to get them.  Hell, the minute he came out with his new stance, he went to George Clooney's fundraiser and they raised 9 million dollars in 90 minutes for his presidential campaign.  No one is taking him to task over that, of course.  When Obama campaigned in 2008, he campaigned a lot his support of gay rights.  He also campaigned on the rights of the hispanics and illegals and if you will remember, once he took office, he completely "forgot" about those groups of voters.  He had no intention of doing anything for either group.  Why do you think he's waited this long to say anything??  He has said in the past, he does not believe in or support gay marriage.  He's been all over the board with this subject and is usually punting the issue down the road hoping the gay voters will forget about it.  I understand the need for gay people to be "equal" and to have the same rights as everyone else but here's what they don't seem to understand:  gay marriage, or any kind of marriage, IS NOT A FEDERAL ISSUE!  NOR IS IT A STATE ISSUE!  This is an issue of individual liberty and the church.  The government does not perform weddings, unless one takes place at a JP court.  The government has no right to tell you or anyone else who can get married and who cannot.  So why are you guys looking to your president when it comes to a non-issue like this?  What do you think he's supposed to do about it?  What can he do about it?  NOTHING!  37 states have banned gay marriage and Obama cannot tell them to lift that ban. The Supreme Court will rule that under the 10th amendment, the state is the one that makes the deciding decision.  Although, it's really not a state issue, either - or shouldn't be.   If they want to be intolerant, they have that right as it may be against the religion of the majority of the people but it's not a big deal to travel to a state that allows gay marriage and just get married there.    Again, this is an issue that should only be dealt with by the church.  There are many gay churches that are willing to perform a gay marriage ceremony, just pick one!  As far as my above comment about gay people just want the same rights as the rest of us, here's a thought:  the constitution already affords you that equality.  So does the Declaration of Independence:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

I was looking for some good pictures of gays celebrating on google, but I quickly found out you should NEVER google just the word gay people, LOL!  I had to put my hands over the screen because the kids were in the room with all the soft porn that showed up, hahaha!  So I looked up gay people celebrating and I liked these pictures.  I also liked this one below.  It had a certain "We're MARRIED NOW, bitchez" so here it is:


Here's another thought I people in this country think they have it bad?  They really don't.  I found a picture on the net of 2 Iraqi men that had been tortured and stoned to death because of their homosexuality but the pics are so bad, I'm not going to post them.  Once you see pictures like that, you realize how good homosexuals really have it in this country.  Yes, there are hate crimes, but most people are very tolerable because it's not that big an issue anymore.  Being a conservative, I can honestly say that I don't know many conservative people that are horrified at the thought of gay people or gay marriage.  That's just the point I'm trying to make - no one care's if you're gay or not.  No matter what the democrats and the media say, we conservatives could really care less if you are gay or not.  If you're a nice person and do nice things, that is ALL that matters. Yes, the old guard republicans don't want that,the baptists don't want that and there will always be people on all political and demographical (is that a word) sides that don't even want to recognize it.  But conservatives like me and younger ones and, yes, even the 50 somethings are perfectly fine with gay people.  Lots of  gay men and women have a truer heart that your typical heterosexual asshole friends.    Everyone, everywhere knows and has at least one gay friend and are perfectly fine with it.  Why does the government have to make it a bigger issue than it really is??  They are bound and determined to cause division and hate and keep everyone arguing about things that don't mean shit right now. They've done with this the ridiculous "war on women" and the completely insane "repubs want to take away your birth control" fight, the racial bullshit and a few other issues that have had nothing to do with the state of this country and yet everyone wants to focus on this and report only on this issue - that isn't even an issue!!!  They were simply ideas that have been blown out of proportion to get people talking about those things rather than the real and urgent issues that must be dealt with NOW!

Nevertheless, this has made many gay people around the country ecstatic and some of these people will actually base their support for Obama based on this ONE issue alone.  ONE non-issue!  So now that we have had all of our celebrating and all of the talking about Obama's "evolution" and all of the celebrities coming out of the woodwork to support his fake stance on gay marriage, can we please, PLEASE, get back to the real problems our country is having?  You know, the problems that are about to bring the USA to  her knees?  The laws Obummer has passed that blatantly violate literally half of our constitutional rights?  The rights that set us apart from any other country in the world?  When you are done eating your cake and singing and dancing and being your wonderful, lovely, gay selves, then maybe we can get back to more important things such as:

The inevitable collapse of our monetary system
The Federal Reserve
17% unemployment
The economy
The debt
The deficit
The 5 trillion dollar budget Obama's trying to pass
China getting the OK from the feds to take over the first US bank - EVER
The 4 illegal wars we are in right now and losing innocent lives fighting for nothing
Repealing NDAA, CISPA, HR347, Patriot act and the TSA and much, much more!
In other words, the TYRANNY we are facing each and every day

Once you start talking about these things, democratic support falls sharply.  Doesn't anyone understand that all of the things I mentioned above are gravely important and when that happens, gay marriage won't even be a thought in anyone's head - survival will.  And when things turn bloody and violent, and they will, you better trade the rainbow flag and for a rainbow gun and get ready to protect the one thing that truly matters more than anything:  yourself.

Save your country.  Otherwise, prepare to suffer some serious, serious consequences.  If our dollar completely collapses, how am I supposed to go out for happy hour with my gay friends??

P.S.  Here is a video of Ron Paul addressing gay marriage.  You will enjoy it!

Love and respect and God Bless you all!



  1. Chris Rock said it best, "there's no reason why gay people shouldn't be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us", lol. I know, the jest of ur article is there's more important worries, and his stance is faked in this election year, and I DO agree, but this gay marriage thing is such BS as a big topic. Shit, the whole "gay" thing, is BS to me. ( why should people's sexual choices be such an absolute defining thing about them? Why should that even matter?)

    Anyway, I just can't believe there's all this fuss over gay marriage when who really gives a shit about marriage in this country anyway? Or being married? I'm glad that I am married, but obviously, it has it's disadvantages, that make me ask, why all the fuss? I tell ya, sometimes I feel like a used car salesman when I "brag" about being married, (just being honest, lol), so why all the fuss? Shit, because I'm married, Im not really allowed to have who I want as just friends, without being judged, because, ummm, he's married, so why all the fuss? LOL, sometimes I think ONLY gay people should be allowed to be married, and just imagine the fuss there'd be if there was a law that said gay people HAVE to get married, to keep them out of the way of potential tax payer makers?

  2. LOL, Dan! I agree - sexual orientation should never be the business of the federal government or anyone else except for the two people involved. If they would just leave everyone alone and let us live our lives the way we see fit, the country would be a much better place.