Saturday, December 29, 2012

There is a LOT of gun ban talk going on right now and there are many people who I have spoken with in the past that never even considered this would ever happen, but here we are!  I am trying to figure out why the American People haven't overrun the congress and the white house yet after the damage they have done to our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.  Gun rights is the last frontier for the Dictators of D.C. and they are going to go for everything they can - everything that WE ALLOW THEM - to get away with.  This Bitch-tator up top, here, decided that we need to have a new assault weapons ban in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago.  The absurd part is that the shooter DIDN'T USE ANY ASSAULT WEAPONS!  He used a glock pistol and some other handgun.   I know, facts don't matter to the media, it hasn't in a long time.  No one reported this in the beginning and only now are they starting to just a little. 
Here is Senator Feinstein's website and the "assault weapons ban summary" with a link to her proposal and a bunch of other links to the "testimonials" of gun control and how great it works in other American cities:
Here is a great article in the New American that really flushes out the shit that's in this proposal:
I'm sorry - fingerprinting and a photographing?? Are you kidding?  And a registry?   It's no one's right to know if I have a gun or not.  It's my right to keep a gun, any gun, if I so choose.  What the fuck ever happened to our privacy?!!?  Funny how newspapers can print the names and addresses of people that own guns <KOFF NewYorkTimesKOFF> but any parent that is divorced cannot get medical information on their own child if they aren't the ones that carry the insurance on them <KOFFTexasKOFF> and they happen to be in the hospital OR the paying parent needs to know what the itemized statement means!  OY!  Ok, I am getting sidetracked!  Anyway, I am of the school of thought that if the constitution says I can own a gun, that is my right, that is my permit and that is my business and screw you other people that think they have a right to know my business.
So I read Ms. Feinstein's proposal on her website and I sent her this nice, little letter to her office.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  ;-)

You know, Ms. Feinstein, it sickens me that you would take the Connecticut elementary school shootings as a crisis that should not be wasted.  To push for a ban of "assault weapons" when the weapons used were handguns is laughable.  But what bothers me most is not that you are a flaming liberal piece of crap, you took an oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  And part of that constitution says that we have a right to bear arms, any and all kinds, not just handguns.  That right is not only to protect us from crazy people, it's to also protect us from government freaks gone berserk, LIKE YOU!  You guys have taken away our bill of rights to the tune of the TSA, NSA, NDAA, HR347, the Patriot Act and several others laws that violate our rights and now you're coming after our weapons.  I wonder why this is.....actually, I know why y'all are doing this.  To disarm the people is exactly what you want but the day you take my weapons and the right to defend myself from the likes of you and the rest of the criminals in DC will be the day I die.  You can stick that in your pie hole and chew on that for a while.  You disgust me and you should be tried for treason after all of the treasonous acts you have committed against the American People.  I pray to God you lose your senate seat and soon!

Yeah, I know, I sound a little loony-tunes but I was pissed when I wrote it but I am one of those people that when I feel passionately about something and I am angered or "jenraged" hehe, I tend to react and go off instead of patiently waiting for the reacting part of me turn to reflecting and THEN giving my two cents.  Sorry but this is just maddening.  I actually kind of like this letter.  Can you tell I couldn't remember the name of the school where this all happened?  LOL.  Yeah, my mind was racing a little bit.  So there ya go!  In a nutshell, we have yet another dictator trying to tell us what to do and how to do it and how to live our lives.  Someone needs to take her out back!  To you people that think I am paranoid, let me leave you with a few pictures to THINK about:



This speaks volumes!!


Now let's talk Fiscal Cliff, shall we?  So Obama's back from his 4 million dollar vacation ( I didn't get a vacation this year, did you?) and he signs another executive order to give Joe Biden, the man that cannot even speak a coherent sentence, and the rest of Congress a freaking raise ( I didn't get a raise this year, did you?) because they worked so fucking hard to spend us into a 17 trillion dollar hole, use our tax dollars to arm the very people that are killing our soldiers in the Middle East, literally strip us of our protections under the Bill of Rights, force us to participate in a healthcare scam that has NOTHING to do with helping anyone and gives us no end in sight for all the madness to stop, and are now propping up Mr. Beautiful, Marco Rubio, as the next presidential candidate.  Are you freaking KIDDING ME????  They get a raise for this?  An executive order for a raise???  I believe I talked about the executive order and how the SCOTUS ruled once before that the president cannot make law with executive orders but can only use it to replace EXISTING law but nobody will do or say anything about that, of course not!  They get a raise and our Social Security is 46 BILLION dollars in the hole?  What part of this does the American public not understand?  I have said before that if there is a lawyer out there willing to take these orders and unconstitutional laws to task, I will be the one to help lead the way!  I will be happy to take on these bastards and sign up others to take them on as well!  FreedomWorks, are you listening??  Mark Levin, are you listening??  Of course not or you would have done something by now on some of this craziness.  I literally dream of standing before a congressional panel and schooling them on their job and then pushing the eject button on their asses!
Actually, I tend to laugh at the whole "fiscal cliff" thing because anyone with half a brain knows that we went over that cliff 15 trillion dollars ago.  What we are facing now is one of the most expensive and largest tax increases in our nation's history.  And to think we fought a war over shit like this 230 years ago.  I wonder what those great patriots would be thinking now if they were alive to see this.  They'd be loading their muskets is what they'd be doing and planning the final days of the government, LOL!  So there is no cliff to go over because we already have, about 12 years ago to be exact.  The money is gone, there is nothing left to plunder and pillage except ten things - our rights.  The Bill of Rights that guarantees that we are a free people and that government has rules and laws they must abide by and when those laws are broken and this government attempts to infringe upon those rights, we reserve the right and have the expectations to abolish it.  They have taken away everything else from us - it's time to take the country and our rights back from them!

Feel differently?  Feel the same?  Feel FREE to leave any comment you wish - we still have parts of our 1st amendment right to say what we think!




  1. Great site; many years ago I was a gun grabber but no more. I love the quote "When the government fears the people you have liberty, when the people fear the government you have tyranny.
    Things are worse than most Americans know. The father of my dad's best friend, Victor Hammer founded Communist Party USA. Victors older brother Armand was a chief money launderer for the Soviet Communist Party for funding CPUSA. Armand Hammer was close friends with Al Gore Sr and Al Gore Jr. My dad met Leon Trotsky at the Hammer residence two weeks before that leader of the Red Army was murdered by Stalin.
    Read about the Red Terror instigated by Vladimir Lenin. It was a modern version of the sadistic Spanish Inquisition.
    The Soviet Empire held tree and flower planting ceremonies on April 22nd, Lenin's Birthday. A group of American Marxist parasites proclaimed "Earth Day" on April 22,1970!! Look up "Happy Lenin's Birthday: Now Called Earth Day"
    It should take you to my site ""
    My favorite picture "The Safe Family Gun Guide"

  2. Ooooh, i can't wait to read your blog! It sounds very interesting. Thanks for the comment. I would love it if you could pass mine around as i will pass around yours, too. ;-)