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This woman wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the ass!  She is so used to lying and manipulating, I wonder if she's starting to believe her own lies.  Like hubby, like wife, I suppose!

 Uh  huh!

So anyway, I made some notes while listening to the lying going on during the Benghazi Hearings yesterday   and I wanted to share a few points.  Hilary talks about  the United States continuing to "lead" and how we cannot afford to pull out of anything at this point because we've made a lot of "progress".  Yeah, progress has been made if you want to make the country the most hated country in the world, jmho!  Anyway she goes on to say that when you don't have American presence in these regions then "extremism takes root, our interests suffer and the security at home is threatened".  I would like to ask what, exactly, are OUR interests in Libya, Syria and now Mali which is located in east Africa?  They keep saying that there are Al-Qeada extremists in all of these places and that we have to keep fighting them and making them go away and keep them from growing more anti-American rebels.  I would also like to know how is security back home, here in America, threatened if we leave these war zones that we have helped create?  I think for her to say that our security here is threatened is a bit of a stretch especially since We The People have been surveilled in every way they can possibly get away with!  They aren't watching out for foreign terrorists, they're watching for domestic terrorists which is just crazy!  If they were so worried about security at home, they would close and monitor the borders and keep people from coming in through Mexico ( and I'm not talking about Mexicans, I'm talking about real terrorists that love crossing from Mexico because it's so damn easy!)  Extremism is growing in Egypt (Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood thanks to Obama's help with that) and in Libya ( what do you think the Benghazi attacks were all about?  A "video"?) so they know damn well what they've done and how they have actually helped create more chaos in an area that used to contain an ally for the US.

Rand Paul blasted her and rightfully should have.  All of the other dems basically slobbered all over her!  It was absolutely disgusting to see them shower her with such praise after she watched our men die in that embassy, helped create a total regime change in Egypt to an anti-American ruling party which is now spreading like wildfire all over the region.  And that is ALL on her!  I've seen this woman's picture in almost every country, partying and gettin' jiggy wid it and having almost as much fun as the Obama's have had on all 19, multi-million dollar vacations.  It' absurd to give her so much praise when she's made us the laughing stock in Russia and the UK, as well!  She has no diplomacy!  She has no right to be in this position and Rand was right to tell her she should have been relieved of her post!  Here is that video here:

Rand knows exactly what he's talking about and even asked her a very unexpected question regarding an annex close to the Benghazi embassy that has been reported as selling and transferring arms from Libya to Turkey!  Arms that came from us, I'm sure, just like in Fast and Furious.  Clinton acted like she knew nothing about it.  Really?  Hadn't even  heard anything on that subject, she said.  If you're the Secretary of State and you knew nothing about the planned, coordinated attack or the warnings prior to the event, have no knowledge of why there was an attack but blamed an innocent man ANYWAY who is STILL in jail for an alleged warrant he had already, don't know anything on the sale and transfer of arms which has been reported on for the last several months and doesn't know if her ambassador might have been mixed up in those dealings, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING SECRETARY OF STATE!!  

Here are some of the stories floating around the news outlets - the ones that actually report the real news!

(this one is VERY interesting)

I mean you're going to sit there when all this information is already out there and being reported, that you have not HEARD of any of this?  Mrs. Clinton, you are a liar!  A liar like your husband is a liar!  I find it almost amusing that Hilary talks about how she believes in complete transparency and being open with policy and telling the world and blahblahblahblah.  It's all bull!  This woman is a disaster and I'm glad she's gone.  Now we just have to deal with another liar, John Kerry.  Shoot me now!

Here is something else I absolutely do NOT like that she said, or yelled, at Senator Ron Johnson.  This is the "what difference does it make?" remark:


What difference does it make?  What difference does IT MAKE?  How or why it happened?  I'm going to say this again - it makes a big freaking difference when you blame an innocent man for a video that no one ever saw until SHE SAID and OBAMA SAID and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SAID that this video was to blame.  She ruined a man's life to save her own ass!  It makes a big difference when this whole thing happened possibly because of a arms selling scheme between the US and Libya and Turkey that was on the DL until all of this happened - it's the Libyan version of Fast and Furious, I shit you not!!

The last thing I want to touch on is when she made the comment that we have to do what we're doing because of of the new countries that we're dealing with (Mali) have no experience with "democracy" so according to her we must keep building these new democracies and enforcing our will upon these countries to make stronger countries blahblahblahblah....  so again, we're going to go into these little countries and bomb the people to get the bad guy or keep the bad guy from setting up camp and that's just the way it is.

That's just the way it is, folks.  Under this administration, the wars will not stop and they will only increase.  We are, again, nation building and getting involved in countries that we have no business going into in the first place.  I'm not "blaming America first" but I am going to place the blame on the American government for running around the region with our drones and bombs and soldiers when these countries have done absolutely NOTHING to warrant our going in and doing harm.  Our Founding Fathers are turning cartwheels in their graves.  How is it that we are not putting these people in jail for their crimes?  I mean, here in real life, if I'm with a friend that murders someone and I know about it and don't say anything about it and pretend it never happened, the cops are going to eventually find out and I would go to jail for being an accomplice to murder.  How is it that these people are not held to the same legal standards as the rest of us?   They KNOW everything that's going on.  They have their hands in every dealing and if you are the Sec. of State and you have to have 19 different agencies and managers to do your job, you don't need to have the job at all.  Unfortunately, nothing will ever happen to the Queen of America............

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