Friday, June 28, 2013



But apparently not as busy as the feds have been!  ;-)

I have also gotten burned out on blogging but so much has been happening lately, I should be blogging like crazy about all the fuckery that's been going on.  So let's recap:

Immigration:  The democrats' new "Obamacare".  Over 1000 pages, no one other than the GANG of 8,  has read it all the way through, except Ted Cruz and Rand Paul probably, and it's filled with more pork sandwiches than a Louisiana BBQ!  There is actually a provision in this bill that says the IRS can fine any company $5000 for hiring a citizen over an illegal alien.  How is that protecting America?  American workers?  So forget the citizens that are actually paying for all this stuff, let's just give the illegals everything their hearts desire.  Let's give them citizenship, let's open the borders and the floodgates, let's give them free healthcare, free education, free and/or discounted housing and transportation, dental and food and first crack at all the job opportunities this country has to offer (which isn't much these days).  Yes, that is the answer to illegal immigration!  This law blatantly violates our constitution just like every other law that has been passed the last 8 years.  This is not protection of the borders, this is not protecting our country.  This will kill us.  Right now, because of Obamacare, most jobs are temp jobs or part time jobs so that companies won't have to provide the healthcare insurance that the govt promised would be more affordable.  Since the exact opposite has happened - surprise - and premiums have doubled and even tripled, companies are doing what they have to do to cut costs and benefits to employees.  So let's penalize American companies even more with this $5000 penalty for hiring citizens instead of illegals.  The other part of this bill I can't get my head around is the fact that there is a provision for unions in the hospitality industry that will give 30,000 visas to the low and/or no-skilled worker ( the ones that speak ZERO English and can't read or write English, either) so they can work for hotels and other hospitality businesses.  So let's think about that:  the govt is going to grant 30,000 visas specifically for this industry which means 30,000 people MUST work in that industry if they want to come here.  They get their visa if they come clean up after people, cook for people, do their laundry, etcetera.  I wonder when the illegals will catch on to the fact that this is a form of slavery.  Not only is this tyranny at it's best, it is economic and physical slavery and the illegals, since they don't speak, read or write any English, cannot read this law for themselves let alone understand any of it. 

Marco Rubio has turned out to be a classless twit that needs to go and funny enough, his state is setting up a recall to yank his ass out of Congress, hehee.  Here is that link here .  Go, Florida!  I wrote a post on making a recall law for Texas much like the one that other states, such as Montana and Florida have but of course, no lawmaker in Texas wants to touch it with a ten foot pole.

Anyway, here's a solution to the immigration problem - ENFORCE THE LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE ON THE BOOKS AND IN THE CONSTITUTION!!!!  YOU DON'T NEED NEW LAWS WHEN YOU REFUSE TO FOLLOW THE CURRENT LAWS!!!  Seriously, folks!  The only reform that needs to be made is actually following the laws we have!!  Those laws would work just fine if they gave it a try!  Fucking maniacs!


I only have one question:  When did WE become the enemy?  When did the citizens of this country become the bad guys?  I don't recall any American citizen flying planes into those buildings or our pentagon or chanting "Death to America" up and down our streets.  I don't recall any American citizen, except for the freak in Fort Hood, Major Nidal Hasan - a Muslim-American, mind you, conspiring or causing any murder or mayhem in this country.  I don't think we need to trade OUR liberties or OUR rights for the false security the government is trying to sell.  There's no way they can keep us completely safe from harm and I don't want to live in a country that is restricting my freedom.  I was born free and grew up free and now I am a prisoner in my own home.  From Smart Meters to Red Light Cameras, they know our every move.   Another blow to our constitutional rights.  Rand is supposed to be challenging this at the Supreme Court level and I hope - I know - he will win it for us.  I just wish it would be moving along a little faster in the courts.  The people that love this country and have fought for this country and our rights are under fire from our own government and that is wrong.  They - WE - have been falsely lumped in with terrorists for simply speaking out against the government.  This isn't America anymore.  We are no longer free.  This and the Immigration issues alone should be a big contributor to a revolt and not a peaceful one, either.  Enough is enough!

As far as Edward Snowden is concerned, I think he's a hero!  I really do!  The media and our government have made this guy out to be a traitor - a Benedict Arnold, if you will, only there's a key component missing from that description:  He didn't give this information to any enemy of this country, he gave this information TO THE PEOPLE!  He blew the whistle on the government violating our rights so badly and he didn't want to live in a country that illegally obtained personal and private information on every person in this country through an illegal law signed by Bush II.  It's gotta make you think that if an American citizen has to seek protection from the US Govt. in places like China or Russia, something is seriously fucked up.  Used to be people came here to escape persecution and tyranny.  They don't do that anymore.  The media has done it's best to paint Snowden as a traitor and have even gone so far as to claim that Snowden has in his possession secret government documents and other programs that he could be giving to our enemies in exchange for protection.  They don't have a fucking CLUE what Snowden has in his possession and is only reporting this nonsense so that we will think he's giving away top secret information that will ultimately lead to some sort of attack.  I call bullshit on that one.  No worries - Obama will make sure Snowden is taken out and will probably do it with a drone strike.  No warrant needed.  No trial.  No due process.  And the media won't waste their time reporting it.


Free speech?  A thing of the past?  Apparently so, if you're Paula Dean.   So, if you said the word "nigger" at any time in your life, you are subject to immediate termination, so says Target, Sears, Wal Mart, QVC, her publisher, Ballantine Books and a few other companies that market and carry her brand.    Well, I guess most of the people in this country should be fired, then, right? 

What about all the rappers that use "nigger" in their songs?  In their every day conversations?  What about black people that say "cracker" or "honkey" to a white person?  What about a black person on a TV show that has the line "..don't you be turning out to be like no white girl!", as if that's a bad thing? What if that line had been "don't you turn out to be like no black girl!"?  I believe there would be one heck of a crap storm!  So should the writer also be held accountable and lose his or her job?  The answer is simple:  HELL NO!

We have this thing called the 1st amendment which protects our right to speak as freely and as stupidly as we like.  I, for one, will continue to use my rights to free speech and I will not fear anyone or anything and I will defend anything and everything I say.  See, free speech is a good thing because if you do choose to use certain words that are offensive to most people, they're going to drop you and you will have no friends and no outlet for blogging.  This will then force you to think about what you say before you say it making you accountable and responsible for your actions.  Most people learn a lesson this way.  But, good Lord, getting fired from all of your jobs and to be publicly lynched for something you said??  25 years ago???  What is wrong with this country???  These companies???  I plan to boycott any business that fires or drops a brand for someone speaking freely - no matter how stupid or offensive it is!  Let ME be the judge of that and let me buy my Goddamn Paula Dean cookware and books and videos from your store! 

How about the Texas teen who's been in jail since March for making a joke about shooting up a school of kids and "eating their still beating hearts."?  He was playing a video game that you can play at the same time with other people who are all over the country and he was being sarcastic.  He's facing 8 years in prison.  You can read that story here .

Seriously - don't take this lightly!  These are Gestapo tactics and they are working!  If this country thinks things like this are ok, we'll all be out of a job and on welfare or in jail.  Or is that the plan?  Hmm....a conspiracy!!   (yes, I'm kidding).  You can call me anything you want.   I have the power to let make me angry or not or offended or not.  I don't care what you call me, just don't call me a democrat or dishonest or a racist and everything will be ok.  However, if you do feel the need to call me names, be prepared to be challenged.  Verbally, not physically.  I'm a runner, not a fighter.  ;-) 

So let's put this all together:  No more borders.  No protection of citizens' rights.  No free speech protection.  No privacy.  No protection of our right to due process.  For Hannah's friends:  Do you want to live in a country that says you're free but takes your freedom in the name of "security" or "the right thing to do"?  Then quit cheering people like Wendy Davis who continually vote to fuck up this country.  LOOK at all of the issues instead of just one.  There's nothing worse or more stupid than a person that is a one-issue voter.  Think about your rights.  Think about how this country managed to become the freest, most powerful and most successful country on the planet in the 1900s and how it's been dragged through shit for the last 13 years!  It doesn't take long to lose something so precious as freedom if you only make your choices based on one issue. 

I would love feedback so feel free to speak freely here.  I welcome all of your questions and comments. 

OK, wait just a minute, I forgot to add one more thing:  This crap here....

This DOUCHE-CANOE has decided to award Hilary Clinton the Liberty Medal.  Really!  The  LIBERTY MEDAL!!  So, I guess the way to get a Liberty award is to allow the Middle East to literally catch fire while you get smashed and party your way all over the world and then let your Libyan Ambassador get ambushed and killed while refusing any backup or rescue team to go in and stop the murder of Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans.  I had no idea allowing these things to happen were considered "liberty".  And this bastard is in the running for our next president?  OH HELL NO!  Smh.....  read the story here .


  1. Paula's contract was not renewed, she was not arrested. Don't get your thong in a twist. She can still be a racist if she wants to. Judging from your foul mouth I am guessing you don't have a job.

  2. Hi, Jill! I actually DO have a job - full time, single mom here. I'm sorry you don't like my "foul language" but I believe in something called FREE SPEECH and it's protected under the 1st amendment. You may want to look it up. What I posted in this thread about the N word, I posted to make a point. No one should be persecuted for something they said 3 years ago or 30 years ago unless it was a blatant lie or slander against another person. You're right, she can be a racist all she wants, however, I don't think she IS a racist. I think she said some things that make her look stupid but that's about it.

    When someone's contract isn't "renewed" in the wake of a scandal such as this, it is another way of saying you're fired. No, she was not arrested but her entire livelihood has been wiped out - sure she still has her money, but her brand and her name has been ruined by the media shit-storm so she is essentially being punished for simply saying the word nigger all those many years ago. I think for any company to drop her for using free speech, however offensive it may be, is violating her 1st amendment right to look like an asshole. Even though, in a free market system, a company can fire or drop anyone for any reason they like.

    So there it is. This is the problem we have in America. A problem we shouldn't even have to worry about because of the right to free speech. And, sweetie, I don't wear thongs. I find them as hard to get out of my butt as it is to pull your head out of yours!


  3. Also, where did you happen to find my blog? Just curious. I like to see where the traffic comes from since I don't get much of it. ;-)

  4. Her restaurant is in Savanna GA, a hotbed for racial inequity. On a side note, it always amazed me how rednecks in the south would hold confederate war re-enactments, as if they could change the outcome. Also, how many southerners try and re-write history saying the civil war was about states rights, not slavery...yeah right. Bunch of sore losers trying to re-write history.

    I find it odd you support a boss's right to insult his employees using racial slurs. That is not protected by free speech, and neither is yelling fire in a movie theater when there is none. Hate to break it to you, but not all speech is protected.

    I found your blog thru a co-worker who knows you, but would like to remain anonymous. He/she says you a basically good person except you tend to rant. Sorry, I can't tell you where I work, it would be a dead give-away.


  5. Actually, ALL speech IS protected. You cannot pick and choose which kind is and which isn't. You absolutely can use racial slurs against an employee but you had better be prepared for that employee to quit and others, as well. I also support the employee's right to tell that boss to kiss his/her ass as he/she walks out the door. You CAN yell fire in a movie theater but you better be prepared to be kicked out and/or banned from that theater the rest of your life. You can say whatever you like but you have to be prepared for any consequences of what you say - it's called personal accountability and responsibility. I have learned that lesson well and I'm more careful about what I say and how I say it and the avenues I used to say these things. That is the beauty of free speech and no one should sit in jail or have their entire livelihoods taken away from them for something that was said 30 years ago or even yesterday. I take my constitutional rights very seriously and so should you. There will come a day, if we don't do something about it now, where we will have NO protected speech - just look at HR347 from the House. Unconstitutional and extremely dangerous to future free speech.

    I get that you want to remain anonymous, although I'm not sure why. It's not like I'm going to send a firing squad to your house or something or defriend someone for showing you my blog. However, I do find it interesting that you want to visit my blog and accuse me of not having a job because of my "foul language" and sling other insults at me and then hide behind your anonymity. That's just silly.

    Your friend is right - I am basically a good person and yes, I rant on my blog because I am very passionate about these things. We are losing our rights every day and our country is being turned upside down by our government and I'm trying to do my part to keep that from happening. I suppose I could just sit silently - anonymously - and give up without a fight but that's not who I am. My hope is that I get some people fired up enough to also do their part to save this nation. This blog is a teensy bit of what I do. Hopefully I can even change your mind about what protected speech really is. It was the very first thing our founding fathers protected for us. What we do with it is up to us.

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  7. You are probably someone I work with. Otherwise, you wouldn't keep it a secret! And that's ok! LOL

  8. Here's something to chew on...The irony of the government watching that most people give there info away on the internet. Name someone you know and I bet you a dollar to a donut I can tell you 3 facts about them you don't know. (Ie if they are pro life or pro choice, pro gun, democrat or republican, been to jail, divorced, how many kids. marriages etc. People post all sorts of mindless crap on blogs, faceboook, message boards, etc. People blog, post and give info away willingly. Just name a friend and I bet I can give you more than you care to know, and I don't work for the govt.

    For that matter, the govt may be collecting data but it is waay to much to do anything with. They only way to stop terrorists is good old fashioned boot on the ground infiltration. You flatter our govt. thinking it can actually mine information AND actually make it useful.

  9. Hey,
    Tottaly thought of you when I read about Jenny McCarthy and Free Speech. Now she has a wide platform (equipped with her degree from google university :) )to discuss her medical knowledge about how vaccinations are bad. This new platform will give her more credibility.

    Wonder if there are increases in Mumps Measles or Rubella deaths.

  10. you know what's really odd? I wrote back a nice piece about your last comment (before Jenny McCarthy) and it's gone. I wonder what happened to it?!

    Anyway, I'm not in the mood to rehash what I wrote but I will say I don't like Jenny McCarthy. She's a dim bulb and spreads false hope of curing autism. She didn't cure her son from it as she claims because he still has issues. Whether vaccines are the culprit of autism or not, I don't know. But if I had it to do over again, I would not have given him those shots just in case. Not till at least 6 or 7.