Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Jennifer Hall, the lady I have been helping campaign for this past month, has won her election and is now the permanant (until the next election) Tarrant County GOP Chairwoman.  We are all excited that she was able to pull this off and it was a lot of fun being a part of the team that helped get her elected.  I kind of feel like I didn't get to do enough for the campaign but I know that my hard work did help in some small way.  I am actually amazed at the dedication and energy a lot of the group members had for this sort of thing and the time they were able to put in is really incredible.  Kudos to each and every one of those that worked on this team and an special shout-out for Jennifer, herself, for basically being a volunteer for the republican party and the future of Texas and the United States.  If only we had more people like her, politics wouldn't be so freakin' horrible!  I just hope that the members of the TCGOP that have been there for several years will be able to see that she's doing a great job and get on board with her and not rescind their support simply because she refuses to support the status-quo.  Congratulations, Jennifer!  I hope you will change the world of Texas politics.  :-)

Onto other news - this is complete and total bullshit, too - I am amazed at the amount of support Joe Barton, David Dewhurst, Kay Granger and countless other establishment politicians were allowed to keep their positions last night.  I tried to find some pictures of these morons with devil horns and other fun edits but I couldn't.  Yet!  Anyway, I am continuously amazed at how stupid voters are and I am ashamed that I used to be as stupid as they are.  Joe Barton and Kay Granger have both supported the NDAA, CISPA, TAARP, HR347 and the Patriot Act.  These are all unconstitutional laws that should have never been passed and, in my opinion, they should be brought up on charges of treason and violating their Oath of Office in protecting and defending the Constitution.  They are domestic enemies and maybe they should be subject to the NDAA bill on the grounds of terrorism.  Yeah, I think I like that idea!  Let's give them a taste of their own medicine and see how they like not having freedom of speech, the right to due process or the right to privacy.  These fucking morons!  Also, David Dewhurst, the RINO of the election, is a movin' on up so he can collect his $174k  annual salary for life while he makes his deals and joins the likes of John Boehner, Lindsay Graham, Eric Cantor, Max Baucus and countless other congressional douche-canoes!  I am disgusted at the lot of them and I hope a lightening bolt comes out of the sky and blasts all of their skulls.  :-) That would make me happy. 

The reason I am amazed at the voters that keep them in office is because during all of my blockwalking and all of the people I have talked to, most of them were pretty informed as to who was doing what in DC and who is responsible for the mess we're in.  It was encouraging to know that so many people have woken up and started paying attention to what's happening in our country.  Then after seeing last night's results, I was incredibly disappointed and my hopes had been dashed that there weren't enough people out there willing to make the necessary changes.  Every so often, I would come across people that said they vote for the person first on the list or they vote for the name they think sounds the best or they just vote straight republican or democrat ticket no matter what.  It's hard to bite your tongue when you need their vote for something.  I think I already wrote about this sort of thing.

Moving on the Ron Paul:  This picture says it all.  This guy has NOT given up.  No matter what the media says, no matter what the talking heads are telling us, no matter what the newspapers say, Ron Paul is not gone, he is not done and he has not lost.  He is acquiring more delegates than the media will report and there are more delegates that will be at the state conventions voting for him than there are delegates willing to vote for Mittens a 2nd time.  All of the delegates are now UNBOUND and can now vote for who they really want.  So far, Ron Paul has won most, if not all, of the delegates in Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and OMG I hate this stupid piece of shit computer!!!  Every time I open another window to make sure I'm getting the facts right and list the correct states and correct quotes, it freezes up on me!!  (#*$&%$(#$*!#%*(!!!!  My point is that Ron Paul is winning more delegates than Romney is and no one is being honest about it except websites like the Daily Caller or The Blaze or Drudgereport or  The American Dream.  This is for FREDRICK the pain in my ass tonight on Facebook.  HERE'S YOUR WEBSITE, DORK!
There, dork, now get off my ass.  I've proven to you my point but you can't prove yours to me so get movin'!

Anyhoo, Ron Paul just keeps working to win those delegates that are really what counts in this race.  Romney doesn't have them and the MSM knows it.  I will continue to work my ass off for this man and hope that I can change minds before time to vote.  I will also be going to the state convention all next week!  I am an alternate delegate #5 and that means that there is a 99.9% chance that I will be bumped up to a full delegate and be able to cast my vote for rules and nominations and platforms.  Most importantly, for president.  This will be my first convention and I will be blogging about it as I go through the process.  It will be interesting and I hope that more and more people get fed up like me and decide to become a part of things to truly make a difference and a positive change.  My election for Precinct Chair doesn't happen until the last week of July so I have time to prepare for that as well.  This is going to be a very interesting summer.  If my man doesn't win, I will be heartbroken and I will have to cast my vote to get rid of Obama for Obama-Lite.  Picking the lesser of two evils is never easy but hopefully we can put more constitituional conservatives in the senate and take the majority there, too.  That way, if Odumbo is re-elected, at least the two chambers can sort of control what he does.  And if he decides to continue to legislate with executive orders, which is illegal, maybe - just maybe - someone in the senate will finally have the balls and the numbers to begin proceedings to impeach.  I swear to God, if Ron Paul pulls a Ronad Reagan, I will explode into a million pieces of happy and rain glitter down from the Heavens above!!

That's my rant for this evening.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.  I will be back in a couple of days.  Much love to all and God Bless America!




  2. Congrats to you folks in Tarrant County! You did much better than us in Collin. Love hearing about the effort to get Jennifer Hall elected. (I hear it from Dave C also)