Monday, February 18, 2013



The annual Lincoln Day Dinner Fundraiser took place last Friday night at the Hurst Conference Center and we had the *koff* pleasure of listening to Mr. Slick Rick Santorum as our keynote speaker.  He mostly did a lot of preaching to us Texans about what we need to do as a state to lead.  I have a hard time listening to someone that always has a look on his face like he's talking to an idiot and always gets stuck explaining things to you.   I don't like condescension and I don't like his teefs staring at me like that.  I did manage to walk up to him and shake his hand and say hello ( and then he showed his teefs) 
because I just thought it would be fun, haha.  It's not fun, however, when you have to tell people that they cannot cut in front of you while you've patiently waited to pounce.  At least they were nice about it and backed off.  Although I am not a fan of Slick Rick Santorum, I felt it was at least good manners to say hello and thank him for speaking that night.  Whatever helps Jennifer H. and the county GOP is all that matters.  Moving on....

Here are some pictures that were taken of my Liberty group that I just LOVE: ( for those that don't know me, I'm in the blue sweater)

The Liberty Gals!  left to right:  Brandy, Lauren, Sybil, Amy, Me and Jodi

Mixture of GOP and Liberty Group:  L to R - Top to Bottom:
Sybil Lane, David Hall, Jennifer Hall, Steve Munisteri, Brandon Moore, Amy Hedtke, Brandy Derrik, Lauren and Jorge Landivar, Me, Jake Thomas, Jodi Tyree and Justin Machacek

Us Again but this time Lenny Lopez is with us on the end.

We also had some questionable people attending the dinner as well.    Politicians that are new and politicians that need to GTFO and fast!  So far that night, I only saw one of the GTFO peeps that I've had my sights on for the last few years and that's Congressman Joe Barton!  UGH!    Douche-canoe!  Anyway, this is not about that.  But there is another person that needs to be vetted and vetted now.  His name is Todd Staples and he's running for Lt. Governor for the state of Texas.

This guy is Todd Staples.  He wants to beat David Dewhurst - the same Dewhurst that lost to Ted Cruz in the Senate race this past year.  He came up to a bunch of us as he was leaving and said goodbye to me and I looked at him like "OK, bye??"  because I didn't know who he was.  He came up and introduced himself and I finally remembered he spoke that night and told us who he was and blahblahblah, I believe that was about the time that they were serving dinner and had forgotten my plate so I didn't pay much attention to him.    So he tells me he's running against Douche-Hurst and I told him he automatically had my vote (kidding around).  But then I stopped him and asked him before I did decide to support him, what does he think about the NDAA.  I swear to God this man's face went blank.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  He muttered the words "N..?D?....  I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with it"  and I said  "you're kidding.  You don't know what the NDAA is?  The indefinite detention of American Citizens bill?"  He still had no clue.  None!  I just looked at him like he was nuts.  I explained to him that this was federal legislation to which he answered he wasn't familiar with some of the federal bills and I told him that since he's going to be Lt. Gov., he better get familiar with it real fast because it affects the entire country!!  He agreed and said that maybe I could give him more information on that.  I told him maybe you ought to look it up yourself and get familiar with it and understand why WE are working to NULLIFY it along with Obamacare.  His face lit up when I said Obamacare - he knew that one!  <eyeroll> amazes me that people want to run for a high state office like this and he doesn't know a ^@%#$#  thing about one of THE most controversial bills in America.  I just wanted to slap the poop out of him.  Moving on....

EVERYONE KNOWS Slick Rick Santorum, Roger Williams, Steve Munisteri, Kenny Merchant and Joe *GTFO* Barton!

I can tell you that Roger Williams is a really nice man.  He goes to my church, I know him well but I don't know what he will be like in Congress.  I am going to have to really stay on him and make him go the way of Liberty, not moderate RINO republican.  I believe he may listen to me since we know each other and I can get him in touch with lots of liberty and grassrooters that just might sway him the right way.  I don't know, we'll see.  Steve Munisteri - State GOP Chairman, very cool guy, very personable and willing to let everyone participate in the entire political process.  I have only good words for him.  Kenny Merchant, I don't know much about him yet.  I think he's a newbie, I'll have to make sure.  Well crap!  It seems after I looked him up, he doesn't seem to be very conservative.  That blows!  He is a big fan of big oil and seems to be the fith largest oil stock owner in Congress. Says he broke with conservatives to increase the minimum wage.  I'm not going to look at anymore on him, I don't have time right this second.  However, Joe Barton is a crook, a liar, a theif and has violated his oath of office, he has signed his name to legislation that violates our 1st, 4th, 10th amendments.  He needs to be escorted out of his office for treason.  Period!

All in all it was a good party.  a great bunch of people and a not-so-great bunch of people.  Some people really need to lay OFF the alcohol.  I couldn't believe how many people were acting the fool because of their poorly thought out consumption of  booze.  Come on, people!  Grow up!  You're at a nice dinner, people know you, don't make them NOT want to know you.

I'm actually glad I got to sit at the table I was assigned after all because I never would have met some of the people I did.  If the wait staff had given me my food on time and let me keep it for longer than 10 minutes, it might have been an even better experience.  At least they gave me a new serving of the mashed new potatoes, even if I had already resigned to eating my key lime pie.

Mmmmm!  Pie and potatoes for dinner!  ;-)   LOL!

I really did have a blast.  I hope to attend more of these events.


  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment Jen, then you follow it up with your loser list. wow, hope i stay on your good side. (Smile) Respectfully,
    Lenny Lopez

  2. LOL! I can't help it - the loser list is a list everyone needs access to and I LOOOOVE to call out the creeps that try to take our liberty! Grrr...

  3. Lenny - SHARE this with your friends. At one time, I actually had people in Russia following my posts. ;-)