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Can you believe this guy?  I just watched the video from his press conference yesterday and I cannot believe not only ....wait - back up - I CAN believe it, I just can't believe that I can believe it anymore -  but not only is the man LYING about this legislation being backed by 90% of Americans (KOFFfuckinliarKOFF) but he is actually scolding the American PEOPLE and Congress for not getting this illegal piece of legislation passed.  Listen to this jerk talk to us as if we're impudent little kids!  Start at the 5 minute mark.

Seriously??  Is he seriously saying that we should all be ashamed because our 2nd amendment rights were protected?  Here's a newsflash, Mr. Obummer, if 90% of congress and 90% of Americans wanted this legislation to pass, it would have passed.  The votes would have been there and you would be signing yet another illegal law to suppress yet another of our protected constitutional rights.    What do you not understand about the right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon?  I realize you hate our constitution and you've even said yourself that you wish we didn't have a congress so you could just do whatever you want but in America, THE PEOPLE will tell YOU what to do, not the other way around.  We are fighting hard to get you to realize you will not take our liberty without a fight and it looks like it worked with this one.  

And knowing he doesn't like having to go through congress is why he said this:

"This effort is not over."  He then went on to say, "EVEN WITHOUT CONGRESS (another executive order will be signed, wait for it!), my administration will do everything we can to protect more of our communities.  We will address barriers that keep states from participating in existing background check systems (which we already do background checks, he's mad because he didn't get his registry) and give more information to law enforcement about lost and stolen guns (how will they know they are lost and/or stolen if they aren't registered, hmm?) and emergency plans to protect our kids in schools".  He then went on to say "we can do better if congress gets its act together and if they don't, then the real impact will have to come from the voters.".

Well, Mr. Obummer, the impact DID come from the voters.  It came from a ton of us calling our reps in Congress and letting them know that if they go forward with this bill, there will either be blood spilled (theirs) or there will be a brand new Congress next term.  WE are the ones that made our reps remember what the 2nd amendment is about - protecting ourselves from a tyrannical government - first and foremost.
I wonder why they expect us to really believe that this is not legislation to begin the repeal of the 2nd amendment.  Here's a little "oopsie" moment from Hairy Reid, that little troll:

Realize that he said "anti-gun legislation" not once, but TWICE!  Yeah, don't sit there and preach to me about how we are all paranoid that the gub'mnt is coming after us.  When they buy billions of rounds of ammo and don't tell Congress what it's for, except to give a cock and bull story about making the free markets more competitive (my absolute favorite, so far!), that should sound off alarm bells.  The fact that even some members of Congress are wary of the government purchasing all those rounds and have even said they think they will use them on US, ought to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!  What does it take, people?  How about this tidbit from the man who authorized Fast and Furious:

Now for the appropriate response at the 6:25 mark,  hehehe:

Does this administration really care about our rights?  Why do you think they want all of the ammunition?  So we can't use our guns against them!  DUH!

We are in very scary times in this country.  Our president and his NSA and DHS and TSA and CIA and FBI looking at US as enemies.  They want to watch our every move.  Why?  The last times I know of any domestic terrorism was Timothy McVeigh and Bill Ayres and Bill Ayres is a very good friend of Mr. Obummer.  Mr. Ayres is a very powerful figure in the education system of this country.  He himself said after his own domestic terrorism trial, after being acquitted of all charges, "Guilty as hell, free as a bird!".  99% of the people in this country are innocent of any kind of terrorism, discounting gangs and crazy people, of course.  Last time I looked, it wasn't an American that blew up the Trade Centers in 1995 and it wasn't Americans that rammed the planes into the towers.  Why should WE pay this price because some foreign nationals have attacked us? 

This smackdown was well deserved and couldn't come at a better time. How dare our president act like that in his press conference?!!  Last time I checked, he was supposed to protect our rights, not take them away.
The bombings in Boston was heavy proof that no matter how many rights the government takes away in the name of security, no matter how many laws they pass and no matter how many guns they take from us, you cannot guarantee safety nor security anywhere in this world.  They take away your rights in order to have control over you and that's it.
Sorry (no, I'm not), Mr. President but the American people have spoken.  Now sit down and shut up!

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